Collectables>>a Visit To Prestige Hobbies, Pt.1

As soon as I found out the month of December would be dedicated to collectables and scale versions of the cars that we love so much, I knew there was one hobby shop I had to share with you guys – Prestige Hobbies in Anaheim, California.

Prestige has been in business for about 20 years, and is located in the Hobby City mall and theme park on Beach Boulevard. Not only is Prestige an awesome store, but the place holds a lot of sentimental value to me. I've been coming here with my family since I was a small kid – even my grandpa would go to Hobby City. The place has been around since 1955! Whenever my dad or brother come down to LA to visit, it's a must that we drop by.

The store is huge, and they sell just about every type of automotive die cast model or plastic model kit that you could ask for. They even stock model trains and aircraft. The only thing Prestige doesn't deal in is RC cars.

The items in the store are divided into both regular stock, and consignment areas. One of the greatest things about coming here is the variety of the items. No matter what your price range is, you are bound to find something to take home.

Whether you are looking for some ridiculously detailed Exoto historic F1 replicas…

…or some more affordable 1:18 die cast cars to park on your shelf.

I spent quite a while drooling over the high end die cast models, like this 1:18 scale Auto Art '71 Mustang Mach 1.

The Auto Art AE86 Trueno is another one to put on your Christmas lists.

This 1:12 scale Kyosho Lamborghini Miura Jota was also mouth-watering. It's a little hard to tell in the photo, but this thing is huge!

Some more JDM flavor from Kyosho. They did a great job on this Kenmeri Skyline.

The place has an amazing selection of Auto Art models. Sometime I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and buy the Auto Art '05 Mustang in Windveil Blue…

Ferraris anyone?

Here's a view of some of the lower priced diecast models. Those 1:24 Back to the Future DeLoreans from Welly are way cool!

They also have a huge selection of NASCAR die casts.

Both of the classic…

…and the modern variety.

Are die cast dragsters your thing? They have plenty of those as well. As soon as I saw these, memories of the Cacklefest at the California Hot Rod Reunion came flooding back.

The Mopar Missile Duster. Rad.

They even have die cast models for those with more utilitarian tastes. For some reason I really liked this little truck.

Couldn't leave out the 1:43 scale stuff either. There are plenty of these models to be found in the display cases as well.

Another part of the store is dedicated completely to Hot Wheels and other 1/64 scale cars.

If you are looking for a rare or discontinued Hot Wheel, chances are you will find it here.

You see what I said about catering to any sort of budget?

The amount of 1/64 cars available these days is amazing.

The level of detail on some of these little things is amazing!

I'll wrap up the first part of my visit here. Next time I'll take a look at some more of the die cast offerings, some slot cars, and the extensive plastic model collection.

You gotta support your local hobby shop!

-Mike Garrett

Prestige Hobbies



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I wonder if a female has ever been in this store??? JK! I guess this is cool because most people will never own the actual cars..? I honestly have never understood collecting things... Sorry, I really am not trying to be a hater.


Their shop is new to me! I'm a repeat customer of Burbank's House of Hobbies though and they have the best prices I've seen, check 'em out!


Reading this makes me want to buy a few Hot Wheels.

LOL, that's what you do when you don't have enough money to buy the bigger ones. :P


how much are the hotwheels!!!! <-_->


i used to drop by this store once a week and unload some serious cash! i gotta send my buddy's collection to you guys for this month's dedicated collectibles!


Henry, its for mainly for decor and personal pleasure.

my office at work has a nice collection of scale models, makes for great conversation. its also nice to have something that makes me happy to look at when the work day sucks.


does any1 know where i can pic up some diecast 1:10 scale jdm models, iam living in ireland, please let me knw


SO Awesome!!


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$4 for Hot Wheels? Nice store, but if you want to buy HW's, just go to your local Target or Walmart.


i miss buying my import tuner 1/64ths haha


now i know where to go to expand my hot wheels collection


women come in hobby shops for birthdays and christmas. thats about it.

great write up. makes me reminisce about my fathers huge hobby shop in Atlanta that he closed in '04.


a world without end.. you'd never get me out of there - have they got a Nugget Yellow Corrado G60?? No..? i didn't think so..


exoto is my poison..... if im feeling a little twitchy ill smash some cash on kyosho.... and if im scrapping for money there is always my freind auto art.


Dimmi said, ??? ?????? ?? ????...


There is a place local to me that is big, but not as big as this place

Wilkinson's Automobilia

Mike: Did you get my photos of my collection? (FD3S + NSX)


Wierd, my comment didn't show up


This place is also very special to me. A family trip to Disneyland would not be complete with out a stop at Prestige Hobbies.


That store is amazing. There is quite a nice little hobbyshop just down the road from me here in korea. This makes me want to go down and shoot some photos.


I deserve to shop at that place!


First place to visit when im in Cali someday. :D

I wish Malaysia had this kind of hobby store.




mmm, Hot Wheels treasure hunts, I have plenty of those. How much are they??


Thanks for sharing I love this store!

@ Henry

Why collect things? You do know that some toy, stamp or coin collections etc. are worth $$$$ right? Regarding toy cars? There are many reasons why people collect em..Some for the reasons you stated and some may be fans of a particular make or model. My wife and I love to have mini versions of the cars we own or have owned. For example my latest addition to my diecast collection is a Autoart 1:18 Carrera S and its almost an exact duplicate of my 2010 997S sitting in our garage. Dont knock it till ya try it ,who knows you may enjoy it. ;)


Went to this store when in the States on my honeymoon in '05. And yes, my new wife came with me and loved it! Came home to Australia with more than a few souvenirs. Going back in 2011!


"Henry said:

I wonder if a female has ever been in this store??? JK! I guess this is cool because most people will never own the actual cars..? I honestly have never understood collecting things... Sorry, I really am not trying to be a hater."

Why collect things? Hmm $ value mean anything to ya? LOL! You do know that some toy, stamp and coin collections etc are worth $$$$ right?

Regarding toy cars? Many buy em for the reason you stated, but a lot of em buy em because they are fans of a particular make or model. In my case I like to collect mini version of the cars my wife and I own or have owned. Like my Autoart diecast Carrera S sitting on a shelf which is almost an exact duplicate of my 2010 997S sitting in my garage. Don't knock it till you try it. You may like it. ;)


In the pic with the Ferrari's, I now own the red 250 California SWB Ferris Bueller edition. I went to this store just to look and ended up walking out with my X-mas gift to myself. Great store to visit.