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The JDM scene wouldn’t be complete without two of the biggest style-driven movements to have evolved in the last twenty years. I am of course referring to VIP and Vanning, something that has began to get more international recognition and following. So let’s take a look at some of the cars and vans that stood out the most, starting with the Junction Produce Century in the opening picture. Taketomi-san of Junction Produce is pretty much the man that began and pushed the bippu style (VIP pronounced in Japanese is bippu) and has continued to evolve it and apply it to an ever-expanding lineup of cars.

Japan has an extremely strong minivan market, 100% domestic with a vast selection ranging from the smaller 660cc-powered kei-vans all the way to top of the line V6 equipped Elgrands and Alphards. The new Nissan Elgrand I drove last year got a tremendous amount of attention from all the top tuners, with tons of different kits and parts having been developed. Kenstyle, above, created an all-chrome grille to emulate the front end of the much loved previous generation model.

DAMD had this very smooth looking Toyota Vellfire fitted with their latest front bumper, side step and rear bumper spoiler which features Lexus LS integrated exhaust finishers.

LS-like projectors on a Celsior! Nice touch, as were the visibly cambered AME Giove wheels!

This previous gen Mark X from Final Konnexion had a certain Lorinser feel to it thanks to the aero fenders.

You just have to appreciate the attention to detail that goes into transforming some of these vans. Take this Vellfire from Admiration for example, aside from the original body kit take a look at all the “light tuning” that has been carried out, this thing has enough HID power to light up a stadium!

Of course nothing would be complete without custom interior upholstering. Why bother with expensive limos!

Not sure if this Accord Wagon classifies as VIP, after all over the last few years the term has lost it’s “strictness.”

Satis Factory really didn’t hold back when transforming this Toyota Alphard…

…going wild with both the exterior and interior and finishing off with a trunk-space-eating audio install. However, the most impressive thing was the adjustable negative camber on the rear wheels, an invention that will potentially save lovers of extreme camber tons of money in tires!

The Century just screams VIP doesn’t it! This Freedom Legion demo car was fitted with the company’s Reinado wheels and a whole lot of tuck!

Takero’s has always been the master of the Honda Odyssey! They will do anything a customer may require but personally it’s the sports oriented builds that I’ve always liked and for 2011 they prepared these two vans, the first fitted with more wet carbon body parts than a time-attack car…

…the second going for a more street-oriented feel but with plenty of character. Both were fitted with Prodrive GC-05K split 5-spoke wheels and wrapped in new Bridgestone Potenza S001 tires.

Yet another kit for the Lexus LS, this time from Vlene.

The TE52 Elgrand is now sold in the US as the Quest, albeit sporting a totally different front end. Still, those wanting a true JDM look can try to source the necessary Nissan parts to make a conversion. The S-chassis guys have been doing it for decades! Then you can create something very cool like this W-Blood example!

I wonder why there were so many pink cars at the show this year! On top of the Lexus IS convertible we saw in the Set-up post I also spotted a pink new-gen March…

…and this Celsior from Butterfly. It was pink all the way on this car with accents on the wheels and a color-matched quilted leather interior.

Oh yes! We have to take another look at the D’custom Freak/Bee Dragon Majesta. Nothing needs to be said, just enjoy this angle!

Another VIP specialist K-Break from Osaka proving how even the most mundane family cars and vans can be transformed and made to look mean as!

DAMD had quite a few cars on display and with young kids in Japan these day preferring to get into Kei-vans rather than sports cars this is one area they have to try and stay competitive in. Not sure the green tinted lights would pass the shaken however!

I’ll let Linhbergh tell you more about this crazy Estima, for now this image will have to do.

The fathers of VIP! Don’t like the Roller on 22s? Too bad! What Taketomi-san does has to be accepted, he is bippu all the way…

…but for those that prefer a little more JDM, this Crown Athlete will probably be more suitable!

LS on BBS, very nice…

…but what is going on in the engine bay is even more exciting. Thanks to Power Enterprise the 4.6L V8 has found 80 more horses giving the LS the extra performance it deserves!

A new-gen RA6 Estima from T-Garege (no its not misspelled, it’s the company name)…notice the front mount intercooler!

To finish up one of only a few pictures I managed to get in the super-cramped NATS stand, where cars created by the students of the Automobile College were on display. Nothing like a bit of bosozoku-inspired tuning.

More from TAS shortly.

TAS 2011

-Dino Dalle Carbonare

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