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The Ferrari GTO, a street going version of the 599XX, isn't exactly a car you see ever day so you can imagine my surprise when I saw this particular matte white example at the Tokyo Auto Salon. I thought it looked so unique and imposing that I asked the owner, Shikata-san of S & Company if I could meet him after the show to do a quick spotlight on it.  

So as soon as the second day of the Auto Salon ended and the halls began to empty I showed up in front of the GTO and began snapping away.

Under the hood sits the 670 HP, 6-liter V12 which allows the GTO to lap Ferrari's Fiorano test track in 1'24"00, a second faster than the Enzo. Using the launch system the car can catapult from 0 to 62 mph in 3.35 seconds and on to a top speed of over 208 mph.  

Only 599 cars will be produced with Japan already having received over 50!

The stock wheels have been replaced with a set of Agio Absolute NMS wheels, painted dark blue around the inner rim part with the spokes left in their original chrome finish. Shikata-san had the outer boarder of the rim professionally pinstriped for a total bespoke look. Diameters are a very show-oriented 21-inches at the front and 22-inches at the rear. The exterior of the car, originally white, has been wrapped with a matte-white vinyl which incorporates the blue race strip running over the hood, roof and trunk of the car.

The interior oozes quality, from the tightly upholstered leather buckets to the carbon fiber details on the steering wheel and dashboard. 

I love dash layout with the big central yellow-backed rev-counter and the multi function display.

The GTO can be customized with quite a considerable number of options to make it either comfort or sports oriented. The adjustable bucket seats…

…along with the rear roll-bar hint at Shikata-san intentions, as he said himself he drives it hard!

I'd like to thank Shikata-san for hanging around after closing time on Saturday to allow me to grab these shots of what is a very special Ferrari.

S & Company

TAS 2011

-Dino Dalle Carbonare

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