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Time now for a final look at the 2010 Tsukuba Super Battle, an event that seems to always come to and end all too quickly. With each car being allowed to participate in only three timed sessions, most begin packing up as soon as they are done, or even earlier if they run into unexpected problems. So once again I was very glad I started shooting in the paddock early in the morning, as this is one of those gatherings that really fills up memory cards quickly! 

With Japan's fastest GT-Rs and Evos not making an appearance over the last few years, RX-7s have began to dominate this time attack event. It's quite outstanding to see how much more performance tuners like Revolution

…and Panspeed are managing to extract from their cars every year. Panspeed had no less than three cars present at Tsukuba, an unmistakable trio sitting in the main paddock area. 

The CR-Z has really been selling well in Japan and tuners like Max Racing have taken an interest in trying to make the little sports hybrid perform a little better. The simple series of aesthetic additions like the side and rear skirts…

…as well as the front lip spoiler are a good way to enhance the looks without going overboard. The car was running blue/black Gram Lights 57Ultimate SC spec most of the day but I also spotted it use what looked like orange/black 57Ds up front. I think Rays are on to something with the painted inner spoke look, and I'm guessing we will be seeing a lot of show cars at the Tokyo Auto Salon running similar wheels.

Max Racing also ran their FD2, which recorded a best lap of 1'05"448, over six seconds faster than the CR-Z. I just can't help wondering what a K20-powered CR-Z would be able to do!

Ok, I've avoided talking about the Revolution RX-7 on purpose so I could dedicate a bit of space to it on this final post from the event.

Aoki-san and all the guys at Revolution have been working extremely hard over the last year in trying to get every minute detail of the engine, suspension and aerodynamics perfect. As soon as it headed out on track with driver Kikuchi Yasushi at the wheel, everyone stopped for a few minutes during each record attempt that was made, listening carefully to Mana-P's commentary, and waiting for the car to pass the finish line on the home straight. Their best time so far came in the late morning session, where the 53.673 sec lap was set. It managed a top speed of 225.8 km/h (140.3 mph) on the back straight.

Lightweight RE30s are the wheels of choice, wrapped in Hankook Ventus semis. Rumors seem to point that if the Revo-tune FD was fitted with slicks it could well break the 51"875 sec lap set by Keiichi Tsuchiya in his old GT500 NSX. Would be cool if they would just have a go for fun to see the ultimate potential of the car. I guess the extra grip would also allow the team to raise boost a little to extract more power!

The hood was shut when I dropped by the pits, not that there is much to see under there as the engine sits so low and so far back in the chassis.

There isn't much left from a stock FD at the rear, the custom tubular rear frame allowing for an all-new and extremely adjustable double wishbone suspension layout. It's much the same story up front. Apparently from 2011 the Word Time Attack Challenge regulations will allow tubular frame cars like this to participate…interesting!!

It's pure race car inside with the high carbon transmission tunnel built to contain the Hewland sequential transmission.

It's so tough when out in action, it has been known to scare small children that have dared look at it! 

Someone asked for some pictures on the Arvou S2000 so here is a quick snap. Fastest lap on the day for this AP1 was a 1'02"027

Rear wheel drive providing a bit of fun when powering out of the hairpin… 

…and front wheel drive doing the same when entering it under braking.

The G-CLIMB R50 might not have been the fastest out of the other Minis present with a best time of 1'09"542…

…but it sure as hell had the most impressive looking engine bay. Those are dry-carbon funnels!

While talking to Komoriya-san of Panspeed after the event, I was surprised to hear they went through 40 tires! Running three cars at an event like this takes a hell of a lot of dedication, we have to remember these are tuning shops, not race teams!

This street-tuned FD3S built in collaboration with GCG turbos and driven by pro-driver Banba-san, managed a best time of 58"427 sec on semi-slick rubber. Naoki Hattori of Best Motoring and Hot Version fame was piloting the RX-8 which, like we have already seen, was a smidgeon off the coveted sub-minute lap with a 1'00"312. 

Sasaki-san was still in charge of driving the main Panspeed RX-7, managing a best of 55"970 sec.

Here he is chatting to Komoriya-san.

There is still a lot of potential left in this FD and Panspeed will be trying to go even faster in 2011.

Nothing like a little variety to spice things up. I just had to get a closer look at the Advance Auto C6…

…and what powers it!

There are obviously issues, or rather there were, with rear end stability under hard acceleration! This little aerodynamic package has addressed that particular problem successfully.

It might not be their full on BNR34 time attack monster that has yet to run, but Pro Stock Racing managed to get a decent time of 58"779 with their new BNR32. Taniguchi was the one driving it throughout the day.

I love the simplicity of the RE-Wing FD, with its rare MazdaSpeed front bumper and widened rear fenders…

…it is one of only a few street-legal cars running in the Open Class. Takeo-san, the man behind RE-Wing, wasn't happy with the 58"624 sec lap that Taniguchi managed to get. The car could have gone a lot faster but a strange problem with the boost kept the engine from developing full power at higher rpm. There is always next year as they say!

I saw this Fujita Engineering TVR-look RX-7 in the parking earlier in the day…

…but it all of a sudden showed up in the paddock in front of the Feed pits. A great example at just how easily the FD3S can be transformed.

That's about it from Tsukuba and the Super Battle. It will be another year until the Rev Speed guys put such an event on again, but not to worry as there will be plenty of other time attack events going on during this upcoming winter season. This is only the beginning!

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-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Great pictures, thanks for the write up :)


WOW, the Revolution RX7 is almost GT300 quality!! Also, the Vette, looks a bit similar to the FIA GT3 car in my opinion...


That PanSpeed car is awesome!!

We did a feature of the Advance Auto Corvette on our blog, check out it out here:



All of the cars are awesome, especially the corvette, except the wannabe TVR. That's just gross.


That minis motor looks like the sohc dodge neon motor. IMO.


Special award should be given to Pan Speed.

I think of the Revo RX7 as unofficial tailor made super GT racer.

When will Best Motoring plan a all RX7 battle:

Revo vs Pan Speed vs R magic vs RE Amemiya just retired GT300 racer vs Screen

i'm getting a heart attack ...


Desktop of the first picture, please :]


I dont think they should allow tubular framed cars in Time Attack, and the Revolution TA-2 isnt a tubular frame. It uses to original unibody, with extensive tubular cage work. The front and rear end has been cut off to reduce weight.


I love to see that american muscle is going around the world! Corvettes are actually one of my favorite cars in racing.

Desktop of the Revolution exiting the pits please!!!


Perfect coverage Dino! Could I suggest a desktop of the first PanSpeed shot with all three cars? Thanks again Dino!


We definitely needs DESKTOPS Dino!!

These pics are beautiful!


Man, that RE-Wing FD3S makes me think of a sexy teen chick. The RX-7 is such a pretty car.

And that Advance Auto Crovette needs ITBs!


Congrat Dino! Awesome event and awesome coverage! I wish I could have a shot of the engine bay of the revolution rx7! Thanks from french Canada!


The RX7 never cease to amaze me at its ability to remain timeless: Technically, Ascetically, and Competitively.

More info on that C6?

Im guessing its a z06 based on intake, but would love to see suspension/performance mods...


Maybe, if the Revolution team let Tsuchiya drive their FD with slicks no one will complain... ;)

PD: Wallpaper of the Pro Stock Racing BNR32 photo. Car's beautiful and the pic is even better!


Panspeed and Revolution. What awesome cars these shops build.

Rotary power, baby, rotary power.






While cars like the Revolution RX7 are amazing, I think it takes the charm out of Time Attack. As far as I'm concerned, once you throw away the original chassis and build a tube-chassis car, it's not really "tuning" as it's not really an RX7. I thought Time Attack was about maximizing the performance (tuning) of sports cars, not building race cars from scratch that look like sports cars. If they continue to allow tube-chassis cars I hope they create a new class and leave the "Open" class for extreme sports cars that still have some original DNA.


dno when u going to advance auto shop, am still wating for that


Desktop of the Panspeed lineup please


Fujita Engineering TVR-look RX-7

when i saw this i thought 458.

anyone else seeing it?


@grizbeard: the revolution rx7 still has the strut towers and parts of the unibody and therefore isnt tubeframe. the cage itself is complex and there are bars where sheet metal used to be to strengthen the unibody but this car isnt classfied as tubeframe yet. a car is tubeframe when the entire unibody is cut and the motor and suspension is attached to the cage (cage is the chassis) - hence "tubeframe". dinos knowledge is off sometimes


That Fujita car looked super nice in the flesh. Great shots Dino.


Ciao Dino! You are an artist!

Thanks for that!


All this function is beautiful but you guys shouldn't hate on the FEED FD, it could be the notorious 4 rotor one and that car has a LOT of cool engineering in it.


No more on the 5zigen Type-R? :(

A couple of desktops will do I guess...


An excellent feature!!! As always.....many thanks Dino!!!


Thanks for all the great pics! I love fds (i own one after all :P amazing that an 18yr old car is still so amazing

I want the pic of the Revo-Fd pulling out of the pits as desktop <3