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With everyone convinced that the future of the car magazine is set to move entirely online, viewable on iPads or smartphones, it's great to see that paper has no intention of giving up. This month a new magazine has hit the bookstands in Japan, aimed at classic car aficionados and general car enthusiasts that appreciate vintage machinery.

The name is Kyushajin, directly translated as "Classic Car People," and for at least its first year in print it will be sold as a "mook," a kind of book with a similar layout of a magazine. They are planning on doing four volumes per year.  

Each number will be dedicated to a specific car, with Vol.1 starting off with the Skyline. A big emphasis of this publication is on the quality of the photography and a quick flick through its thick, glossy, beautifully printed pages reveals some nicely shot cars like this 2-door Hakosuka GT-R. 

On top of a ton of feature cars, there is a look back at the racing history of the Skyline and GT-R, a nice technical section looking at some popular engine tuning configurations…

…and some other interesting upgrades. One of the most interesting stories is how someone has found a perfectly preserved 2000 GT-R, chassis number KPGC10-000011, tucked away in a barn. If you spot it at your local Japanese magazine import shop pick one up, or since Kyushajin is published by San-ei Shobo, the same people that give us Option, Rev Speed, Drift Tengoku and G-Works every month, you may be able to order it via their overseas shipping section.


San-ei Shobo

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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im glad theyre still doing this

looks mad cool


uhhh.......hmmm.........i dont understand Japanese tho...


Wow! Really wish we had stuff like this here in the U.S. I'm also glad to see that the internet has not killed of great work like this. Thanks for sharing Dino.


looks really neat! Taking a look at the engine configuration page there, i'm wondering why anyone would choose to make a 2.2L L28?


This looks incredible, wish I'd grabbed a copy before I left Japan.


wish i could read japanese :/ i would love to pick this up


Cant find it on Yesasia, nor can I find the ISBN : (


I wish i could read japanese.


argh i want one


Blueslug, I reckon thats a big typo. 90mm pistons and 83mm stroke LD28 crank would give 3,167cc (original is 2753cc, 86mm bore x 79mm stroke).


glad i got a copy!


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