Watch my part two of my final fight at Irwindale Speedway where I become the 2010 Formula Drift Champion! What a year this has been for me and my amazing team. Our hard work, dedication, and passion truly paid off and I cannot wait till Long Beach!

– Vaughn Gittin Jr.



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I'm already vomiting VGjr..... damn I hate shameless advertising


The fisheye lens where he talks about not caring was pissing me off.


Yet, you still watched the video and felt the need to post something negative. Gotta love the internet.....


I liked it, some guys might not like JR for whatever reason but you can't argue with his dedication and mentality - there are many guys in FD with just as massively developed cars, JR took the championship instead of those guys for a reason. If your gunna invest in yourself to run in FD, you don't just do it to rock up and get knocked out immediately, you do it because you want to win, it's a championship after all. There's casual drift days for the rest. That advertising is how the real world works, and JR must make his sponsors happy. It's awesome to see JR bring it home!

The end of run throttle plant spin at 2 mins 10 made me smile, must have been an awesome feeling at the time.


No disrespect to Gitten Jr but... The battle between Frederic Aasbo and Jr was close and I honestly think there should have been one more round at least. Aasbo was tearing it up out there in his no boost controlled junkyard engine which was sitting for the past 5 years or so. I honestly think the judging is crap and fixed. Maybe sponsors have a lot to deal with the judging outcome?... I was there in person and didn't see the justification of the outcome. Not saying Jr shouldn't have won but at least a third round!