Gallery>> Need For Speed On Tour Sydney Pt.ii

Continuing on from the previous post, here's more of the cars that were on show at Need for Speed On Tour Sydney.

Motive's Andrew Hawkins and host Annette Melton in front of Jason's hard-tuned S15.

And here's the latest incarnation of their JET-200 S14.

Nico's flame-spitting Lambo Gallardo.

Lamborghini Australia kindly lent us a Murcielago LP640.

Vipers are seldomly seen on Sydney's streets.

This is one tough wide-body 180SX, featuring an RB26 and high-mount turbo. Expect a feature on this car in the future.

Awesome VIP Lexus rubbing shoulders with its fellow brethren.

Here's a closer look at it.

Regamasters always look good on Hondas.

It seems every time I see Shane's Toyota Supra it has a different set of wheels. Currently it's on a set of 19×10.5 black TE37s.

Hankook Australia's carbon-bodied WRX, which is currently in its testing phase, was wheeled out for one of its first public viewings.

Check out this Lamborghini Murcielago with over AUD$100k in modifications, including the Veilside Premier 4509 kit (one of 300 produced).

Sydney has a strong EVO following which churn out some pretty potent street cars.

Many of them are built for weekend bouts at Sydney's Eastern Creek and Wakefield race tracks.

BEL Garage showed off their blue S14, which is making the transition from street to dedicated track car.

William Ng's AE86 Levin, which will soon go under the knife for an F20C transplant.

Twin Championship White DC2Rs, one with a K-series swap and the other with a B18C and ITBs.

Auto Technik's tidy SLK on iForged rims.  

Haltech have imported a Hyundai Genesis for R&D purposes. It still had a Detroit numberplate on the rear and they added the satin black and Advan wheels the morning of the event!

Ex V8 Supercar driver Jose Fernandez had this track R33 GT-R on display.

Aaron King brought along his candy red FD RX-7.

I love the FD's timeless lines especially when it's wide-body with a diffuser.

Designer Justin Fox, who founded the JDM Style Tuning community, brought along his hardcore R32 GT-R. He's taken a few of its more serious mods off so that it was more street friendly…

…Although some things like the 6-piston front and 4-piston rear AP Racing brakes have remained on the car.

Sorry I couldn't help myself from including another pic of Derek Pham's R34!

Alfonso's TA22 Celica is still a favorite of ours. It's worth mentioning that the paint isn't mis-matched: Fonz has fitted carbon doors to his Celica. 

Top One brought along a customer's R35 featuring Advan rims and titanium exhaust.

Well executed street S15 with Vertex Ridge kit and TE37SLs.

After the car show wrapped up it was time for Big Boi to perform on stage.

Here he arrives backstage in a Gallardo.

Need for Speed On Tour was a great event for me personally; it was almost like a good bye to a huge group of friends before I embark on my adventures with EA over in Vancouver. With 80 cars taking part it was impossible to have photos of every car that took part, but I hope it was an enjoyable event for all!

- Charles Kha

Photos by Mark Pakula, Joseph H ui, Michael Papandrea

Click here for Part I.



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whats that hose thingy sticking out if that celica for?


What A great event charles and as always its always a great pleasure working with you.

Hopefully when we go SEMA 2011 we can catch up with you in the states if your not to busy in canada,

chat soon and thanks for bringing together a great event and awesome cars.

Tarik Aly


Man, I am REALLY feelin that rad TA22. Looks so mean!!!


Great pics from Joseph. That guys has skillzz :D


"whats that hose thingy sticking out if that celica for?"

Oil cooler line.


One of the last things on my agenda before I set off for Vancouver was to work with EA's Australia


features on the supra, track r33 and the r32? please


Is that Viper a RHD? Can't see the steering wheel where it's suppossed to be!


ta22= pure porn


the VIP lexus is awesome.

the black Supra is awesome.

the white s15 is awesome.

the celica with carbon doors is awesome.

Everyting else is what you would expect them to be, pretty and shining and looking real good.


Awesome! I love the JET-200 S14, want more info and pics. So sad that we do not have a Car Show like this in Germany, only for the JDM-style Cars...


can you try to get a feature on the JET-200 S14.5?


Great write up Charles. Thanks again for a great night. Had an awesome time meeting bigboi, promo chicks and checking out all the awesome cars!


Oil lines for the oil cooler mounted on the front bumper


Oil cooler external


Hi Charles, i was just wondering if there are any jobs for photography at the moment or any vacancies? thank you


@Nikhil - They're for the oil cooler :)


I got sprung!!!

Great show and finally got some speedhunters stickers to put on the Motive S13 and S14



Those are braided hose for the oil cooler (they've got oil in them), like the old school Hakosuka.

The thing is, get into a fender bender, and say bye to your precious engine.


NIKHIL> Its The braided lines for the oil cooler, basically a 70s Japanese race car inspired placement. Fonz has alos installed carbon bonnet and boot ;) one of the most dedicated people in the car scene!

He drove from Sydney to Brisbane over night, attended a classic jap car show then drove back!


that looks like a place i want to be..


White S15 = win


Excellent job picking the cars and arranging them. I really like the variety and overall layout. Thanks for sharing. Well done, sir.


These Australian cars are GORGEOUS. Seems the scene there is changing too or is it really? You know, all the chrome wheels and chrome plating that used to be on everything.


Celica's front is an Oil cooler, and the Viper is RHD imported by Autostyles.

And here's a few more photos from me:



Who owns that R35?

There is a China Nissan brand badge on the ass of that white R35.


I've got a few more shots of the Celica ta22 in high res:

and the viper is indeed RHD,

But once again amazing show, thanks for the photo feature Charles. =)



mmm , well i gotta be honest. U kind of did a good writeup, but the pictures are not that pleasing, i mean some of the shots here are really bad. i couldnt really appreciate some of the cars from the shots

sorry man, thats what i though, im not hating , just telling u so u can improve as a speedhunter


I saw this thread and "I jizzed in my pants!"



i love the vertex s15. best bodykit ever


Very well executed event, nice selection of cars on display too!

Hopefully we see more events like this from Sydney!


In the background, you can see the Volvo Redbull Truck. Those are Chevy 350 powered MONSTERS. They're a really neat story if you care to look em up. I have a friend who uses them in Canada here, and I got to drive it on the beach. Lots of power, lots of fun!


Yeah! Cool RX7 and GTR R34 =)


Love the Veilside kit on the S15. Mad looks with that kit and those concave TE's. JDM Beauty.


I've seen Justin Fox's BNR32 in the web before and it's definitely one of the best road going R32s in the world, in both looks and spec. Amazing machine. The TA22 and Supra look great as well.


The black Supra with 19" TE37 is HHHOOOOTT!!


good to see the australian style is getting better and better :)

and if you haven't done a feature on Shanes JZA80 then you should! Best A80 in the country IMO


that jet s14 is how there supposed to look , not hellaflush.


ooh my god, first pic desktop?