I was aimlessly stumbling around the vast highways of the interwebs earlier when I came across this video of the HKS GT-R GT800 on the HKS Europe website. It was only a few seconds into the video I noticed that someone had created closed captioned subtitles for the video, translating from the original Japanese to English. Enquiring with Masaya of HKS Europe, the video is the second of two videos that HKS Europe have subtitled to allow those of us who are unable to speak Japanese to still enjoy these videos. It’s a great initiative by the HKS Europe team and I’ve been told it’s only the beginning. Be sure to have CC switched on in the Youtube video frame to get the subtitles on screen.

Paddy McGrath

HKS Europe Media Section



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Very awesome video on the research and development from HKS!!


One second seems a bit unimpressive for the amount of new shit you have to buy imo.


Paddy, could you provide the translation for the video?



Hi Alex, you can view the subtitles by clicking on the arrow in the YouTube video frame, then clicking the CC button. Hope that helps ! - Paddy


great video! it really shows how much work and knowledge are required once you're into the higher hp ranges to get the most out of a given build.


fklsdnv vkdsoutopeslv , WTF?


It's good to see our video getting some attention. Thanks Paddy!

btw, the other video which currently has subtitles is available on the link below, It shows racing driver Nobuteru Taniguchi talking about his impression of the GT600 and GT800 GT-Rs.


We hope to have more videos with subtitles up online for you soon.