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Sunday, the final day of the Tokyo Auto Salon, I took my time to get out of the house and ended up paying for it on the way to the Makuhari Messe. Traffic was nothing short of horrendous on the highway with the line at the exit for the exhibition center miles long. I then spent a silly amount of time trying to actually move around the completely gridlocked roads in Makuhari, where hundreds of cars were desperately trying to find a parking lot that hadn’t already filled out. Luckily, by waving my press pass around, I managed to get a guard to open up the gate and let me into the main lot where, judging from all the commotion, there was something curious going on.

After so many years of hearing about this, I finally stumbled upon the bosozoku gathering that happens on the Sunday morning of the show weekend. To keep the “outlaws” under control, I later found out that they reserve the main parking area for them, in order to keep the crazy cars and bikes off the main public streets. This keeps the Police happy and doesn’t have a negative impact on the show. I just really felt sorry for all the paying customers that probably waited two hours or so, stuck trying to find a place to park! I’ve seen my fair share of these meetings but this was on another level with so many cool cars participating like the above stretched Century on 15-inch gold rims!

The idea behind these cars of course is to be as flamboyant as possible with the modifications, especially the exhausts!

There was a very big mix of cars, some of them like this stunning C210 Skyline Japan sporting more subtle styling cues.

How is that for fitment! Loved the ducktail spoiler at the back and the curled up license plate!

These two are a good examples of the two different styles that are used in this curious Japanese scene.

I think it’s a chopped R30 Skyline under all that custom bodywork.

Crowds that had gathered edged drivers to rev their engines harder in true bosozoku fashion…

…after all that is what those long exhaust are there for!

Roof chops are pretty popular as done to this Z10 Soarer. This allow the occupants enough space to dance around when parading at meetings.

Silhouette racers are an obvious inspiration. Almost all of these cars run kari-namba license plates, the ones with the red slash running across them, allowing any vehicle to be driven on the road for a few days. If it wasn’t for this system these cars would never be allowed to be driven around.

Check out the roll cage on the green car!

Spotless maroon MarkII Grande.

You really can’t get more Japanese than this!

This was a first for me, I’ve never really seen kei-cars done up in this way! Gotta love that exhaust set up on this Mazda Carol!

I asked the owner of this car why he went for the Coca Cola Zero logo…to which he replied that it’s his favorite drink LOL

The oil cooler fitted out under the bumper is another must.

It’s hard to describe the style of a real bosozoku. They dress in pretty regular clothes these days, usually have a bandana or something they pull up to hide their face when driving or riding on the streets.  Bikers usually where these kind of helmets, but most of the time go without them to be even more illegal. Big boots are also a must for some gangs but the guy above was wearing sneakers.

What a line up!

Redefining overfenders.

It looked like I arrived just in time to get the shots I needed…

…as soon after everyone started leaving and in not time, the parking emptied out. Satisfied with what I saw I headed towards the halls of the show to finish up my coverage.

I’ll finish up the coverage of TAS with a couple of spotlight next. I think it’s about time we take a closer look at the Super Made S15!

TAS 2011

-Dino Dalle Carbonare

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Never saw crazy cars like these :P I would be extremely embarrassed to be seen driving one of these, but I think they are awesome