Builds>> Team Nfs D-mac Ae86 – Pt.iii

Welcome to the third update of the Need for Speed D-Mac 86. I have to say looking at these pictures I'm starting to get excited about this car, it's shaping up to be something really special. It's hard to get your head around the placement of the Owen Developments GT3582HTA turbo in this pic so let's take a look at the next image.

Now it makes sense … well kind of. The turbo is mounted differently to the norm. We have turned it 90 degrees and the exhaust now runs down the side it should on an AE86. The reason we had to do this is because of how far back the engine is mounted and being RHD everything is on the right side namely the pedals and steering column and the 60mm screamer pipe. No room left for the exhaust on that side. The Turbo we are using is pretty special, it's an Owen Developments Motorsport GT3582HTA turbo with motorsport bearing and billet internal stainless heatshield and ported shroud compressor cover!

Here we can see just how far back we have pushed the engine. Also you can see the Tial 60mm External wastegate also Supplied by Owen Developments. Big thanks to the guys at Owen for their help !

This looks awesome if I do say so myself (apart from the mess). We just don't have time to tidy up the workshop at the moment but I'm happy with the progress we are making, a lot of the major hurdles are now behind us.

Here you can see how we mounted the steering rack. The rack was made removable so you can take the engine out, as the engine mounts are solid to the chassis. The bolts in the tube joiners are only temporary. The tube with the two holes is the beginning of our oil cooler mount. Also you can see the rack spacers that we machined to give us extra travel and the block spacers that offset our inner tie rods and the half tube welded into the towers to give clearance. All this is visible in the next image down also.

Our new steering knuckles are now in their final position and eagle eyed viewers will notice the brake caliper has been moved to the rear of the disc to allow our knuckles to be mounted. I was going to machine new caliper brackets to do this but then I got the brainwave to just swap the drivers side and passenger side struts … job done !

This is the new path for our 90mm exhaust. The exhaust is now completely finished except for the tailpipe which will be made once all our aero is fitted. Big thanks to Martelius Exhausts in Finland for supplying all the parts we needed.

Here you can see that the original pedal assembly remains untouched and our new bulkhead is now finished. You can also just see the corner of the swagged aluminium passengers footrest.

This carefully placed window is now where you replace the oil filter along with other things like TPS adjustment.

Passenger footrest removed, you can see the completed bulkhead, transmission tunnel and exhaust tunnel. The transmission tunnel has been slightly widened because of how far back the gearbox now is. The Supra R154 transmission is in place, complete with custom RX7 bellhousing adapter which allows the RX7 bellhousing to be bolted on complete and retain the RX7 Slave cylinder and clutch fork along with flywheel, pressure plate and starter motor. The great design of the Carbonetic twin plate clutch allows us to just replace the clutch centre hub to suit an R154 Supra Input shaft. The Supra gearbox is not very long so the new gearlever position suits our slightly further back driving position

This is our new gearlever position, seat position and our mock up ASD Hydraulic e-brake. Aren't these the sexiest e-brakes ever!? We will be using a slightly longer handle on the finished car which is being machined in ASD North Carolina as we speak.

One of my favourite parts is the rear mounted radiator which is now finished and mounted, along with the in-car piping. Also the Alu sheet you can see is the mock up for the cover of the fuel cell.

This is a sexy piece!

It is so nice to see all these ideas that have been in my head coming together.

Speaking of coming together, the rear FRP shell is now mountable and so is the tailgate. The tailgate will be held in place by two tubes extending up from the chassis and mounted to our GT wing mounts. So all downforce created will be transmitted to the chassis and to the tires rather than just flexing the tailgate. The GT Wing mounts should be finished in the next update.

Okay, so that's it for now. Who knows how much we will have done next time Paddy calls but I'm hoping to get the chassis painted as soon as I can so we can begin the final assembly. I can't wait to get this thing out on track !
All comments welcome and I hope you guys like my brainchild.
Stay tuned to Speedhunters for further updates and wishing you all a happy new year !





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cant wait to see it on the track too!!! simply amazing!!


Gr8 right up again Darren. Cnt w8 2 see this goin around Mondello :D


I love you Darren!


HOLY CRAP... this might be the most extreme ive ever seen.


This is going to be one crazy little car.


This is the sex, fav motoer in fav shell. beeautiful man!


13b in a AE86?? mad mike eat your heart out!


Can't wait to see it sideways


Fantastic piece of engineering guys!!! Keep up the good work.


Nice to see new project of Team NFS ;P

Seems like is going to be out a monster AE86.


this thing is nuts. cant wait to see it come along even more


this thing is going to be something SERIOUS. wow


Can't wait for final assembly. So many great ideas.


This is gonna be one bad ass 86'


amazing work well done!!!!keep building!!!


am I the only one that thinks the work looks sloppy and haphazardly?

Im sure its just from test fitting and whatnot though... but still,


OMG thats gooooood work!!!! Keep building guyz!!!


crazy build, cant wait for more


Where'd the corolla go?


Keep it going, dude. The car is going to become a real monster on the track. It's AWESOME!!!


Wow! looks awsome! That can really shape up to be something special.


i really like the in-car rad could be use in revers to heat the car too in cold weather


Hell yeah!!. Martelius Exhaust, Markus hooked you up!!


Some dam sexy ideas in that car. Is there going to be space for an inlet to the turbo once the wheel tubs are in?


looks too over the top sometimes simplicity is is MORE.


wow!the amount of work that has gone into the car already is truly amazing.

ive seen a similar turbo set up on a subaru drag car


still not sure how effective that roof intake will be, but really hope it works.

underbonnet temps will be insane with the exhaust like that wouldnt it??

ohh moan moan moan. i love the car, i really enjoy watching you drift and cant wait to see this one tearing it up mate, good on ya


hi i like this photos and i want to ask do of this deckstop wallpapers


this car has to do a few events here in ireland....... awesome


why are only extremely positie comments allowed through?

cant point out poor quality work here on this site? Only fluffers allowed?


This hachi will be epic.

I just hope the paint job is subtle and no flashy decals


its nice to know that history is being made an hours drive away:)


are you going to leave the engines water pump to flow the coolant or add a electric inline is awesome by the of art..


good stuff!!


I.m not a fan of drifting but i can see this car being a killa at time attact, berg-cup and maybe some other events. Great build some excellent idea's.


Awesome awesome awesom


thanks for all the comments guys both good and bad

inevitably some people arnt going to like it but dont speak too soon and wait until its finished before you say you dont like it

i think its going to look amazing when finished


I'm Drooling right's so juicy


Awesome work! Keep us informed!!


so Darren i got to know are you crazy like me and want to put a rotary in every thing ( i mean id put a 20b in a ferrari 308 or 13b in a arial atom or a turbo 2 motor in a vw golf or a........ i could go on forever) or do you like the motor and love the car ( obviously) and decided to put them together but eather way i love the car so far and think your awsome and i wish you all the luck with it


Some great progress guys! very eager to see how this turns out especially with the rear mounted rad. Keep up the great work!


Really scandinavish build...


That really is some terrible welding, and some sloppy ass work. Terrible execution by the fab department on this one.


great build top quality work hav 1 question though wont the position change of your front caliper upset the handling of the car under braking


Yea baby!!!!!

Lovely to see some original builds.


Steel radiator tubing? Why? Soooooooo much heavier than aluminum when you run it all the way to the back of the car.


This Car is be 2 Crazy.... Cant wait to see the finished product


this is going against alot of logic for sure but i am excited to see it run and how it will perform. I know dmac is used to small twitchy cars and this is gonna be the twitchiest ever. keep it going


love the idea bout a rotary in a hachiroku! just cant wait to c how it works!!!