Car Spotlight>> D’custom Freak/bee Dragon Crown Majesta

On the last day of Tokyo Auto Salon, I met up with Dino to say my goodbyes before I flew back to the States. In the flurry of our goodbyes, the question of what our favorite cars of the show popped up.

Over the years, we’ve all seen our fair share of black, silver, or white VIP cars running huge chrome wheels. At this point in time, you can say that look can be considered a bit cookie cutter. Enter D’Custom Freak and Bee Dragon. They took a third generation Crown Majesta, added a bit of VIP flair, threw in a large chunk of sporty racing style and somehow made it work.

It’s as if the top VIP tuners in Japan combined with RWB and created this car.

It’s VIP styled yet also not.

The new front grill looks great. I’m glad they kept the signature crown logo.

The look of the rear end was beefed up with the addition of those 4 much bigger than stock exhaust pipes.

The Majesta is rolling on a set of three-piece Altstadt I wheels. The color combo and finish really works with the car’s orange paint job.

The front wheels are 18×10″ with 215/40/18 Toyo Proxies. As you can tell from the picture, the fitment is spot on.

It is incredible to think how they fit a 18×11.5″ wheel with 255/35/18 tires under that rear fender. As Dino mentioned in a previous post: it is offset and camber, refined!

I love the fact that the Toyo Poxy lettering has been painted white. It helps give that ‘sporty’ feel that D’Custom Freak was trying to achieve.

I decided to hold back on getting all the detail shots of the car until Sunday, the last day of the Tokyo Auto Salon. In my mind, I was thinking the crowds would be much thinner by then. But oh was I wrong. I stood in the middle of an aisle for 10 minutes waiting to get a clear shot of the whole car.

The orange Majesta proved to be a very popular car with the crowds and I don’t blame them. It’s a car with a look that the Japanese automotive populace is already familiar with yet twisted in a way to new and fresh.




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I don't like how VIP has become so flashy...


It seems they forgot to take the peel off of the orange when they painted it. Those rear wheel arches are disgusting.


im not really such a big fan of this car...! i only like the colour and the wheels, but not the rear camber...dosnt look right to me its gone over the line and looks like a clown trying to blend into a rainforest...

(i no im going of topic...)


Rear right tire put on backwards.


I agree with your pick on the best cars!!!~ along with the black Takero's Odyssey

This car has probably got the sexiest wheels in TAS, i think its the colour too...

anyway if you spent a long time in this stand on Sunday, I'm pretty sure I bumped into you at some point cause I spent hell of a long time looking at this thing~


i love this car, one of the best cars at TAS, i like the orange, i get tired of seeing cars that look the same over and over again.


Desktops pretty please? :)


love that wheels


Please, please! For the love of decent handling, please stop this hellaflush 'fitment' craze! Please!


great shots. what lens?


Yeah that is just way too much camber in the rear. They think its so badass to fit a 255 in the rear but only half of the tire is even touching the ground. Would have looked way better with less aggressive fitment in the rear. Just my 2 cents.


it looks outstanding. a very well put together car!


Linbergh, that grill isn't new, that's the stock Majesta grill.


Looks ghetto, sorry


we have a word for this in the US: gaudy

In any case, Nizola had me laughing talking about the orange peel going on with the paint on the fender flares.

What's up with the turn signals on top of the front fenders?

Do have to say, these wheels RULE


oh yeah forgot to mention 215 on a 10" wheel is PERFECT FITMENT??????????


stretch is for lamers. 10" wheels were made for 275 tires :) .... "i got hella lip but hella skinny tires" = RETARDED


Centry-faced Celsior > this imho


They are not Toyo Proxy or Proxies. A proxy/proxies is something on the internet.

What youre looking for is Toyo Proxes. Which is written clearly on the tire.



Thank you Linhbergh and Dino for having impeccable taste. Always gonna have the gators...


^agree..It is the best cars!

all was really good..This car works of what they achieve,both VIP and sporty and I think It isn't easy to achieve but this prove it..anyway really good job over there!


^agree..It is the best cars!

all was really good..This car works of what they achieve,both VIP and sporty and I think It isn't easy to achieve but this prove it..anyway really good job over there!


Yuck. Not digging this at all


I'm in love, desktops please?


Jim and Lazio its a vip car its never gonna handle. Its all about the look. A lot of vip style cars run airbags so when they hard park they look like that. then you raise it and the amount of negative camber becomes less and you drive away. At least that's what it do in my Celsior.


They actually installed the rubber backwards on the rear-right tire. As the pic of the Rear-Left tire is correct. hahaha. I wish Toyo came back with the T1R compound in canada... awesome rubber.


well different ppl have different taste, as for me i like it.. :)

thumbs up for speedhunters!

Wthout you guys there won't be any good sites that i can find all motorsport report in a single place.


The color goes so well with the rims love it.


"The orange Majesta proved to be a very popular car with the crowds and I don't blame them. It's a car with a look that the Japanese automotive populace is already familiar with yet twisted in a way to new and fresh." This style of VIP tuning is not at all new in fresh in japan, there are two camps in Bippu tuning here in japan, these style of cars that a slightly louder and sporty style. And the still traditional and very popular dark, clean, old school Bippu style. Junction produce is obviously at the fore front of the latter. They're pretty much the trendsetters in that camp. Pick up any VIP magazine here in japan for the past few years and you will see. Sorry i also forgot the Boso inspired Bippu style that would be a third style.


car looks tough.. don't like the chrome around the rear tail lights, but other than that "its ballin'.." love the rims.. stance perfect!


Not a fan, sorry.


Aside from the wheels, which do not fit the car, that cars a turd. The paint as mentioned is terrible and full off orange peel. The body work on the fenders suck...Just look at it! The shut lines are wavy and crooked all the way around the rear fenders and doors. Definitely not "show" quality. The wheel and tire fitment is just silly.


Is it broken? Because thats what it looks like.


There are way to many people on here comparing this car to US "SHOW" cars. This car is daily driven it is not a carpet queen. It looked amazing in person. Show cars in japan have a different relative meaning then in the states, The majority of cars you see here at shows are all driven very regularly, unlike the states carpet queens.


for this car i really like the rims....but can this car run on street..... because its soo low


Looks Perfect


It's our job here at Speedhunters to bring to you the variation of car cultures that make up the


Does anyone know the offset on those wheels?