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This week I got an invitation to take a look at the Rising Sun Performance shop. They specialize in Hondas and had several vehicles in their shop. I was greeted by the DC5 Integra you see in the opening shot. For you US readers a familiar car but for us Europeans it's a bit more special. Because we never got them through the official route so all the DC5s you see in Europe are imported.

When I entered the building it looked a lot bigger than the outside led me to believe. The entrance is on the far side below the 5Zigen banner. First you enter the small office and then you enter this big garage with several cars in different stages of build.

The blue EG was a big surprise for me because it was a full on race car built in Japan by Impact! But more on that in a separate post.

This yellow S2000 belonged to one of the owners and was also imported from Japan. It has been built by Type One, the shop that acts as the Spoon Sports dealership.  So you can imagine it is full of Spoon goodies. It starts with the Suspension kit, brake discs, pads, X brace under the car and Spoon LSD.

The engine is pretty much standard except for the ARC super induction kit. The power of the engine is being transferred towards the rear wheels with a Spoon prop-shaft.

The thing that attracted me the most was the ASM titanium GT front strut brace. The fit and finish of these products is amazing.

This K20 had a custom exhaust header fitted and ready to be installed in another customer's car.

What's a workshop without a tire changer and wheel balancer right? Can anybody identify the two wheels?

I saw this car run last year at the Dutch Time Attack series. Now it's in pieces and ready to be rebuilt. The owner told me he had some trouble last year with the handling. So for next season he will give extra attention to the handling of this car.

This is the office where Ian, one of the employees, is checking out all the orders that have been made through their webshop.

I myself am a big fan of the Hyperrev series and these books are a vital source of information. So I wasn't surprised seeing different editions scattered throughout the office.

Here is another one of the project cars the guys were working on. The exterior has been left mostly untouched except for the duckbill and the 15" 949Racing wheels. The real building goes on inside the engine bay.

What we are looking at is a complete custom engine with a capacity of 2.2 litres instead of the standard 2.0 litres the K series engine provides. Some of the parts that have found its way inside the engine are Darton sleeves, Crower cams, titanium springs & retainers and Cosworth 12.5:1 pistons. But there is so much more, so I've decided to make a car feature on this car once its ready.

But here is one thing I still wanted to show you. It's the Hybrid Racing billet K-swap mounts. These parts look awesome and are machined from one piece.

Once I got outside I spotted this JDM Type R Integra with some old school Sprinthart CP-F wheels in 15".

I will visit them again next month to see how far they have progressed with the EG and then I'll do a full feature. I also have a feature on that Japanese blue EG in the next few days, I'm just waiting for some more info.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Rising Sun Performance



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I would love to see a car feature of that blue eg.

And i cant wait to see the car feature of that black eg


Nice article,

kinda curious on the blue body shell on the right of the second picture, lotus?


CRX's are becoming uber rare now , i wish people wouldnt rice them out so much.


nice piece, i only live like 10km away from them and was always wondering what's going on in side ;)


that last dc2 is awesome.


"What's a workshop without a tire changer and wheel balancer right? Can anybody identify the two wheels?"

The rim on the right are Work Emotion CR-Kais. The rim on the left not to sure of.


i be pleased it

CAR BUILDER>> RISING SUN play - Speedhunters

now im your rss reader


EGs dont come with K stock? B series at best. love the headers in the pics of you showing the mount though!


suprising how a good import company like that is in that little dutch of ours

sweet parts and stuff, drooling on that DC-2 love those

nederlands trots, ga zo door jongens


the right one with tyre on should be work emotion CR. left not sure


Been at RSP today, can tell the pictures aren't made too long ago! awesome guys and I was surprised to find cards on the desk! it's a small world we live in..


I just found an awesome jdm supplier! Thanks a mil Jeroen....the wheels on the right must be SSR Direzza..the left Im thinking Konig


Awesome. glad to see some honda stuff on here.


Cool to see a feature on one of the dutch shops.

Some nice projects they have


Hmmm some Honda love eh? Good stuff! Those HYBRID RACING mounts look gorgeous.


Great little shop Jeroen.

Here in the US these parts are seen daily, down to the Hybrid engine mounts; all good stuff.

That K series in the EG needs some ITB's.


sick feature, the wheel on the right could possibly be a work crkai


Ahhhhhh CRX 2nd gen... I just love them...


wheel with tire is either Drag DR12? or Rota Torque...both CR Kai knockoffs


wheel on the left is a 2-piece Volk GR-N.


Left wheels are Volk GT-N, on the right SSR Direzza RSC


Awesome DC2! hope it get's powered by a k20 in the future!


Shop is ok, but not really special, more an empty warehouse with car parking in it. Also funny, the 5th hit in google;;

I quote: Problems with Rising Sun Performance.


Volk GT-N and ssr direzza!

Robbert's blue impact EG is sick and the K-EG, which is owned by one of the guys from the street's finest crew is also very nice!

Nice feature, Jeroen!


Left Volk Racing Nrs / Right Direzza RSC (Has nothing to do with SSR, they dont even know what they are selling...)


Finally a dc5 is on this site!!!!!! I wish u guys did more honda coverage


more honda post speedhunters!


Dakana said:

Nice article,

kinda curious on the blue body shell on the right of the second picture, lotus?

January 27, 2011 6:48 PM

Yes its a lotus


DC5 looks hella sexy, even in stock form.


Love Honda!




This Eg6 is very nice, (y)


Weels on the right are:

SSR Direzza!

Weels on the left are:

Volk GT-N

what do i win now :D ?


Nice header on the civic. ;-).....................


To bad pictures/specs where posted of the green EG when specifically told not to!


Every time you walk into a garage or a warehouse hunting for speed you can find something special you


i think the one from the left side is a 91-93ish 2piece volk racing gr-n.