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What a long day it's been. I left my house in LA this morning at 430am, bound for day one of the 2010 SEMA Show. After a slight delay, (thanks Nevada Highway Patrol!), I arrived at the Las Vegas Convention Center just in time to pick up my badge and head to the Ford booth, where Vaughn Gittin Jr. would be debuting the RTR-X Mustang.

I arrived to find the car covered and being watched by heavily armed guards. OK, there were no armed guards but there was a cover.

As go-time drew nearer, quite a crowd had assembled to get the first glimpse of the car.

Vaughn looked like a busy, but satisfied man as he awaited the moment when the cover would come off his baby. Here he is chatting it up with the Twins Turbo fellows.

Finally, the wait has come to an end. Vanessa and Miki take their positions to remove the cover.

Vaughn tells the crowd a little bit about the project. Can you feel the excitement?

Ladies, if you will.

Out she comes.

With the car fully revealed, you could tell from the crowd's reaction that this is much more than just another "SEMA car".

I took this shot seconds before the whole crowd moves in for a closer look.

I've taken hundreds of photos of this car as it was being put together, and I still can't get over how crazy this thing is.

A group shot of all the guys that worked night and day to get this car done. It's been an awesome experience for me to watch the RTR-X come together, and I have a newfound appreciation for the work that goes in to something like this.

But the best thing is that the RTR-X story does not end at SEMA. In fact, the story has hardly even begun. I get so giddy thinking about all the plans Vaughn and company have in store for this wild machine.

I'll be back soon with more from SEMA.

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-Mike Garrett



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every one who worked on the car was there except me :)


So does it drive under its own power or is it a "roll-on" as you had predicted? My curiosity is piqued. And BTW, it looks far better in these more casual pictures than it did in the desktop that was posted earlier. Except for that last wide-angle lens shot, That just looks stupid haha.


im curious about the interior.... howd that turn out?


Can't wait to see this thing burning rubber sidways!


everything is perfect but dam fail on dat green headlights... sorry


what the hell is that paintjob i dont even

do not want


Rad. I'm feelin this. And I'm normally not feelin muscle cars.


i thought the center wheel color is black and i dont feel also the green headlights :|


over stickered windshield imho. and i thought the green wheels are going to be slightly darker. overall still an awesome car.


perfect in every detail. Always people around the car at the show. Good balance of drift and retro design.



Nice job!


I been waiting for this

I don't like muscles (ford muscles) but,,,



damn my dad worked hard and long hours to get 8 wheels and all the suspension done for this car. how bout giving him a lil shout out man?????


Well Done JR, That was Excellent Machine you created!


will he drift it in fd?


Looks fantastic, like a new Trans-Am racer.


anyone else want this car on their desktop???


badass! words cannot explain how I feel about this car




Pretty cool. Im not really a fan of the color scheme though, looks kind of childish, although overall it looks mean as hell. I want to see it in action.


No under hood shots? Looks mean as balls from the outside. Need to see finished interior and engine bay pleaseeeee


I still prefer the black and gold scheme but slime green is what the cool kids are doing these days ;) Love it regardless, and I don't like mustangs. Stance is meaty, flares are perfect, wheels are perfect........ ITB's!!!! I think I just had my first stangboner.


car is nice not feeling the paint job though


interior ? should list everyones name that help out on this project


Epic! I'm loving it! Can't wait to see some pics of it in action and under some natural light.


This is awesome in the flesh. One of the cars for the show for me, and easily the best on the Ford stand. The crowd around the car when it was launched was 5-6 deep. I didn't see that anywhere else today.

Great job guys. Pleasure speaking with you


looks awesome!!Hope it goes as fast as it looks.


imho this car is sooo not worthy of all the attention you're giving it. majkemi


Nice work. Car Porn overload. Wasn't the green fog lamps on the original concept drawings? Can't remember anyone complaining then LOL

Anyone who thinks this looks like a Camaro needs glasses. The front end hasn't really changed, other than headlamp covers...

Well done. a real trend-changer IMHO


ray = hater


looks too generic


I just want to see him running


Dam those rims look good under those guards


The green on the hood blows. Everything else is amazing.


did he just say "Just another sema show" ahhh i wish i had your life. car looks great haters gon' hate


I think we need action!!! RIGHT NOW!!!


Immediately after the debut of the RTR-X yesterday, I set off to begin my coverage of the 2010 SEMA show - armed with my camera and my most comfortable walking shoes. By the time the day had come to a close, I'd only managed to hit one hall of the


Love the car.

Nice fail on the 'group' shot.... can't even see the car lol


I like the Blonde.


haters are just jealous. great job guys, looks good!


So is this a concept car or just a restored one?


car looks incredible... is it just me or is it grey

though it was supposed to be black

looks very nice either way

still ..eager to see an up close look at the final product thing inside and out


"FU2" your just a hater with no taste,,.

by the way, does anyone know what size those works are?


looks wicked in the flesh.. esoecially after all those teasers..


The car looks incredible! The wheels look allot lighter in color in these pics probably due to the lighting and flashing of the cameras. i personally saw these wheels at liquid powder coats and these pics dont do it any justice. The lime green barrels that you see are actually a 2 stage candy color that resembles the green on a monster energy can and depending on the light source it can go from a nice candy green to as bright as what you see on these pics. the faces i have not seen a decent shot of it yet those faces were done in a dark green color and martin threw some clear coated flake over it that flip flops from a nice metallic green to the lime green color on the barrels its pretty sick when you walk around it and see it change colors in front of your eyes.


surprised in my pants : x


This is how the next generation of mustangs should look like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


NO WAY ITS GONNA BE DRIFTED unless he build a one more same one as this for weekend cruising )


That is such a beautiful machine. I especitally love the rear end with the way the tail sits. Everything just seems to flow together naturally. I can't stop starring at this thing! And those who hate the car just because of the color have a bit of growing up to do.


ifollowed this build since it was just a drawing, im a mustang fanatic from my 93 fox to the ford V8 tattooed on my shifting arm and i must say this is the sickest stang I've ever layed eyes on i am inreckably in love i'd give ne thing to drift that just once awsome job to the builders of this masterpiece in motion


Fucking nice


jeez what a let down


boostang = Thinks he's the hater police