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I knew it the moment I noticed this S15 enter the show floor during the Thursday set up day that I was seeing something special. The last time I saw a car created by Super Made I had exactly the same reaction, back in 2009 at the Nagoya Exciting Car Showdown upon seeing their Y34 SR20-powered Gloria.

The man behind Super Made, Yoshida-san obviously knows a thing or two about creating unique styles and doing the impossible, coming up with something new!

This latest Silvia demo car joins countless other cars that Super Made have created, like the maroon S15 Varietta on BMW wheels that can be seen on their website. The front bumper features a cut out series of long meshed openings to help keep the tuned SR nice and cool as well as a set of “Euro Canards” under the corners of the bumper.

The wheel fitment really makes the car, 15-inch Work Equip 03s with bucketfuls of negative camber sitting comfortably inside the wider “SL” aero fenders. To fit these rims to the S15 Yoshida-san had to retrofit S13 4-stud hubs…

…something nobody has done before. This conversion grabbed the attention of Drift Tengoku magazine, which did a 2-page spread on Super Made and Yoshida’s S15!

Under the FTP hood the tuned SR develops around 380 horses with work having been carried out by RBworks.

The candy red color used for the engine bay is very D1. I think there is no more negative camber left on those upper mounts!

The rest of the car wears new parts from the Super Made Instant Gentleman line up like the lip spoiler…

…and rear overfenders.

When asked why he went with fifteens Yoshida-san gives a very simple answer, tires are cheaper! The whole idea was to lower the cost of tires as drifting isn’t exactly a cheap hobby. Other benefits he’s noticed include better steering feel and braking due to the reduced weight of the wheel/tire set up.

Much like the rear fenders these two air outlets are riveted in place rather than being integrated into the hood, again something to keep costs low.

Things are very simple in the interior, after all this is a street car. The Bride seats offer the support needed when out on track drifting while the steering wheel is nice and chunky for optimal feel. In true drifter style the obligatory jack is kept behind the driver’s seat.

Next time I have a chance to pass through Osaka I will definitely need to stop by Super Made for a look at some more of their cars!

Super Made

TAS 2011

-Dino Dalle Carbonare

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