Event>> Essen Motor Show 2010 Pt.i

I have visited the Essen Motor Show numerous times but this year had to be one of the greatest. The amount of cars was enormous and it is starting to look like the European Sema Show. A few of the biggest tuners from Germany were also present like Brabus and Techart. I will showcase their cars in two separate posts. If you haven't seen the show yet I highly recommend going there, the show lasts until 6 December.

Let's quickly start with the cars that were on the show floor. One of the stars of the show was the Porsche Panamera. I have discussed the shape of the car with several of my friends and it seems it's a love or hate thing. I personally really love the car especially when certain tuners get their hands on it. Caractere, a Belgium tuner, debuted their version of the car with a nice set of wheels and bodykit. 

The sheer diversity of cars is one of the attractions of the show. Ferraris and Porsches sat right next to Volkswagens and Fords. This Golf MKV was very clean with a set of replica Gallardo wheels.

This Mini Countryman immediately grabbed my attention with its cool matte blue paintjob and black accents.

A Scirocco we have seen before at the My Car Show and the Bodensee event. This time it had a new set of wheels with inserts that could be painted in every color you want.

I found several versions of the Audi A1 but this one made by Rieger was the best looking.

A car that is pretty special is this Carlsson C25 that is based on the SL65 AMG. Carlsson totally transformed the car beyond recognition.  Only 25 of these cars will be built but you will have to be quick if you want one because the orders are filling up fast.

Power comes from a V12 Biturbo giving it 753bhp and a maximum torque of 1320Nm electronically limited to 1150Nm. The top speed has been set on 347km/h (216mph) and it accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in only 3.7 seconds.

Mercedes brought some of their iconic cars. This road going CLK-GTR was one of them. Can you identify the two cars behind them? I'll show them in my next installment.

The road going CLK-GTR is a homologation model. In order to race in the FIAGT series Mercedes had to build 25 copies that were sold to some very happy customers.

A very popular platform was the Mini. This white example featured a lot of carbon fibre and perfect matching golden wheels.

This orange Opel Kadett GT/E had a very mean look. Newer cars may have all the luxuries but these older ones have so much more character.

A visit to the Japo Motorsport stand revealed this track ready S2000 with carbon fenders, doors and hood.

One of the first cars I saw was this Manthey Racing Porsche 911 GT3 R that competes in the VLN long distance Racing series in Germany.

It had these priceless Rays Engineering wheels with a one lug nut system.

The Haulers and Sedan month has ended but that doesn't mean I can't show you a shot of the new Opel Insigina.

9ff also brought some of their models including this Speed9 with a custom hardtop. It might not as extreme as their 1000bhp+ cars but it still has 650bhp and that is more than enough when you are driving topless.

This blinding R8 was hard to miss. ABT is responsible for the wrap, the wheels and the large spoiler on the back.

I'll have a lot more coming this week, so stay tuned.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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The OPC Insignia is a a beast.......


The first couple wheels are downright brutal.


Nice writeup. Is that a Saleen S7 and an old lancia stratos behind the CLK-GTR?


The Insignia OPC is really a beast of car!

I like the C Kadett definitley the most, iconic rallye car and the master himself drove one, Walter Röhrl. Everytime i see a Kadett C or Audi S1 i immdeatly think of his spoken words: "Man kann ein Auto nicht wie ein menschliches Wesen behandeln - ein Auto braucht Liebe" - "You can treat a car like a human beeing - a car needs love"


Seems to be worth the trip to germany again this year, but it's sadly not gonna happen thank to the weather.


Orange car behind CLK is a MB C111, concept car from 1969 with rotary engine.



The red Volkswagen Scirocco looks SSIICCKKK!!!! I likes!


ford gt40 and a saleen


Do I spy a F400 Carving? The year it was a concept at the auto shows was the first time I went to the Chicago Auto Show, I haven't missed one since!


I think that Panamera at the beginning is the only decent looking one I've ever seen. The Carlsson C25 is absolutely gorgeous, hints of Aston and Jag in the styling. I look forward to the rest of your coverage!


LOVE that Panamera.


The orange car behind the CLK GTR is a C-111 which was the initiall car MB used to put the Wankelmotor (rotary engine) in when Felix Wankel still worked for MB


I think the "Mini Countryman" is a Mini Clubman... what do you think, guys?


the satin blue mini is a clubman ... not a countryman .... just saying like !


The orange car behind the CLK-GTR is the Wankel powered C111, not sure about the other one.


awesome cars and great pictures!!

i think i have to go to Essen this week ;) almost forgot that it's Motorshow :(


The Kadett is the best of the bunch.


The orange one is a C111 and the white one is a C112. Both of them Prototypes.

What did i win?


I think it is a Mercedes-Benz C 111 right behind the CLK-GTR.



"Mercedes brought some of their iconic cars. This road going CLK-GTR was one of them. Can you identify the two cars behind them? I'll show them in my next installment."

The orange one is an C 111, i think and i can't identify the other one


Thats a Mercedes C111, a concept car which is normally exhibited in the Mercedes Museum Stattgart


The 2 cars behind the CLK-GTR are the Mercedes C111 (a prototype car built in the late 60's & 70's where Mercedes experimented with Wankel & Diesel motors), and the other silver car is a Mercedes C112. The C112 was going to reach production with gullwing doors and a 6L V12, but after accepting 700 deposits, Mercedes canned the project!


Waiting for pics of that c111


@ Stowy

No, Mercedes showed there some of their cars. The orange one is a C111, but i forgot the name of the Saleen-like...

@ Jeroen

One of the first things i saw where a Speedhunters sticker on the green drift R33 by MPS.

Want some sooooo bad!


And the other one is a C112.


That CLK GTR is the SEX. Absoutely my number one fantasy car ... I'm not sure I'd sell my soul for one but I'm open for bids ...


what Gustav said...


The matte blue MINI isn't a Countryman it is the Clubman.


If think the one on the right behind the CLK is a Sauber C11


good job on the blue matte Mini.. love the old Kadett (my first car).. even like the wrap on the Audi R8 looks 'cool' one for the Sultan of Brunei me thinks??! - i would love to hear the CLK-GTR fired up!


@ HansWerner.

it has to be " You can't treat a car lika a human beeing - a car need love" ;D

nice coverage. that Kadett C is by far the best car in this post.


The cars behinh the CLK GTR are the Mercedes C111 (orange) and the C112 (Silver). And that show looks awesome! I wish I could've been there!


Check out our website with more pics from the motorshow in essen. Hope for your feedback!




+SLR Concept


the other car is a 1989 Sauber Le Mans cars driven by Shuey


That CLK GTR is the SEX. Absoutely my number one fantasy car ... I'm not sure I'd sell my soul for one but I'm open for bids ...


The two merces are the C111 (orange) and the C112, both concept cars.

The C111 has a rotary engine.


you're right about the cars, i was there :)


the silver one looks a bit like the sauber c9 race car...i think im wrong though!


the scirocco's wheels looks like it came from a lambo reventon


If you want to see some more pics of the Motorshow, watch this: http://www.dra.de.gg