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The Japan launch of Aston Martin's groundbreaking One-77 was a strictly private affair, open only to a select few established members of the marque's customer base, and took place in rather unique surroundings…  

Tokyo plays host to a lot of different entertainment genres, and like other cities of its stature (New York, London, Paris) Japan's capital has its own purpose-built Cirque du Soleil theatre, erected purely for the world-renowned troupe's many different awe-inspiring performances. An appropriate location then for a car such as the One-77, itself a breathtaking example of art and function.

The engine bay looked sufficiently spaceship-like with the giant three-pronged torsion bar splayed above the powerplant. The gold hue is a reflection of the gold foil used as a heat shield on the inside of the hood.  

The car's lines are all unmistakably Aston Martin, which from whatever angle flow effortlessly into one another. It is a car that astounds from any viewpoint.

When looking at the front of the One-77, my recurring thought was, "This is a super-Aston, an entirely new level. Staggering."

Aston Martin Director of Design and chief designer of the One-77 Marek Reichman gets behind the wheel, sparking a flood of requests from the (very well-heeled) guests in attendance.

Inside the engine bay (resplendent with more carbon fibre than I've seen in any road car ever), the 7.3-litre naturally-aspirated V12 delivers a juggernaut-like 750 brake horsepower and 553 foot pounds of torque (750 Nm), making it "the most powerful N/A road car engine in the world today." Acceleration is brutally impressive considering the car's 1,500kgs: 0-60 in under 3.5 seconds. With the sticker price in the neighbourhood of 1.5 million U.S. dollars, I wonder how many owners will be taking the machine to its limit of over 200 mph…

The One-77's interior is typically AM-like, beautifully executed with no unnecessary frills – and perfect in every detail.

Enrobed in sumptuous leather, the steering wheel and dashboard are all business, no bother.

The doors were remarkably light to the touch, reminiscent of a racing car, though luxurious in all the right places.

Everywhere I looked the lines were purely Aston Martin. The car is so different in every way, yet retains all of that Aston DNA. One can only imagine what the company is thinking of for their next creation. 

The front light surrounds are as important aerodynamically as they are aesthetic – much like every inch of the car's skin. 

Unmistakable design cues in the rear lights, and yet so different at the same time.

The front grille echoes Aston Martin like so many models before it, but here again, it is as different as it is reminiscent of the marque's heritage.   

The One-77 cuts an imposing stance, one that is sure to remain unmatched for years to come.

Featuring a carbon fibre monocoque covered in hand crafted aluminium body panels, each one of the seventy seven One-77s will be slightly different. Surely one of the most unique supercars ever offered. Not surprising really that it's Aston Martin who have moved the goal posts yet again.

 – Len Clarke



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That is one beautiful car! Probably one of the most jaw dropping cars I've seen in a long time! Thanks for sharing her with us Len.


Very cool car, but that engine bay presentation...blech.


wtf 1.5M USD and it only gets aluminum sheetmetal? where's the full carbon body? i wouldve expected better from you, aston... car looks great except for the brake vents on the front bumper. they run right into the headlights and it looks messy imo. makes it look kinda like the front fascia is crying lol


Most beautiful car EVER produced.

Just stunning !


carbon fibre chassis is very cool, but no. not feeing it. looks like one of those extra-terrestrial dayglo squids from the movie The Abyss - not in a good way.


Personally I think the One-77 is hideous, the DB9 is beautiful, this thing ruins the design


I don't like it as much as most people do. It looks weird to me.

I prefer a DB7 or a V12 Vanquish.


too bad there needs to be a license plate on the front


is it just me or does it just look like a DB-9 with a really expensive wide-body kit?


Great shots. The best I've seen together of this car.


My ultimate supreme dream car.


Fucking beautiful. I hope all cars look like this in the coming years.


Very beautiful, but if I'm payin 1.5 MILLION for a car, the damn thing better NOT have a leather strap for a door handle.


Can you post some of this photos as a wallpapers?


Can you say BOSS


God I love this car. Definitely one of the coolest cars that has come around as of late and worthy of being in one's 'dream' car port.


In profile it looks like it wants to munch salad with its enlarged rodent grille.


that color doesnt show well in pictures, would of looked better in gloss black.......and the headlights look faded/yellowed in some of the shots.....1.5M wow,


Gorgeous. I want one!


the interior doesnt do it for me


Len, you don't think it's worth mentioning the fact that "the most powerful N/A engine in the world" is build by Cosworth?


Fantastic piece, Len - really glad to see this on here, and great way to showcase it. Top marks.


Can't say I'm surprised that the SH audience doesn't like it though. Maybe if they sticker bombed it, fitted a 747 wing on the back and some Works then it would be cool??


Good lord. That is ridiculously good looking. I would probably take the DBS for pure aesthetics, but 750 N/A horses! That's nuts!


And the 'ugliest car of the year' award goes to...


speaking of 747 wings on the back: dbs db7 & db9 are goodlooking cars, but this thing does indeed look like a bad-taste tuner job, with fancy LED headlights and goofy strakes and scoops all over it... each to their own tho. but Rich does have a point. if i had that kind of money to spend on a motor, why buy something which, no matter how exotic, is nonetheless generic? when - for example - i could have a Rauh Welt custom job designed personally for (and with) me by a genius? (and, while sadly i will probably never know how much Nakai-san charges for a customer build, i imagine that there would be a solid amount of change from $1.5m.)


Looks great, no doubt about that, but for 1.5 million USD I expect more. For this kind of cash I would rather have a Zonda Cinque Roadster and a Ferrari 599 GTO plus change, and this is coming from someone who loves everythin Aston.


Another great advert!

The interior looks fit for the current Fast n Furious generation.


sorry but this car is bad in every way, its more expensive than a Veyron, its way to heavy and for this price, as allready mentioned by someone, you should get a cf body... i wonder who will buy it, if you wanna go fast youll get a veyron, if you wanna race seriously you will get a gumpert.

and it doesnt not look good at all, sorry the dbs was way better.