Event>> Essen Motor Show Pt. 3

Due to certain circumstances I wasn’t able to finish off my Essen Show reports, but I’m back and I still had these photos lying around so let us resume the original coverage I had planned.

It was cool to see that Mercedes had a big presence with a line-up of their iconic classic cars. You have already seen some of their prototypes in part two but this 300SL took the crown. It was truly immaculate inside and out.

This Wiesmann is a perfect example of new technique in an old style body. The car is basically a BMW underneath. This MF4-S version is their most powerful version with a V8 engine and 6 speed manual.

I especially like the rear design.

Speedart made another appearance this year and again they brought their BTR-II 650 EVO. It is based on the 997 Turbo. They redesigned the frontbumper, added sideskirts and a rear diffuser.

The engine has been extensively modified. It now has 650hp and 910Nm. With so much torque Speedart needed to reinforce the PDK gearbox.

The Ford Focus RS is a very capable car but some people think they can improve the exterior. Wolf designed this version and called it the RS Clubsport.

I was surprised to see this Honda CR-Z and I was even more surprised to see it had been modified by Mugen.

I wonder how this Ford Fiesta S2000 would look without the striping but with a ‘normal’ paintjob. I know this car has been built for rally racing but I’m just curious how it would look in daily driver mode.

This immaculate Audi Quattro S1 looked brand new. I’m not sure if the car has been restored or it had been built as a replica.

Here is another photo of the 300SL at the Mercedes heritage stand. I thought that these cars were quite hard to find, but a look in the hall with all the classic cars revealed dozens of these gullwings.

Like this silver version with a cool red interior and matching suit case. Right next to it was another red version. Did you know that Mercedes Benz still makes parts for this car?

Hyundai had a big presence at the show with three Genesis models. One of them was this version with cool chameleon paint and carbon extra’s like the rear diffusor.

So true …

A very special car I found was this Lotus Omega. It’s powered by a 3.6 litre twin turbocharged straight six engine with ZR1 Corvette transmission. When it was first released it was the fastest four door saloon with a top speed of 283km/h.

This dumped Audi A4 looked pretty spectacular with its widened fenders and ground scraping clearance.

I will have one final look in part four with some nice Alfa’s and Hot Rods.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Essen Motor Show



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I'm feelin that Wiesman. Rad.


You´re wrong with the Wiesmann. The Most powerful version is the MF5 with the V8 TT engine from the current BMW X5/6, it has 555HP. The first MF5s had the V10 with 507HP installed.


Not an Audi fan but damn that is a nice A4. love the Tri-cycle decal.


i dont get how a hard parker can say fwd sucks.


i Love that Lotus Omega Forza introduced it as a Lotus Carlton, amazing sedan


WHat the hell people want to change with Focus RS? It's a damn aggressive car with a perfect stance for daily driving and beautiful carbon body adds. Maybe I'd pick up some other rims,but anything else? nooooooo... Please think twice before changing anything in that beauty.


oh god i want to just hop in that s1 and drive, that has to be my one true dream car since i was a child. Also if we could get a desktop of the "we learned at an early age FWD sucks" image that would be awesome


So true … what car is that?? or is that for part four?


Nice cars, keep the pictures coming !


That's not a Lotus Omega, it's a Lotus Carlton.


The Wiesmann is savage!


I think the Lotus Carlton/Omega is the perfect car. Fast, spacious, usable everyday. It's just about the ultimate sedan.


You're wrong Jeroen,the fastest fourdoor was the AMG Hammer,she was able to 300km/h ;)


I'm pretty sure the S1 is a replica, Audi only raced those colors in the Pike's Peak S1 which that one definately isn't.


what is the silver car in front of the 300SL in the first picture?


mm, i quite like the Wiesmann, if a little quirky, but i like quirky things, in general


love the Tri-cycle decal wanna put it on my accord LOL :-)


That Audi S1 is bonkers !


That's not a Lotus Omega, it's a Lotus Carlton.


In Germany, the Carlton is called Omega. So you can call it as you like.


Hands up for the giant-killer Omega Lotus...reminds me about the Lancia Thema Ferrari...same hunger for supercars XD


haha i love that picture of the FWD sucks!! funiii.......


omg....love the Lotus Omega


OMG I sooo want that FWD sucks pic to make it to the desktops section!!!!


The Motor show Essen is now 3 weeks over


Extras*, you do not use apostrophes for a plural version of a word.

Also, the Weismann mf5 gt is even more BA than the mf-4s. Just a tip to those who like it.