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Continuing on with our coverage of the Tokyo Auto Salon I thought it would be interesting to take a little look at some cool tuning parts that were on display, starting off with this JUN 4.2 liter stroker kit. It is still in the prototype stage at the moment but when released it will further boost the capabilities of the VR38, adding close to half a liter of extra capacity! For lovers of low-end torque this will no doubt be a must!

Owners of older cars rejoice, the Enkei 92s may soon be back on sale in three different colors, gold as above, silver and black.

BMC know a thing or two about making air filters, after all every single F1 car last season (except Renault) used their filters. Their latest CRF cones have a dry-carbon construction which not only looks mighty cool but is of course very light.

Mine's had a nice display showing the difference between their VR38 engine components and the stock items…

…the conrods are especially impressive!

The full Mine's VR38 broken down into its smallest components.

Superchargers have been getting more popular recently and Blitz has for years been expanding its application range, which now includes blowers for anything from a Toyota Vitz all the way to a Lexus SC430.

Of course turbos remain the most popular and cost-effective option of force induction.

The Blitz's parts line-up caters to every aspect of the car, from adjustable suspension kits like these particular dampers for the R35…

…to electronics. This is the new "Touch B.R.A.I.N." a touch-screen module that connects up to your car's OBD port and displays countless parameters directly from the ECU. Thanks to its USB cable, or micro-SD card, it can also be used to log data, provided you get the optional data logging software. 

Thanks to revised alloys and forging methods the TE37 SL is lighter and more resistant than the old TE37 and is now also available in 19-inch sizes.

Carrosser Japan, the company behind Cusco products, has began to import Cosworth parts into Japan like their beautifully made aluminum intake manifold for EJ engines…

…as well as the one for the VQ35. Nothing short of a work of art!

Cusco's Zero 3X, a very competitively priced 3-way adjustable damper kit for a variety of cars which now also includes the Honda CR-Z.

Everyone is making these larger diameter intake throttles for the VR38. These particular ones are from JUN.

Is it just me or nothing quite looks as in your face as a high-power tuned straight-six? RBs and 1/2JZs FTW!

Top Secret has always closely cooperated with Trust/GReddy and this is the hard pipe kit they recommend to their customers. It not only looks better than the stock pipes and hoses but it's perfect when running more boost.

It was great to see HKS back at TAS this year, there with a nice selection of new turbines, which like this GTII, will soon be available for a variety of applications.

We saw the first prototype of the Weds Sport SA-60M wheels at last year's show, and now they have finally been released. The wheels are available in a glossy black with blue inner spokes, or this matte black with silver spoke detailing. They are only sold in 18-inch size for the time being (8J, 9J, 10J widths) 

Bride's huge selection of seats might soon be growing if this prototype chair makes it into production. Looking at the style it might be something aimed at vintage cars…definitely something different.

The Endless 6-pot monobloc caliper kit for the R35 GT-R comes with 400 mm diameter discs!

To conclude a quick look at the engine bay of the Phoenix's Power GT-R, the car that won the "Tuning Car" award, beating the RE-Amemiya Hurricane 7 and the Axell R35 GT-R which finished in second and third place respectively. Did anyone expect to see an R35 engine bay looking like this three years ago when the car was first released? I wonder how it will all further develop in another three years!

Next up is a look at the Hybrids from the show….

TAS 2011 

-Dino Dalle Carbonare

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