It’s now November 25th and the full version of Rhys Millen hauling all sorts of Hyundai rear-end up the side of Serra Do Rio Do Rastro in Santa Catarina, Brazil, has been released. Check it out!




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This i respect a lot, unlike other similar videos, there are no 'other' black lines ahead of the car indicating previous runs/practice.


Sick driving !


those "other" black lines you refer to in tanners video are actually mine. they had me test the course before hand, in my stock miata....its cool, common misconception



So Tanner Foust (Rockstar Energy) has Mulholland. and now Rhys Millen (RedBull Energy) has Serra do Rio do Rastro. I think it's time for Von Gittin JR (Monster Energy) to claim Japans Irohazaka!! Now that would be? a sight to? see


Good morning ... The experience overall made in the Serra do Rio do Rastro, very good, the town where I live is a few km of the mountain, she's beautiful ... Staff is to be congratulated! Santa Catarina represented worldwide by Drifitt!

Sorry for the written ruling. I do not have much contact with the English language!

Luan Macedo Tonon.

Lages SC.


+1 to what michael said. and i'm amazed with all that power and smoke that his tires lasted the whole run.


impressive driving..exceptionnally well made video


ri DONK ulous

gotta watch in HD


Much respect to his driving skill. Am I the only one though who is getting sick of drifting though? There was a much faster way up that hill.


That has got to be one of the sweetest peices of car control I have ever seen.



Freakin sick. Mad jealous.


Wow... At first it looked like he was taking it easy (not that I wouldn't in such an expensive machine with cameras rolling) but when you see the in car footage, you can respect how well he's making the car run on such a difficult course.


very nice vid, beautiful scenery.

I like the guitar, i changes from electro beats we hear all the time in drift vids.

I can hear that the engine very well tuned and has almost no inertia but somehow the exhaust sound isn't right, for my taste anyway.

I also wonder : They say a set of tire last two passes in FD, so I guess they change to a harder compound that lasted the all climb..

I like the two spokes steering wheel too, it changes from the usual three ones.


I live about an hour away from that road, and all my friends say it's one of the toughest roads to climb in brazil. Great driving, great video


Wow, I didn´t dare doing that on those small brasilian roads.


Outstanding driving and car video, no overbearing music, no special effects, to the point.


cool video but i was a bit underwhelmed.


That was awesome and i liked the foot work.

Now DA needs to come up with something!!!!!!! May I sudgest Deals gap.


I have a feeling he had no fun while doing this, I just imagine him thinking "please dont spin out because if I do then I have to stay in this stupid country another 10 mins and I wont get paid as much"


Someone should drift Davos-Stelvio!!! XD


Always admired Rhys since the beginning...the dude has crazy skills, ofc being a sick rally driver helps lol

But as far as background, experience, skill, etc



Cara,Espetacular! sem palavras para descrever a perfeição desde piloto.

Esse é um sonho que ainda vou realizar!


meh it was ok, lots of e brake, the car looks like it skating most of the time, they must of been running a "no grip" set up, the car just doesn't sound cool eiter. I just didn't feel pumped after...


sorry, Time Attack? he drifted that course. I dont see have he can set a hillclimb record drifting.

Enjoyed the video nontheless.


I like this video more then the rockstar one.


cool drifting but i wish he would have set a real record.