Car Feature>> Hajime Maki’s Rb26 Top Secret S14

Last April, I had the opportunity to check out the Houston, Texas car scene by attending their biggest car show of the year: Import Reactor. It was a car show which ran in conjunction with Anime Matsuri, Houston’s annual Anime convention. Those two coinciding events were a great celebration of Japanese culture. During that time, I had opportunity to photograph two Top Secret tuned 370z’s and also the opportunity to interview and photograph the legendary Top Secret tuner himself, Kazuhiko “Smoky” Nagata.

In celebration of S14 day, I thought I’d dig up this shoot of this Top Secret tuned S14 from those Houston travels.

The car started off as a zenki S14, but the owner, Hajime Maki, decided to change things up and opted for an S15 front conversion with a C-West N1 front bumper, Ings+1 side skirts, Ings+1 rear aero bumper, and a Top Secret carbon fiber hood.

Hajime also upgraded the S15 headlights to HIDs.

The most important character trait of this car is this iconically monsterous twin turbo RB26 from an R33 GT-R. This is far from the natrually aspirated motors of the twin Top Secret 370Z’s V6’s, eh? The motor had a few things added to make it just that much more of a monster: a Greddy airinx intake, Greddy front mount intercooler, McKinny Motorsports downpipe and an HKS TwinPower iginition.

The monstrous motor like this had to be kept in check with a few electronics: an Apex’i PowerFC and a Sliede ADIC. The car has also been tuned by Smoky Nagata himself with his PROcess tune system.

The suspension has been pretty Cusco’d out starting with a Cusco Type Zero 2 coilover system, Cusco E-con controller, Cusco Pillow Tension rods, Cusco rear upper control arms, Cusco lower tie rod and finally, and Cusco front and rear sway bars (all that Cusco-ness is making me sound like ITB S2000 guy….).

Hajime also opted for some wider fenders and chose to go with a set of iconic Takata Green Volk TE37 wheels. There’s very little ground scraping flushness here as Hajime likes his cars to perform.

The interior is functional yet has good form in mind. A beautiful leather wrapped Nardi wheel with a Top Secret quick release graces the steering column and the stock front seats were swapped out for a set from an R33 GT-R.

With a twin turbo RB26 powered S14 with an S15 front and tuned by the legendary Smoky Nagata, its hard to go wrong.


Complete Spec List:


- Nissan S15 front conversion
– Nissan S15 headlights with HiDs
– C-West N1 Front Aero bumper
– ings+1 side skirts
– ings+1 rear aero bumper
– Top Secret Carbon Bonnet


- Cusco Type Zero 2
– Cusco E-con controller
– Cusco Pillow Tension rods
– Cusco Rear upper control arms
– Cusco Lower tie rod
– Cusco Front and rear sway bars
– GReddy front strut tower bar in chrome


- Nismo 1.5 way LSD
– RB25 Manual Transmission
– ATS Carbon twinplate clutch


- Z32 Brake Master cylinder
– R33 GT-R Brembo calipers front and rear


- RB26DETT from R33 GT-R
– GReddy Airinx intake
– GReddy Front mount Intercooler
– GReddy Breather tank
– Siede ADIC
– Apex’i PowerFC
– Apex’i N1 Exhaust
– McKinney Motorsports Downpipe
– SPAL electric fans x2
– HKS TwinPower ignition
– Splitfire coilpack
– NGK Iridium plugs
– Koyo Radiator
– Blitz SBC-iD
– Blitz PowerMeter-iD


- Nardi Steering wheel
– Top Secret Quick Release
– Apex’i Multi Checker
– Defi Oil Temperature gauge
– Defi Water Temperature gauge
– Defi Boost gauge
– GReddy Oil pressure gauge
– GReddy Fuel pressure gauge
– Nismo shift knob
– R33 GT-R front seats
– R33 GT-R gauge cluster



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Very decent setup. Somehow feels just right.


Haha... You used Art's old S2000 video!...

3's hard to go wrong? That styling is busted! He should have got an RS if he wanted that look... :/


Man that thing looks sick!!! not too low looks like it would handle


nice car.. nice finition in the engine bay


just sad. so stereotypical. if it wasn't "tuned by smokey" then no one would care.

Props to speedhunters for featuring s chassis so much, but by showing so many cars we see just how played out so much of the 240 scene is. I mean we can all go back to magazines from 10 years ago and see pretty much the same setups......hell even better setups.

Show me a ls swapped pure track beast or something. show me something with a carbon roof and real diffusers.

show me something with custom molded carbon everywhere.

show me something with more than a bolt on cage!


this car looks like a retarded hotwheels car. this front end conversion should never be done.


... really almost like my dream setup, oh god


congrats homie!


Hajime, you are THE man! Congrats, u deserve it!



RS, Why? Explain yourself. Put up your ride, that is if you can back up your words.


To Floodo1.....

I agree with the the fact that its been PLAYED OUT. I agree that its the same setups from 10 years ago...i also agree with the fact everyone is sweating the same shit in a different color for no reason... I want to add that well...honestly its absurd someone puts spray painted steeles on it slams it to an un trackable degree and calls it fresh.

ALTHOUGH the owner of this vehicle definately is of money and its got a great setup nonetheless....quality parts and tuned by the best.... but alas its all redundant to me as well...

Custom carbon, carbon roofing all that jazz is just that....Jazz its still not making up for anything...usually anyone with enough money to back up such a project is usually a douche anyways...and people with NO money at all make rats and people in the same boat idolize them as well...the S chassis is timeless and will be around for many more years to come...but


congrats on the feature Hajime,

this car has been built fully by the owners hands out of his own garage, and touched by some of the greatest hands in Tuning (Smokey)....appreciation for that in itself is well deserved.

P.S. - Congrats to one of the pioneers!


Haters gonna hate. This car is fucking sick. Kudos to Hajime.


Flodo1, you ignorant bitch.


absolutely done right! 90% badass performance upgrades, 10% showy junk so you know it's special. And those green TE37's never get old. One of my favorite features in a long time!


y so beast?


Let's head straight into the our last look at the car show, Import Reactor, that ran in conjunction