Speedhunters Awards 2010>> The Winners Pt.i

The thing that I really like about the Speedhunters Awards is that they have all been decided by you, the people. We’ve spent the past few days collating the thousands of votes that have been cast, and it’s now time to start unveiling the winners.

The overwhelming favourite in Concept Car of the Year was Porsche’s 918, with the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento a distant second.

Retro Machine of the Year was too close to call, with the win tied between Henry’s S12

…And the RWB 'West Holly Wood' Porsche 964. The Bisimoto Civic was also just a whisker behind.

Meanwhile, the New Car of the Year went to the Ford Focus RS500, narrowly pipping the Porsche 911 GT2 RS.

The Race Car of the Year award saw a diverse range of cars singled out as the best examples from 2010. Amongst the leading pack was Porsche’s 911 GT3 R Hybrid, Honda’s HSV-010 GT and the Revolution RX-7, but it was the Sumo Power R35 GT-R that was voted the best Race Car of the Year.

The Demo Car of the Year award turned out to be a two horse race, with the Team Need for Speed RTR-X edging out the Auto Gallery Yokohama R32 Skyline GT-R.


The clear winner of Street Car of the Year was the Rauh-Welt 'Bordeaux' Porsche 993. 

Reader’s Car of the Year proved to be a popular addition to the Speedhunters Awards. While Jeremy Lee’s 350Z, Raymond’s S15, Adam Wolf’s Miata and Aaron Beck's Cuda all received strong votes, it was Antoine de Cardaillac's super clean 280Z that was voted the best by your peers.

Rat of the Year was a landslide victory for Mike Burrough’s Rusty BMW, with the runner-up going to the KDF Mangler.

Street Drift Car of the Year saw a huge number of votes, and was taken out by Drift Union’s Subaru Legacy.

Pro Drift Car of the Year saw you guys and girls throw your support behind Team Need for Speed. Matt Powers and his S14 claimed second place, with Mad Mike Whiddett's Mazda RX-8 taking the main award.

Stay tuned for the second round of winners, this time for the best event, moment, personality and champion of the year.

There are still two awards for you to cast your vote before 2010 ends. Be sure to have your say on who you believe should win the prestigious title of Champion of the Year and Speedhunters Car of the Year.

- Charles Kha



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Rauh-Welt Bordeaux & WHW are amazing, I'm glad to see that they won their respective awards.


i knew it....underpeformed gtr r35 will win.......the real deal maserati mc12 didn't.....despite dominanceog the gt1!!!....


All of these cars here are just great!


im no hater. but how is the s12 retro car of the year? it just has some jdm rims and a ka24de and lowered. i can do that in 3 days. theres so many cars that has years of work that get no props.


man i wish the sumo power livery was available in gran turismo 5



Glad to see the du legacy won its my fav for sure


I agree with REWQ. Nice car (S12) and no disrespect to the owner...but im sure even he is suprised he won.


Champion; SStock Cr Brasil Max Wilson


Great list of winners! I'm so happy to see that the SUMO Power R35 GTR won best race car of the year!


neato. congrats to the winners


shouldn't you wait till the end of the year ?


yo suck my S-12 nuts bitch ass


Amazing cars but I do not understand how you guys counted votes? There was never a "voting counter" or anytthing that we could officially vote on any particular car. Did you guys just count what peoples random opinions were on the comment section? If so that is a joke, I guess it is your web site and you guys do whatever you want, just doesnt seem right when there is so many people such as myself that really like going to your site everyday. Doing it this way just makes it seem like any "speedhunter" sponsored car was going to win, regardless of what the other cars you put for the category. Does anyone else agree with me? I would love to be proven wrong because I wanna keep coming back to this site but as of right now I am really leaning towards not ever coming back, not like it matters to anyone but I really liked coming here because of the coverage Speedhunters provided for privateers and all the types of races you covered from rally to drift to even nascar (which i really enjoyed.


Congrats Logan and DriftUnion for winning the "Street Drift car of the year" you guys did work this season!!!!




So far seems like the picks have been Speedhunter Bias.

Which doesn't necessary mean the crew is bias just voters voting for the cars that got the most publicity on the site, cause they feel more connected to them. No way the r-35 is racecar of the year.

Its a wonderful car but in the year of all the record breaking and game changing automobiles its not #1. Same can be said in Drift Car/ Demo Car fields too...


wallpaper for street car of the year puhplease.


Hell ya Logan!


Sweet, Antoine's Z won the readers award! NissanClub.ca represent :)


Drift Union is the dope


of course the RTR-X won something I am calling conspiracy


That s12 won? I call bullshiz!


Yeah I went back and counted the votes myself in disbelief. The Focus didn't win New Car of the Year. I'm guessing the side rule is that you guys get to pick whatever you want in the end.


YAY Llooggaann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! way to go DU!


Wow ... this was extremely flawed. You've also deleted the old threads so you can't view the votes. The Focus alone screams red flag. Such a joke this site is turning into.


did not even see the rat of the year award poster.

Im a daily reader.

Cool cars won... im happy.


LOL @ the S12 being one of the retro winners.


all your pics were good but the s12 was a sorry pick..there are way too many better looking cars than that.....a 500 dollar car with 1000 dollar rims...and because he wants to be different or poor a ka24de you could of picked something better cmon.......you guys are better than that.....


couldnt agree more LiveFast


" REWQ said:

im no hater. but how is the s12 retro car of the year? it just has some jdm rims and a ka24de and lowered. i can do that in 3 days. theres so many cars that has years of work that get no props. "

Maybe if you actually looked at all the other things he's done to it you might change your mind? Or would you prefer more rice?


The only winners that ricers would ever choose...


How is the R35 GTR race car of the year beating a REVOLUTIONARY Porsche 911 GT3R HYBRID?


hmmm a ford focus winning the car of the year?! common guys!! and the RRT-X or what ever its called won because it had sooo much publicity on the site. in my mind i think that the other car where much better contenders for Demo Car Of The Year....much much better!

ha wonder what part 2 will be...mini clubman for best estate of the year! (i no it wasnt a real voting thing but you get the idea!)


Rusty is just win!!!


I have seen the car, and it is nice. im not taking that away from him. the best looking s12 in the US and with proper stance. but can you actually look at all the retro car pictures in speedhunters this year and honestly say its "retro car of the year"?


I'm sure most people would be gearing up for their big NYE celebrations (or already nursing hang


WTF Wow, WTF is this BS!!!

S12 retro car of the year!? LMFAO

Its dope but nowhere near the league of the others in that category.

The RTR-X!? BwuahahahaAAA!!!!

That shit was a FAILURE, and the fact you guys @ speedhunters gave it a win is again, pure BS.

Ford Focus win?! OFCOURSE!!!

Speedhunters are selling out to corporate bullsht,

This Garret D-bag is supposedly some jdm fanatic, and suddenly sells his Miata for a FORD Mustang.

You guys make me sick right now.

Lets see what garbage PtII brings in....


I kinda agree with "GRage". The S12, the Focus RS500, GTR cup car, RTR-X, and a few others seem to be "BS". The only car that I agreed with was Rusty.


man f#

just becuase you didnt get your way your gunna complain like a child.



I can't believe a piece of S... S12 won retro of the year.

Next to that rauh welt its nothing but a spare tire...

Good thing this is nothing but a blog

a blog where rice rocket lovin minors post their

1k cars with rims worth more than the car itself.