Event>>the 2010 La Auto Show Pt.2

Alright, time to return to the place where that new car smell is always in the air – the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Here in the opening shot, we have the gorgeous looking 6-Series Coupe Concept that BMW was showing off.

Unlike a lot of concept cars out there, this one should be very close to the production version. As with the rest of the current BMW lineup, it looks fantastic.

This VIP’d out LS in the Lexus booth was a nice touch. This is Los Angeles after all, what people do to their car is just as important as the car itself.

GM debuted the convertible version of the Camaro in LA. It looks like…a Camaro without a top.

The GMC Granite Concept gives an interesting look at utility vehicles of the future. Yep, I said “interesting” and “GMC” in the same sentence. Looks pretty cool, no?

Caddy’s CTS-V Wagon, the ultimate version of the car Dino wrote about the other day. Must get hands one one…

The Mercedes SLS AMG has been out for a wile now, but I just can’t get over how awesome this car is.

Sitting alongside the SLS was this CL63 AMG. Not a bad way to part with 150 grand I suppose.

Or maybe you’d like to drop a little more coin and step into something like the R8 GT? Gotta dream right?

Spotted this tuned Lancer Sportback in the aftermarket section of the show. It’s a shame you don’t see more of these on the road.

The Black Beauty from the new Green Hornet movie. Can’t wait to check out the flick in January.

Subaru was showing this Impreza Coupe concept in their booth. Will this be what the next gen Impreza looks like? Or perhaps a hint at the Subaru version of the FT86?

Also, in the Subaru display – the STI that Tommi Makinen used to lap the Nurburgring in seven minutes and fifty five seconds.

Porsche always does it big in Los Angeles, with a separate display hall all to themselves.

This year the brand is celebrating 60 years in the United States. Loved this display of vintage racing posters.

Porsche unveiled the lightened and focused 2012 Cayman R in LA this year. Interesting color.

Also being shown was the retro-inspired 911 Speedster that debuted at the Paris Show.

CEC had a booth in the Concourse Hall displaying some its fine tuned European machinery.

You might remember this SLS from my SEMA coverage. Sorry, I just can’t get enough of this car…

That will do it for part two. Back soon to wrap it up in part three.

-Mike Garrett



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I think the Camaro convertible looks horrible IMO! Digging the Subie Impreza concept and the retro 911.


I would love to see a SLS Drift !!


How many of these cars were designed after upside-down bathtubs or clay filled balloons? ..... I can appreciate some, but damn, why do body lines have to be so high? As Heretic said, that Camaro looks absolutely horrible. But a few of those Mercedes got me interested, along with those oldschool styled Porsche wheels.


You think the current BMW lineup looks fantastic?! Are you INSANE?!?


That LS is true baller VIP.


LOL @ Mr.Moons. I think they suck too...


LOVING the Lancer sportback....


I don't like new BMW it's ugly. no character or the character it has is ugly too... After e 46 something just went plain wrong.


I cant get enough of the SLS too!!! MAN this car looks sooooo sweet


The Porsches are sitting wierd...


I'm so glad they are putting some love into the Cayman. IMO, it's a much better looking car than the 911.


I Agree with Mr. Moons.


...GMC Granite? SUV with semi-slicks? yah...


I love wagons and hatchbacks, but I have never particularly liked the lance sportback.


BMW SUCKS after every year more and more. After e46 = blasphemy.


The Camaro and Mitsubishi doesn't belong in the group of photos.


Is that GMC on semi-slicks? o_0


what crack are you smoking? all the new BMWs and BMW production concepts (except the VED) look like utter shit compared to their last generation counterparts. the new 5, 6, and 7 series are aesthetically a step completely in the wrong direction.



Driving the SLS I felt the door/ window was too close to my head... Minor detail really.


the sls has 12 airbags to keep your mangina from being disturbed - personally I wouldnt trade a dozen of them for my s2k with it's racing bucket and steering wheel and 6 speeds of do something reckless with no traction control :)


GMC Granite Concept has weels like the old supra!!! looks nice


...IMO BMW and Mercedes always have crappy looking cars...ugly concepts with a few good ones this time


The bmw concept has to be a joke. It wouldnt be half as bad if it wasn't for the God awful wheels they've adorned it with...


GMC Granite looks like Japan VAN)))))))))


I wish I lived near these events... But anyways, about the BMW... Cant see much of the front-end, but looks like a stretched Scirocco from the side. At least the ass-end looks like they're going in the right direction.. The Granite makes me think more of the mini-van of the future more than an SUV. But that SLS... I could stare at that beauty for DAYS!


That GMC Granite concept is very old, no? I saw it at the Washington Auto Show in January, meaning it must've debuted last year. It's odd that they're still showing it; I wonder if that means they have production intent? It surely is funky enough to tempt urban youth out of their Scions and Kia Souls.

Speaking of Scion, that's what that new "Impreza" concept looks like. A tC. The new BMWs are at least better than the horrid Bangle designs of the previous generations!

The Lancer Sportback always looked like it was designed by two different people, one for the front, & one for the back, and they had never met. The rounded rump just doesn't fit with the aggressive front. That said, I saw one the other day (I think it's only the 2nd one I've seen; they're pretty rare) and though what an "Evo Sportback" would be like, and that tuned one looks right on the $$.

As far as the SLS, it's grown on me since I've seen a bunch in person, but I still think it's a bit of a "Dullwing" compared to the original, gorgeous 300SL. The best part of that car is the interior; black and red and cozy!


LOVE the fuchs-style rims on the 997 speedster!


Would be nice to get a more careful look at the Impreza.

I clearly see a rear-door parting line- so it's a short and wide sedan then?

Shorter wheelbase 2+2 could mean a stronger rally effort? The shape does not suggest RWD.

Had to laugh at all the armchair designers on here. The best BMW design was the 507. Had BMW stopped with their best, there would have been no E46. Opinions die with their owners - design moves on.


these cars are nice but needs som lambo's