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There was the soft pitter-patter of dew as it journeyed its way down the trees, the gentle creaking of the moisture rich trees as they swayed in the breeze, and the soft rustle of the leaves. My wet boots sunk into the soft undergrowth and crunched along as I trundled through the forest. The clicks of my camera echoed in the stillness of the forest.

The stillness was only broken by the sound of a pair of carbureted Nissan inline six engines. Those were not sounds that polluted the tranquil afternoon in the Santa Cruz Mountains, in Northern California, but rather, they were sounds that felt right among the tall green trees. The combination of nature and vintage cars always somehow worked. 

On the last week of December and on my last shoot of the 2010, I spent my time with the two Fatlace Skylines: a white Hakosuka owned by Fatlace founder, Mark Arcenal, and a 2000GT fastback owned by the Fatlace director of operations, Felix Marcelino. 

We started our day by meeting at the Fatlace Paddock in San Mateo and headed off to the Santa Cruz mountains from there. It was a rather brisk, but sunny, day in Northern California. And as we climbed into the mountains and closer to the ocean, the fog started to creep in and the forest enveloped us.

I spent my time with focusing on Mark's Hakosuka first.

Mark wanted to simplify the looks of his Skyline so he eliminated the front and rear bumpers, slammed the car on a set of Eibach Ground Control coil overs…

…and removed the front grill and the chrome housing around the rear tail lights.

Mark wanted to run some pretty aggressive wheels so a set of Victory 50 front and rear fenders was installed. 

And the aggressive wheels in question? Volk Racing TE37V. 15×9.5 -20 in the front and 15×10 -25 with a 20mm spacer in the rear. 

A bit of Bosozuko style was added with the addition of the front bumper mounted oil cooler. The oil cooler is actually plugged in and works!

The engine was as stock as can be. Mark hasn't touched the original carbureted L2 inline-six other than some basic maintenance to keep an old car running. 

The interior is pretty much factory but Mark has decked it out slightly with bit of Mooneyes flare. 

The shift knob is Mooneyes…

…as well as the all the floor mats. 

The interior looks immaculate. The leather looks to be in excellent condition still as well as the side panels and ceiling! 

Note the fire extinguisher. With an old car that's running on carburetors, it's always best to be prepared in case any fires suddenly erupt. 

It's rare to see a Hakosuka this low. The only other time I've seen one this low was when I was speedhunting the TAS Parking lot. 

I do have to say, the removal of the bumpers and front grill give the car a clean, yet menacing look. I like it. 

With my look at Mark's Hakosuka finished, I then focused on Felix's "Kenmeri" 2000GT. 

Felix's decided that he wanted to make his 2000GT into a GTR clone. It has the bodykit and badges of the GT-R, but of course, not the GTR motor. 

Like Mark's Hakosuka, Felix's 2000GT's engine is completely bone stock.

Felix GT-R'd the 2000GT out with a set of GTR style front and rear over fenders…

…GT-R Front lip & rear spoiler, and a GT-R Front Grill. The end result looks good and is very convincing.

The car is lowered on Tokoshima suspension and Kameari-Street shocks.

Felix went for the classic look with a set of Watanabe RS wheels. The fronts are 14X9" with a 195/60R14 tire, and the rear measures at 14X10" with a 215/60R14 tire. 

Like Mark's Hakosuka, Felix's 2000GT's interior is immaculate. The only change to the interior was the steering wheel. Felix swapped out the factory 2000GT wheel for a GTR wheel.

Wooden shift knobs, they just don't make cars like they used to….

These back seats look really comfortable to sit in. I mean, why wouldn't you want to sit in the back of an old school Skyline, right?

Mark opted not to change his exhaust where Felix went for a Magnaflow muffler & custom exhaust. The result is an amplified inline six that is quite satisfying. 

During the shoot, Mark noted that the location was almost like being in mountain roads in Japan. 

The Santa Cruz Mountains proved to be a perfect spot for these two classics. 

They almost look like they're at home parked in the forest don't they?

While we were fantasizing about shooting these two Skylines in the mountains of Japan, we were snapped back into reality finding of this: a banana slug. These bright yellow slugs are native to the Pacific west coast and can grow up to 9 inches long! Luckily, this guy was only about 5 inches. 

It is also the first banana slug Mark has ever seen. Isn't it cute?

Before we knew it, the light started to fade, coldness started to sink in, and Mark was creeped out from the banana slug. It was time to head back to reality. But during the drive back in my E30, I couldn't help but think back about the previous few hours I spent with two Skylines and the location we found to shoot them at.

It was the perfect location for two perfect cars.

Now, here's the important question: Would you like to own a 1974 Nissan Skyline 2000GT? Now you're chance. Head over to the link below for details. 


Fatlance 1974 Nissan Skyline 2000GT Giveaway 

Complete Spec List: 

Mark Arcenal's 1972 Skyline GT2000 "Hakosuka"


- Mooneyes


- Bumper delete
- Removed the grill and the Chrome housing around the rear tail lights.
- Victory 50 Front/Rear fenders

Wheel and Tires: 

- Volk Racing TE37V 15×9.5 -20 / 15×10 -25 w/ 20mm spacer (-45)
- Toyo Tires


- Eibach Ground Control Coilovers

Felix Marcelino's 1974 Nissan Skyline GT-R clone "Ken and Mary"


- OEM Skyline "GTR" Steering Wheel


- GT-R Style Front and Rear Over Fenders
- GT-R Front lip & rear spoiler
- GT-R Front Grill
- Magnaflow Muffler & Custom Exhaust

Wheel and Tires: 

- Watanabe RS Wheels Front 14"X9" 195/60R14
- Watanabe RS  Wheels Rear 14"X10" 215/60R14


- TOYOSHIMA Lowered suspension



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Desktop of the first pic please!!!


Awesome photoshoot. Always enjoy reading your articles on here :)


Disgraceful builds. Stretching rubber on an S-chassis is an annoying fad that will pass soon. Stretched rubber on Watanabes on a 2000GT in faux-GTR clothing makes my heart hurt.


lovely... just lovely


Photography is simply amazing! So impressive.




I wouldn't minda a Kenmeri...


Thanks a lot, i usually prefer the Hakosuka but this Kenmeri is really awesome ! Too bad you havnt a FlickR, the pictures are magnificent.





next level shoot from Lberg. Man, this is your best work yet.

Add a hot model and its top fashion magazine worthy.


Pity about the wannabe GTR badging

Putting GTR badges on that non-GTR Kenmeri is just like putting Type-R badges on your non-Type-R Civic.

Stop trying to show off your car as something it really isn't.

12 was amazed with this awesome car..I really love that quiet and calm forest..looks really cool especially with those great Skylines!

Nice shots! keep up the great work!


Really nice...


Cool. Look like old skool


Desktop (wide) of IMG_3732.jpg please? Awesome pictures BTW.


Best Skylines EVER


So sickkkk.

Can we get some wallpapers of this beasts?


big thanks for awesome cars and shots! need to share on lithuanian jdm car lovers blog!


Can you make these wallpapers? Or point me in a direction to where I can get higher res. copies of them? I want to be able to look at these Skylines every time I get on the computer lol


OMg. Desktop of Pic 3 please!!!!

I <3 these cars.


love it, an we get some of these added to the wallpaper page?


Almost every single one of those pics needs to be made into a desktop wallpaper. Please.


:O!!!!!! if onl i lived in the right place!! i love the stance of the Hakosuka...increedible!!! any chance of a desktop on the 2 & 3 picture please.....!!!!!


WOW! That's some fantastic photography, not to mention the beautiful rides. Thanks for posting those :)


that hakosuka is soooooo nice!! also wtf?!? a banana slug?!? that thing is crazy!


This is just stunning! Maybe you could upload some desktops of these beauties. Please :)


I wish all of these were desktops!!


two beautiful cars in a beautiful setting


Lin, fantastic photo coverage. Lots of wall paper worthy pics through out....keep up the great work and making Speed Hunters THE website for car culture.


No wallperpers? :(



photos are amazing.


brilliant location, awesome pictures Lin


brilliant location, awesome pictures Lin


So damn sexy!!

Want them all as desktops!


Nice looking classics, I just can't help but thinking... All show, No go? Might be stereotpical for these cars, but I'd love to see the original motors tuned, and running side draft carbs, it would really inhance the overall package. Just my .02


WOW....Desktops PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Such a classic, looks beautiful


want, so bad.


that is one wierd slug but on the other hand very nice cars there


Both are very nice cars. I especially like the Hakosuka.

The outboard oil cooler was how Hakosuka racing cars actually mounted their coolers in the early 70s. It's not a bosozoku fad.

On the Ken&Mary, the big door sticker kind of hides the main design point, the 'surf line' on the rear fender, between the door and the wheelwell.

Surprised with the original interiors and engines!


i have a new favorite car...


desktops plz these pictures r quality esp third to last


wish I can have one of them. so nostalgic heroes!!


Nothing but love here...


Cool to know these cars are stateside. Also, I like that they kept the stock motors :)


Great Shoot! I want a wall paper, but can't decide which to ask for.


Beautiful photos


the front end of the 'Hakosuka' always reminds me of a mean looking uncle.. this one looks mean as hell.. also the lowered stance with that wheel setup suits it to a tee.. - the 'Kenmeri' on the other hand has that old school charm, nice (little) details that add to the whole mixture, like the front spoiler and the over-fenders, make for a sweet looking car.. both have interiors that have stood the test of time - thanks for some good pictures!




What size tires is the Hakosuka wearing?


a video of these two beauties roaring thru this mountains would be more than perfect!


DESKTOP. DESKTOP. DESKTOP. (of the one with both cars on the u turn. or possibly of the banana slug :)


desktop of pics 18,20 and last pic plz


Yo RocketOgre, The kenmeri street style has been around since the 80s. Do some research before you comment, fool.


the 2000 would look much more attractive without the stickers and tow hook the gtr is just a car full of holes now


great shoot... I love driving that road every chance I get!


just amazing! i want some desktops please!!!


please some dekstops!


ich want some dekstops ;)


So basically two poser mobiles that look really hard but are in reality extremely slow and soft. Yay.


Very nice write up and photos man.




One of the first articles where I've saved almost every pic. Great work, plenty of inspiration for us here in NZ


Great looking Skylines and awesome photography. I love wooden shift knobs as well.


love the cars ! Man so much hating on stretch tire. . europe and japan been doing this for years. now that its here it sucks? and having a 14x10 rim is almost impossible to find a tire for. I got a 14x12 on my kenmeri. I feel your pain KENMERI owner. One day mine will be as clean as yours.


Nice cars. Strange that the engines are "standard" (used of " is dictated by the 2000GT-X being the car that got twin-SU carbs, (they were also round-tops) not the 2000GT which ran a standard single 2BBL Hitachi much like it's predecessor)

Also the use of a modern rear GT-R badge is yuck. Outright.

What do fatlace do, exactly? Stickers? Clothing? Making a "Motorsport" decal when all you do is slap stickers and change cosmetics on bog standard cars seems entirely redundant.

Still, @ 10HP per sticker. These cars must be super fast!


Admittedly, I'm relatively new to Speedhunters, so until a few weeks ago, I never noticed that Bosozoku-style cars have oil coolers mounted outside the front grille. Am I to understand that they're not normally even connected to anything? WTF? The cars shown on this forum are either utterly gorgeous, utterly ridiculous, or both. The Skylines here are both, and the setting doesn't hurt, either! Reminds me of the B.C. west coast.




Wow, just wow, can we have desktops of the entire lot?!


Great article! I mean everything, the cars, the spot, the pics it all blew my mind :P Looking foward for desktops


The anti-hellaflush kids never saw this one coming, wah-BAM! Dopesauce. Desktops, definitely, and that is one dope slug!


im not really fond of those stickers on the car. sure, put a sticker or 2, it can be forgiven. its not really bombed with stickers right now, but i kinda have a feeling its going that direction. the sticker on the rear fender is nice. just like the ones on the vintage racer's but with a fatlace flare. it was awesome when those cars had less stickers.

just me..

fatlace people! stick with the clean builds! less stickers or just keep the stickers look at least period proper.


amazing photography and beautiful cars, great combo! (wallpaper pack, cough, cough)


All of those shots need to get in to desktops.

Man they don't style cars like they used to do they. Original GTR's (Or the same shape at least) have to go down as one of the best looking cars in history, in my book at least!


So many mad shots, there needs to be some wallpapers.


oh god, wallpaper of that second pic PLEASE.


Love the cars, butn I'm not a fan of the sitckers. Or the stupid Japanese subway handle ring on the bumper.


agree with andrew desktop the ones with the hakosuka


So much wallpaper material!




@ John KIm,

Perhaps you should tell that to all the Japanese KGC-10 and 110 owners who rock GT-R badges, or perhaps if you don't believe it visit Japan and witness this first hand, or go to the annual vintage at Odaiba, or subscribe to Oldtimer's or Nostalgic magazine and see GT-R badges figured prominently on all Hakos.


Vintage Hako fan in Japan


Did we say we were done with these cars? I personally only have scratched the surface. A Rebello 3.0 is in the works. Stay tuned. And for those that dont know us, get to know us. We've been racing & drifting for over a decade.



Most "anti-hellaflush kids" are usually men adults that think the hellaflush trend is a Fast and the Furious rice rocket redux.


Cracking cars, cracking pics.


Please make some wallpapers from this shoot! I love the first picture or any ones with the forest and the cars posing in still. Beautiful mix of vintage Skylines & this beautiful forest setting, Thank you!


Just read all the comments. Agree with Mr. Arcenal, people should get to know Fatlace and what they're all about. I can't wait to see these 2 skylines progress. Would love to see some photo coverage of these cars at Laguna Seca for a track day. ;) This photoshoot was truly inspiring. Great cars and great photography.


let the guys build their cars how they want.. if you dont appreciate it for what it is, on to the next speedhunting article! that simple folks.... did you guys kiss the slug?


That's the home turf! Two awesome cars, although I can't say I'm a fan of the GT-R conversion without a GT-R motor! All good though...I've been planning on doing a shoot up there myself for some time. Respect to Fatlace for their influence on the car scene, good and bad. Props for including the Banana Slug as well :D


seriously your best set to date Lindbergh. keep it up!


Desktops would be lovely. The Kenmeri is probably my favourite car ever, i would love to own one but sucks living in the UK!


That's the home turf! Two awesome cars, although I can't say I'm a fan of the GT-R conversion without a GT-R motor! All good though...I've been planning on doing a shoot up there myself for some time. Respect to Fatlace for their influence on the car scene, good and bad. Props for including the Banana Slug as well :D


Wallpaper all please


Please tell Mark Arcenal to strap his fire extinguisher to the frame. In a front-end collision, that tank becomes a projectile heading right for the front passenger's (or driver's) head. Other than that, nice sleds!


I'm lucky enough to go to college in Santa Cruz and can call those roads so beautifully photographed by Linhbergh home. Amazing nature to behold and great tarmac to cut up, especially in two classics like those. Well done, Mark and Linhbergh. When's the next Fatlace car meet???


Really beautiful pics