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Linhbergh already sent out a request for you guys to send in your scale models, RC cars, and other custom creations. To add more reader participation this month, we also thought it would be cool to see your "automobilia collections". Have a cool shot of your die cast collection? A bookshelf full of awesome car mags and books? How about a sticker collection? Cool racing posters? We want to see it!

Want to see your stuff on the site? It's simple. Send your photos along with a bit of info on who you are and where you are from to SpeedhuntersMike(at)

Can't wait to see what you guys have in store this month!

-Mike Garrett



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i lost all my childhood in a fire a while back, these posts are making me nostalgic.


Being only 17 I got some surprises in store ;)


YAAAAAWWWN. Is this Speedhunters? Because there's nothing speedy about model cars. If I wanted to be bored I'd watch Antique Roadshow. Or is it just a slow month for you guys and your trying to fill the dull void of posts with crap? This can't be the reason as I've seen many awesome posts over the last month.

Pick up your game Speedhunters!


Email and pics sent. A lot of the cool collectable stuff isn't made anymore and I hate having that "I should've bought that when I saw it" feeling. Can't wait to see other people's unique collections.


subconscious if u had the brains to look down the page of speedhunters u will find that speedhunters wants to find out about modified scale models of cars, dipshit


I have a sweet bosozoku RA22 Celica model I've made! How do I send the pic???


@subconscious Scale models are an integral part of being a true car nut. You can't be wrenching and driving 100% of the time (especially in an area with long winters!!). Model building and collecting is a huge part of keeping my car passion alive through the cold snowy crap. Plus I enjoy sitting on my couch and looking at a Hakosuka or another vintage car on my shelf!


subconscious, speedhunters is about 'CAR CULTURE AT LARGE' and i think that you'll find this does come under the car culture bit!!! stop being so negative!


subconcious sounds like a douche bag.


Sent at pic :)


you guys got to see my collection of diecast of jdm ,custom muscle cars and drift cars at any scale 1;64,1;24,1;18


The cars speak for themselves and can sometimes be as elaborate as the real thing.

I built a 240ZG w/ a "wired" engine and vintage Volk Racing wheels, you have to be a car nut to build stuff like that !!


I have some for you I am going to send... Have a GT90 I've posted on the FB page... Will def include it in the email. :)