Car Spotlight>> Rs6 On Amg

The Audi RS6 is a very spectacular car in its own right and, in my eyes at least, it's pretty much perfect in standard form. When modifying cars there's always a sense of 'no guts no glory', but when you're dealing with a car of this magnitude the emphasis is on having a lot of guts!

The sheer presence this car has is amazing; just picture it roaming the autobahn searching for its next victim.

After seeing this side shot I couldn't believe it was achieved without airbags. But according to Klutchonline it's a static drop although I wonder how they massaged the rear fenders to prevent the wheels from rubbing.

Don't you think these 21" AMG wheels look perfect on this Audi? I had the same feeling when I saw that Corrado at the VW Fanatics event last summer.

I'm sure a lot of you will discuss or even dislike putting these wheels on a car of this magnitude. But then again isn't the RS6 Avant a bit bonkers in the first place?

-Jeroen Willemsen

Joachim Naess



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car and wheels, both shit as fuck


I have to say that I don't like it at all. It's too low, and the wheels didn't look good even on a Merc. I think the RS6 is fine as it is when delivered :)


Or how to ruin the handling of your car,

I sad it comes from my country.


never liked how low it was in the rear, though it's a beautiful car,

These wheels are superb and imo fit the rs6 pretty well


Schmuhf, if you like standard cars, go look in a carpark or a brochure. You're wasting your time on Speedhunters.


Wheels suit it fine, but its too low on the back. inch or two higher would be perfect


love the look of it.. look at that tuck at the rear arch - amazing. personal opinons aside.. there's not gonna be much on Speedhunters that is standard - there will mods of some kind! its about car culture when all said and done!


Well this is a sexy ride and the owner going for a sport VIP look. The stance is perfect, but I'm not digging the wheels too much. It's ok. But if I were to own a car like this I would make it FLUSH with a widebody kit and a whole mess of German goodies under the hood xD


I think the wheels look awesome on this car. It's very cool to see someone take a this type of car and customize it. Any car really..Great job to the owner and thanks for the post.


As long as it still rolls...sure! But can it turn?




Ubercool AMG´s, but what the hell are they doing on an RS6?!


Those wheels are such a great design, probably my favorite stock wheel. I would remove the Benz cetercaps though.


Don't forget the Porsche carrera "RS" script badge on the back.


Hate the reverse rake... that's what's killing it imo, the tucking in the back...


I agree with Querolant that the car is too low. Why do you need to drop an Rs6? The equipment would just make it even heavier. On the other hand I think the rims look fantastic (even on a Merc), but wish they were "just" 20 inch.


One of the best fast station wagons in the world ruined. It's far too low to actually be of any use and as far as I'm concerned the wheels could be made out of solid platinum but fitting Merc wheels to an Audi is just foolish.


You guys are missing the point, this isn't a track car, it's a beastly low street car that can murder pretty much anything on the highway. Baller. Those wheels look awesome.


illlllllllmatik!! the magnitude of steez this car incompass' is so rad.....


Well, I'm a function over form kinda guy, so...nah.


seriously, anyone hating on this ride is jealous. the rs6 is tits on its own, when it has this much drop its even sweeter. @schmuhf of course the rs6 looks sweet stock, does that mean companies like ABT and MTM should not even bother?


Wicekd looking, have always loved AMG wheels


haha i agree with noodles! i rekon the car looks freakin sweeeeet! hopefuly ill be seenin more of this sorta stuff at Hellaflush UK!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!


It's a shame you can't get these stateside.


One word: NO!. The ride height is too low and that means, the performance is worse. Wouldn't mind if it was some regular A6, but this is an RS. And although I like the shape of those rims, I'd cover up the Mercedes badge. It doesn't look right on an Audi


No NOo NO wrong bad no

Wow.. way to ruin a great car. And mixing brands... im not a fan


rs6 on amg's ? blasphemy


car : audi

wheel : Mercedes

cocpit : i wish BMW (:


Wheels are too big. Also, I would also consider the RS6 Avant near perfect stock, except for its slushbox. Once they replace that with something clutch based, I will love it with all my heart. Until then, I can't


reverse rake.


Looks much better standard


Coolest fucking car ever, i recall seeing this guy on wheelwhores or whatever, and he must be rich as fuck. Got a stanced porsche in prime condition, stanced golf mk1, probably one of the cleanest in the world, a stanced Passat i believe it was, like 2008-2009, and a stanced E86 M3, sick guy!


It's lookin fine..good's just the wheels size bugging the looks..wish it was 20"..

anything others was just that AMG wheels actually..:)


Looks much better standard


Don't see the point of spoiling a perfectly good RS6 when you could achieve the same with a lower spec A6. Also I don't really think the Mercedes wheels work and is that a Porsche RS badge?


too low? stfu

41's not reverse rake. vw/audi rear fenders just tend to sit lower in the rear. look at the rockers when determining rake, if anything it has a very slight bit of forward rake. and like gearhead said, you're all missing the point. the rs6 was never meant to be an awesome handling track car, it's a street beast with a v10. the stance might be too agressive for some but it doesn't negatively affect performance as much as you'd think. if anything it might be tuned better than the stock non adjustable setup.


all is good but rims ....


yeah if you like stock cars gtfo of here i like them too but this is not the place


f*** The Law.. Looks better then standard mode, That's For Sure! Be Different, Not like the rest.




I agree, It's to low BUT some spacers @ rear wouldn't be wrong :b


I'm wodering myself how the airbags are managing 580HP when driven fast.


Modified to be slow... Each to their own but... Looks wise it is open for debate. For me it is too low and never understood the point of rolling a A6 with a Merc symbol on the center. First thing is: he can afford a A6 but not decent wheels so he found those at the junk yard for a nice amount?!

Now what is not open for debate is that car is modified to be a poser. Which on a site called Speed Hunters is like doing a article about modern architecture of a statue... It is not hunting speed. It is hunting lack of motion because as it was proved times and times over again, that is no way to properly modify a car in order to enhance it's speed hability (I would say even on a straight line, never mind the corners).


The drop is way too low. No guts doesn't mean "gutted" like the suspension and stance of this poor car.


Absolutely perfect...... Nothing to change!


Not really a fan...but my wife wants one!!


I'm putting 19" AMG Monoblocks on my 95 S6 avant this summer. :P


overall ride height is cool but I just dont like the tucked rim at the back. reverse rake/lower fenders or whatever, if the back rim is tucked and the front isnt, its going to look lower at the back than the front, and nose up stance is not ideal IMHO..

beautiful colour though, any name on it?