Event>>cars & Coffee 1-8-11 Pt.2

Now to wrap up my coverage of last Saturday's Cars & Coffee event and its incredible turnout.

The GT40 replica pictured above should be a good way to kick this off.

When you see a vintage MG parked next to a spanking new Mazda2 (from the Mazda USA fleet), you know you're at Cars & Coffee.

The is R32 GT-R sounded absolutely wicked as it rolled up. Can't beat that mean RB sound.

Stock body, dropped over a set of BBS LM's. This is the way to go.

Maserati Bora – I can't recall ever seeing one these before.

The Scion tC might not a be car you'd normally associate with the Cars & Coffee crowd, but this one looks to have been done right.

A recreation of GM's Corvette Nomad concept from the early '50s. Looks pretty factory to me.

Second generation VW Scirocco. I always forget just how rare these cars actually are until I see one.

This F50 was also joining in on the Ferrari festivities. This is why you wake up early to go to Cars & Coffee.

This "four-eyed" Fox Body 5.0 Mustang was one of my personal favorites of the day. Clean ones still exist!

Attack of the green colored Pony Cars from the '60s. My money is on the Firebird 400.

Very clean and simple Porsche Cayman. Strange that you don't see more modified Caymans out on the roads here in LA.

Even bone stock, this '62 Ford coupe is quite a looker.

The four-seat mid-engine Ferraris might not be the most popular cars of all time, but I'm a fan. What do you think?

Meanwhile, here's a DeTomaso Pantera looking very original. The factory wheels on these cars are so cool – it's kind of a shame when people swap them out for aftermarket ones.

I must get another Miata into my life. Someday, someday.

This STI sedan was mixed in among some of the usual classics. Everytime I see one, I dig them more.

Red might be the signature prancing horse color, but off white looks fantastic on classic Ferraris.

But on the 458? Not sure if the cream color works so well here.

That will just about do it for this edition of Cars & Coffee coverage.

I'll be back soon with a couple of Car Spotlights from the event.

-Mike Garrett



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I LOVE the Pantera!!


The cream Ferrari looks great,

For the person who has had a few red Ferrari's in the garage, and is now a bit more 'mature', its a great colour.


Seen that Vette Nomad before, a couple years ago, broken down on the side of the 405... Rad car..!


Cream 458 Italia does not look too good imo. Their styling does much better with darker colors.


I haven't seen a Pantera in so long. Thanks for the write up!


How many of you knew that the Pantera DeTomaso and the Lamborghini Miura had their wheels made by Campagnolo (a famous bicycle manufactory from Italy)?

Ferrari should be yellow-its original color.


What's that orange and grey vw looking thing in the third from last picture, behind the white ferrari?


Random guy, that's a VW Fridolin. I think they were used as mail delivery trucks in Europe.


Love the MGA. I used to drive a '56 that a friend loaned me. No top, no floor, but lots of fun.


Couldn't help but get a ducktail in for the last shot, eh Mike? :-D


Gotta love those inline sixes.


The corvette nomad concept is from all the way up in north idaho. Our shop does most of its maintenance. Crazy to see it so far from home


Four Eyed Pride!


Is'nt the RB26 illegal in California just like the SR20? If not please tell me and ill have one in the mail asap.


Pure HEAVEN for me!!!

Coffe and the best cars = perfection.


Cream 458 is beautiful.


I spy my miata! Thanks Speed Hunters. I wish I had my GV lip on though.


I´m not a fan of the 4 seater Ferrari, but the light on that picture looks great, good work.


Creamy Ferrari actually looks good! Isn´t everybodys first Ferrari usually red? After you got all the attention you "wanted" you replace it for metallic light blue or some similar toned down color. Still haven´t got my first.. I do like entry level four seater Ferrari. It is way too overlooked! Wouldn´t mind driving one.


Hard to see, might be a Fridolin


You missed it that R32 left CNC on a flat bed don't know the reason but felt bad for the guy no less


The cream 458 is awesome why dosent it work screw the flash hes about class.. "more power to his wheels"


OH MY GOD THAT 458 IS AWESOME! Is that a factory color? Must be but an odd choice by Ferrari for sure.


Thanks for the coverage! This is the only way for us in South Carolina to see exotics! Much Love to Speedhunters!!


really a shame about the additional side-markers on that R32 GTR. they stand out like a sore thumb

its lucky its only the US that has the mandatory lights there.. as cars are so much more uncluttered without them. they've clearly always been such an afterthought on imported-to-USA cars (e.g. Porsche 924), but are getting more and more integrated these days. the wrap-around lights on the scion and mazda2 pictured is a good example..


Second generation VW Scirocco!!! Remember mine fondly, till the engine threw a rod on the motorway lol!!!


There's something about those F50's that makes me drool...


@ kevin.. the owner of the r32 said there was a minor oil leak from the oil pan..


eeewww! who would choose that colour for a 458?! really?!


eeewww! who would choose that colour for a 458?! really?!


the DeTomaso Pantera - one of my all time favourite cars, always loved the shape and yes those factory fit wheels are just right for it. nice to see a very clean VW Scirocco showing out for the 'boys!' [What!! you didn't comment or picture the rare VW Fridolin nestling next to the white Ferrari.. 'for shame'] - wicked pics and top notch coverage!


The r32 was leaking some oil and he didn't want to risk messing it up