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The minivan is to car enthusiasts what kryptonite is to Superman; a soul crushing, people hauling, unexciting excuse for an automobile. Every man dreads the day that they have to park one in their driveway. But the practicality of a large box on wheels can’t be argued and hence is the reason there are so many on the road. It’s just such a shame that they aren’t more fun to drive.

As with all things cool, the Japanese have yet again beat us to the punch and found a formula that makes their minivans look and drive much sportier than our American flavors. Take the 2000-era Honda Odyssey, which came with a 200hp i-VTEC K24A4 engine. In stock form, the JDM Odyssey is a sleek and stylish van that I wouldn’t hesitate putting in my garage.

Now imagine if someone told you they were going to convert their baby hauler into a time attack machine. Loud obnoxious laughing would usually ensue. One man has taken it seriously though and his name is Takero-san, the owner of this insanely awesome and legitimate circuit ready Honda Odyssey.

There’s not much left in terms of creature comforts (or bench seats) inside the Odyssey, it’s been stripped bare minus one of the stock rear seats which I only assume is used for ride alongs.

You wouldn’t normally find a Pivot tachometer with shiftlight and a Blitz SBC boost controller mounted on the dash of a minivan but it’s all in the name of fast lap times.

The engine bay is equally as impressive as the exterior with an HKS GT2530 turbocharger and intercooler aiding in power delivery.

But wait, what’s that lurking in between the two front seats? A funny bottle of some sorts possibly filled with some go-fast gas. With the turbo churning out a healthy 7psi and the nitrous adding another 70hp the engine turns out a respectable output of 330hp.

The aero kit on this van is all custom one-off parts that Takero-san built himself including the gorgeous rear carbon diffuser.

Even though the graphics package is very fitting for the van, I can’t help but wonder what it would look like sans decals. Perhaps, a street version of this vehicle exists?

With Takero-san behind the wheel of the Odyssey, it has turned many respectable 1:10sec lap times at Tsukuba, which when you consider the vehicle is quite a feat indeed!

- Peter Tarach

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Well this is something different to say the least lol. I mean Honda has a great lineup of cars witch are great stock and to tune. But I never realy concidered the Odyssey. Haha this goes down the the renaul supervan and the Ford Transit van as one of the most badass minivans ever lol. I'd take kiddies to soccer practice in that anyday ahahaha


awesome, i'm more a toyota vw fan but the odyssey.....goodammit


I love the picture of it getting chased by a Mark IV Supra!


What seats are those?

Awesome car indeed!


my japanese friend told me that tuned minivans are pretty popular in japan. love this feature!


Hmm, mayabe my 07 Ody' with the 3.5L V6 can be my track machine when the kids move out in 15 years. haha


Derrick: Taking kids to soccer practice with only one passenger-(bucket)seat? :D


please tell me it's got an AWD gear box... cause it that thing is FWD...


whoa; 1:10 in THAT? that is fast for a van!!


any videos of this little monster


It's missing a cage though...


God the Japanese are mad, that's why I love them. I love the Vanning scene, but i'd never expect a Time Attack car! The build quality looks superb. :D


what a good legend, hope he does some more mods and pulls out some really amazing lap times... im sure he could put some cars to shame...


"As with all things cool, the Japanese have yet again beat us",

well, in term of excitement I think this Odissey is beaten by Renault's Espace F1...


"As with all things cool, the Japanese have yet again beat us",

well, in term of excitement I think this Odissey is beaten by Renault's Espace F1...

but one can't compare a "works" car to with a private build.

does the Odissey still have an AT??


any info on the brakes and suspension setup?


1:10 !!!?!?

Faster than a good number of privateer silvias and rx7's.

That's insane in the best way.


low numbers for so much money invested


1:10 on Tsukuba... that's as fast as a 2010 Camaro SS.


For that aggressive of a style of fenders, they are NOT wide enough. He probably only gained an inch or two of track. Fail. I'd rather stick with stock fenders or go all the way.


Takeros is Purely wagon specialist

only wagon. hench all their modded car is wagon

superb nice


what a perfectly nice lugger.. we don't get these in the UK although i have seen a few flying around. this one looks very well turned out - sweet pipework under the bonnet! and momo buckets!


Cool van, body is awsome, engine is awsome. interior... seats... Very good! I love this car=)


well, my co workers at the honda dealer will like this :D


Hi Wil,

these are MOMO seats.


I'm sorry, I don't see the point of this car. If he had dedicated the same amount of time and money into a proper car, he'd be able to go around Tsukuba in a time much less than 1:10. You can't even argue that it is a minivan when there's two racing buckets up front and one seat in the second row. The only thing it has in common with a minivan now is the long wheelbase and the shape of the exterior sheet metal. To me, this is just someone who chose the wrong chassis.


Is that minivan still equipped with an automatic transmission?


wow! i've always loved the Odyssey's, they look more like a wagon than a van/suv.

aren't they based on the Accord platform? so surely the V6 would fit?

just a pity they're all automatic (including this one) which i guess makes the lap time even more impressive!


Yes the van still has a AT, which makes the times even more impressive.

The point of this car is to be different and innovate. Sure he could have built an EVO and went faster but thats been done a million times. Ask Chris Rado why he built a Scion instead of an EVO? You'll probably get the same response you would from Takero-san.

It's all a matter of preference and you can't knock the man for trying something different.


sorry gents....BUT I GOTTA SAY IT!.....

ring time?


When I found out I was heading to Japan for Tokyo Auto Salon, Rod mentioned that I needed to spend some