Event>>the Mooneyes X-mas Party, Pt.2

I'd imagine that after hearing about the warm weekend in Southern California, some of our readers in the colder parts of the world might be a little envious. After seeing all the treacherous weather in the eastern part of the United States, I'm quite happy to be living here in LA, where the automotive activity has no off season.

Let's jump into another look at the sunny and warm 2010 Mooneyes X-Mas Party at Irwindale Speedway.

Why not start off with one of those quintessential Chevys, bagged out on wide whites and Caddy hubcaps. Extremely clean.

When you think about it, it's pretty amazing that low 'n slow sleds can co-exist at the same event with cars like this 62 Chevy A/FX racer.

Another one for the low and slow team, a crazy looking Oldsmobile lowrider.

When Linhbergh and I saw this straight-8 powered show rod with 20" wooden spinners, we weren't quite sure what to think. The crowd sure seemed to dig it though.

On the other hand, we could both agree that this 347-powered Ford Econoline was universally cool. Right, Linhbergh?

Like every Mooneyes show, there were lots of sweet pickup trucks to check out, like this chopped metallic blue Chevy.

Or my favorite, this satin black Ford panel truck bagged on Cragars and wide whites.

This cool little roadster pickup was looking pretty fast on the eighth mile before it was sidelined with mechanical problems.

Wagons always get extra style points. Even more if they have woodgrain panels on the side, like this Ford Galaxie.

When was the last time you saw a 1960 Sunbeam Alpine built into a custom show car? Somebody put an incredible amount of work into this thing.

It can be tough to stand out in the crowd of early '50s Chevys, but this chopped green coupe did just that.

Yes, that's how to do it.

The engine setup alone on this long wheelbase pickup is worthy of a photo.

With the exception of the rear fender skirts, the body on this '58 Chevy looks to be 100% stock. No, they don't make them like they used to.

There's something very intimidating about this car. I'm guessing it's the black steelies tail-down stance.

Members of the Strays Car Club soak up the sun. Love that Merc!

1963 Chevy scraping the ground, just like you would expect it to.

The "Miner Threat" Dodge A/FX car in the staging lanes. To me, this is what retro drag racing is all about.

That will wrap things up for now. I'll be back soon with one more look at the 2010 Mooneyes X-Mas show.

Stay warm!

-Mike Garrett



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That one hot rod with the wooden spinners is AMAZING I never thought I would like spinners on a car but that was crazy. THe color scheme is gorgeous, it ha a nice steam punky feel to it too. Its definitely a special interest car but I do not see how anyone can disrespect that car.

.....oh and the other ones are nice too :-P


The black Ford panel truck is epic!


I'm feelin those wood spinners! Desktop that ish! ;) for some reason I'm really feelin that Sunbeam too! Would be a blast cruisin the coast in that!!!


Keep em coming!


that rod with the wooden spinners is amazing. simply amazing


Honestly at this point, I think non chopped Mercs are more interesting, they are much more rare at this point lol.


Looks like another great bash!

Spencer P is right, I'm digging the steampunk feel to the show rod. Love seeing the A/FX cars and the low and slow brigade all at the one show, it really encompasses and era not a scene then. Good to still see Minar Threat doing the rounds too!

That green 50's Chev is purrrfect!


Wooden spinners, wow, thats a bit different, i like it. btw, poor sunbeam.


Upon arriving to Irwindale Speedway, for the Mooneyes Xmas Party, and being greeted with summer-like


Satin black Ford panel and the green Chevy are my faves.


That '62 Chevy Altered is simply perfect in every way! That sedan with the wooden spinners has to have one of the most radical chops I've ever seen! In addition, that Dodge A/FX car, the "Miner Threat" looks plain evil with that blacked-out grille and red headlights.

My highlight has to be that crazy Alpine. Half of my friends have either Alpines or Tigers, but I've never seen a Kustom one!!! I'll have to show them that for sure!

Wishing I could've been there!