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The days contract, the temperature plummets, the leaves fall from the trees, it is December once again. The top of my personal hour-glass is a year’s worth of sand less than it was just 12 months ago. I suspect that particular glass is more than half empty despite my abiding optimism. So what does this handful of dust represent? In reality not much, my personal Hejira is just chicken scratching, of little lasting consequence. Perhaps the one thing that was of note is writing for the SpeedHunters’ Tribe. So in common with the other esteemed contributors I will use the short days and lack of events to cover as an opportunity to mull over the images of 2010 and offer them once again for your entertainment and hopefully, approval.

2010 was a year when the light did not shine at the tracks and also in so many other ways, dull day after dull day, produces photography that does not pop. How I envy those who work the sunny side of the street but if our job can be distilled into one catch phrase it would be  “Turn Chicken S*** into Chicken Salad”. So you just try and achieve the optimal outcome with the ingredients that are to hand.

So are the results haute cuisine or ………? Try some and let me know.

It is said that it is better to travel hopefully than to arrive but not all journies for us SpeedHunters involve long distance. The VolksWorld Show back in March was held on my doorstep at Sandown Park race course, so instead of the place being full of horses and mad punters, there was a different kind of fanatic. The VW brand inspires fierce loyalty and the venue was jammed packed with Wolfsburg’s finest.

Those of you who missed the post can find it HERE

I liked the weathered effect on this badge.

Of course things happen to you while out SpeedHunting or rather in this case to my trusty Canon that disintegrated while I was shooting.

Full story is HERE

Some days weird things happen.

Long distance trips have been few and far between this year. In March I made it over for the Sebring 12 Hours. As ever the classic held in the Central Highlands of Florida attracted a huge crowd. If the action at the head of the field was a little thin, there was no doubt about the intensity of the battle for honours in GT2. It was great to see Team Falken and Wolf Henzler run at the head of the pack during the opening stint.

With Audi absent Peugeot let their two 908 diesels fight for victory, it was flat out all the way.

Those with short memories can refresh them HERE, and HERE Oh and HERE too. I did work hard that week.

Prior to Sebring there was a chance to visit the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance, a wonderful event from soup to nuts. It is one that has to go onto any serious SpeedHunters “Must Attend” list.

A Rolls Royce in Peruvian Walnut…………………what can you top that with?

More can be seen HERE and HERE

Another “Must Attend” event is the Nurburgring 24 Hours with 170 cars watched by 220,000 spectators over the majestic Nordschleife. Incredible.

The sun was even seen for a few minutes, maybe that passes for summer in the Eifel Mountains. More on the week can be seen HERE , HERE, HERE HERE and HERE.

The Lexus LF-A pair run by Gazoo Racing cross the line to take the SP-8 class win. A few weeks later the boss of Gazoo racing, Hiromu Naruse was killed in a road accident near the Nordschleife. A true SpeedHunter, Naruse has worked for Toyota since 1963 and was their Chief Test Driver and was largely responsible for the development of the LF-A.

From the wilds of the Eifel Mountains I was on the 24 Hour treadmill again a few weeks later at Le Mans. More on that in a future post

One of the events that stood out was, as might be expected, the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Alfa Romeo’s 100th Birthday was a good excuse to celebrate this Italian marvel.

The 3.5 litre Group C Alfa had not been seen outside the museum before and yet here it was a in the lower paddock.

You can get another taste of Italy HERE 

There was tranquility and grace on the lawns…….

Simple but very cool.

Power on the Hill. See more HERE

The were legends everywhere you looked, sometimes the star…….

Sometimes the car……..

Sometimes both……..

But the element running through and linking all this was speed.

Speed………..The Festival of Speed at Goodwood is another on the “Must Attend” list, though next year I may have a cunning plan………..the final reminder is HERE

The lawns of The Royal Hospital in Chelsea saw a newcomer that showed promise, The ChelseaAutoLegends. More HERE

Back on the tracks, BMW ran their final season in the WTCC, leaping into DTM in 2012.

GT1 finally got a World Championship with pretty good racing.

However despite some new blood, the song remained the same.

The Spa 24 Hours evolved as a result of the GT1 changes and nearly gave BMW a win to match their Nurburgring 24 triumph……more HERE

However in GT2 it was Porsche’s year with BMS Scuderia Italia taking the top spot in the Belgian Classic.

OK it is my honour to kick off the December review of 2010, there will be much more to come from both the other contributors and myself. So keep logging in, you never know what you might find.

John Brooks



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ok, the shadow is very cool, I wish we were still in the old CanAm days! Great photos!


Awesome collection of shots


its been an epic year from you guys.. you 'slid-down' a little bit, but in general you kept the standard v.high esp. in the coverage and photo department! - Keep it up.. bring on 2011


A genius, no more comments, a uniqe and expert artist


DESKTOP PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE of the Ford GT licking the fire off Maser.


Desktop of 4th pict PLEASE!!!


Great Selection of shots.

I just wanted to add that in my mind you are one of the top 3 automotive photographers in the world john.

I especially liked the photos from the goodwood festival of speed because you really brought out the colour of the location.


Sterling images as always John. Im wondering how you got on with your search for images of Brilliant Bob? I'm looking for some for a small project of my own, if you know of a good direction to point me in...


Thanks for the great collection of pictures and stories. Awesome work John !


What an amazing year in terms of stories and, as always, high-calibre photography! I aspire to reach your skill levels, one day. I've been practicing my Brooks long-shutter pans ;)


I respect anyone who goes more than 50mph in a Toyota 7.