Event>>the Vip Festival, Pt.2

Ready for some more photos of sweet looking VIP cars basking in California sun?

I sure hope so, because here's the second part of my look at Autofashion USA's VIP Festival.

A super clean stock body, a blingin' set of Work Schwert Wheels, and copious amounts of lowering. It's a recipe that can't fail.

The same goes for Junction Produce parts. As far as the VIP world goes, the stuff is timeless.

Yes, I know it's not VIP. But the radical stance on this STI certainly makes it worth a post.

I'll always have a soft spot for the Honda Fit after owning one when I lived in Japan. Whether you're building for the circuit, or just a cool street cruiser like this – it's a fantastic platform.

Welcome to Slamville. Population: this Lexus IS.

The Honda Odyssey that Linhbergh spent some quality time with. Can't wait to see the feature.

Toyota Yaris on widened steelies. It's orange paint certainly stuck out.

One of the best VIP platforms ever to be sold in the United States – the F50 Infiniti Q45.

Not that there's anything at all wrong with the previous generation Y33 model…

Here's another one of those great mild VIP cars, a black on black UCF30 Lexus LS430.

One more slammed LS430 – such a perfect sled.

Can't forget the SUV's either. This Lexus RX is certainly fitting in this month's theme.

Another angle of the slammed 5-Series that I posted in yesterday's coverage.

I really liked the looks of this mild G35 Sedan. Another one of those perfect daily drivers…

Here's one more of those non-VIP cars that I couldn't resist posting here.

USDM models can't be left out either. Have a look at the rear fitment on this Acura TL!

Great looking Acura TSX on SSR's. The red paint pops so much.

Not sure about it's VIP cred, but a cool tC nonetheless.

I'll wrap up with this simple and effective M45.

Back with more VIP Festival soon, but for now I've got to ready my gear for Super Lap Battle.

-Mike Garrett



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what wheels are on the lexus rx~?


nice pics and coverage of AF's VIP Fest! Thanks Mike Garrett and Speed Hunters for taking a pic of my tC.


Great cars! That Yaris (though Chav-ish) still caught my eye. Totally digging the widened steelies. Oh, and that Hellaflush STI looked clean as hell! Pretty sure it was featured on Fatlace a while back. Very promising month seeing great posts like this early off. Cheers!


The rx wheels look like leon hardiritt waffes..... but slightly different


This post started so well! Then back to Hondas and FWD Toyotas. More than half is dominated by non VIP cars. Not cool.


Pictures are great as always!! thank you! :)


Sorry, not a big JDM guy, but what is the 5th to last car? It looks REALLY nice.


any photos of IS300s??


way to ruin the sti! If your going to buy an sti dont make it hellaflush , take it to the track and get a hellarush.


Thanks for the awesome pics guys, always top notch. I don't know about that pic of the SUV, thats godawful looking, nowhere near VIP (except in the hood), and just plain fits in here like a banana at a barbecue.

Now, that F50 Infinity....any way to get desktop on that? The reflections on the hood are amazing.


Great pics! Thanks Mike!


Feature on the RX! That's a new platform in the VIP scene...


Does anyone know what that goldish coupe is behind the orange yaris?


the m45 at the end is a beauty =] simple and effective fasho more coverage of this car plz!!!!!!!



Definitely a Lexus SC300/400


@Nocal: the cars are great though no? Some cars such as that Supra on Enkei RPF1s, he has gold spacers with gold lug nuts to match, pretty dope stuff. Seriously cool.................................dude.


I retract my previous statement, mild VIP is actually quite appealing, but the full on stupid camber is still right up there with the whole HellaUseless movement for idiocy.


first this Lexus IS is perfect - colour, stance, rims and very clean..


G35 Sedan=wicked car, the Yaris is a bit Billy-boy-Racer-ish - but still is attention grabbing! also love the Acura TSX with its classic SSR's.. - nice post!


Holy crap that Yaris was sick XP. The widened steelies looked wicked, but I'd personally have gotten rid of that pattern on the bumper. :)


oh shit that mk3 supra looks mean with those rpf1s. Please give this car more recognition, you didnt even say what it was like wtf? do you not know? please post a mk3 supra feature, i have yet to see one...EVER! ANYWHERE!


Give us a post of that great looking Supra in Enkei wheels!

I love that shape!



The 5th car to last is a JZA70 Toyota Supra "mkIII"


The Yaris is AWESOME!! ooo, look at the Supra.


loving that supra


in puerto rico we have crazy looking yaris..


the tsx look good just need a mugen body kit lol


VIP would be awesome if it wasn't for the hideous rims and retarded camber. I see no difference between this and lame "baller" rides. The yaris is terrible, and the sti is helladisfunctional.


Widescreen desktop of the Yaris!


Loved the WRX and the Yaris. And the TSX's.


i have a supra just like the one in the photo


i have a supra just like the one in the photo


what a stupid fad


Damn. That BMW 5-series got pwned. Now it looks dumb.

I'm glad to see that a bunch of people think the static-and-super-low movement is stupid. 'Cause it is.


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