Event>>sema 2010, Pt.4

The SEMA Show coverage continues!

Here's another batch of my photos and observations from the big show in Vegas.

While the '69 Camaro has been a darling of the aftermarket forever, it's not so often that you see a '69 Firebird built to the same level. Kind of sad to think that the company that created cars like this has ceased to exist…

Another one of the CR-Z's in the Honda booth, wrapped in a sweet looking matte black vinyl.

I know you guys are gonna go crazy over this KP61 Starlet. In fact, I don't think I even need to ask if a spotlight is in order…

I was digging this STI Sedan race car in the Subaru booth. Seems that the four-door STI always gets a mixed response from you guys, but I'm a fan.

This widebody Scion tC was built by our buddy John P at the Id Agency. Let's see it on the track John!

A bit too blingy perhaps, but you gotta love drop top Continentals.

This LFA was parked alongside the Mercedes SLS in the CEC booth. Putting some of the world's most exclusive vehicles in your booth is always a way to build that foot traffic…

When was the last time you a Lincoln LS modified like this? Insane engine setup here!

This turbocharged Sonata was another one of the cool machines in Hyundai's booth.

New Chevy Cruze on BBS's in the GM booth. Not bad at all…

Also in the GM booth, this Corvette vintage racer – being towed by a Duramax pick up.

The Rogue Status Scion xB is surely one of the most interesting builds of 2010.

Yep, RWD and 2JZ-powered.

Hybrids seems to be taking the aftermarket by storm in Japan. Not so much here on the other side of Pacific. Still, there were a few tuned up eco-cars to be found at SEMA.

This futuristic looking Prius was found in the Toyota booth. Crazy.

Nice stance on this carbon'd out Z34.

So great to finally see the Fiat 500 here in the US. Andy Blackmore should be along shortly with more on the 500's presence at SEMA.

Another Ferrari 458 Italia on HRE's in the Nitto Booth. Jealousy mode activated…

Why not finish with this rad looking Ferrari 330-P4 replica.

That does it for now. Back tomorrow with one more batch of SEMA coverage!

-Mike Garrett



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Arent all STI's 4 door at this point?


Nice shots! Even though I was there love to see the cars again.


I want a spotlight on that delicious P4 replica...


Id like a feature/spotlight on the The Rogue Status Scion xB


Nice KP61!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more pics pls:P


Scion xB plus 2jz equals, stupid crazy, I love it!


Wow, best SEMA post yet! Can't go wrong when you start out with a Holman-Moody Torino from NASCAR's glory days! 2JZ RWD Xb is impressive! I'd love to see a build article on how the heck they managed that! Did they drop an Xb body on a Supra?

The Sonata and Cruze are two small cars that are definitely growing on me, as is the STi sedan. Especially when they're done like that! I'll be interested to see how much aftermarket support the Cruze will get; I've always liked the American sport compacts, but they never seem to get the aftermarket attention that the Civic does.

Mike, is that STi a deep burgundy color, or is that just the lighting?

Finally, those two Lincolns make the post for me. The first one looks silly with those wheels, but I love the insanity of it! Also, never expected to see a widebody LS!!! o_O Looks like they've stuffed in a blown 5.4 Mod motor, too!!!! Always thought the LS was kind of an American e39 5 series, at least in looks. I don't think I've ever seen a modified LS at all, let alone one like this!


That kp61 is awesome! apart from the rear arches...


lol @ that "futuristic Prius"


umm second that


good point, theyre getting quite boring too. cheap awd cars are all kind of boring already.


feature of that Lincoln? :)


spotlight on that LS, please!? Seriously, what the hell is even going on with that thing!?


also lets get a spotlight on the 2jz xb


phatttt HRE C93's on the Z34! i love love love!


lfa rims = wack! ferrari rims = wack! cruze rims = wack! - starlet - sonata and firebird = win!


J. Sibal on the scion? Our John SIbal?


Starlet is awesome, spotlight!!


The LFA looks awesome with those wheels. A lot better than the standard wheels IMO . But as for the Ferrari , just keep it stock. The Lincoln LS is crazy though , and the old racing 'Vette and the 2JZ Scion isn't entirel normal either =D


Diggin that sti myself


KP61. As soon as I saw that I said "spotlight." Can't wait! Hmm, Scions looked pretty sweet, especially that tC. The Z and the CR-Z were also very well done IMO. The LF-A? Beautiful as usual. The Hyundai Sonata was really different, not a fan of how thick the rear quarter panel is, but it still was very fresh to me, I love seeing that kind of stuff. The fiberglass body 'Vette looking good too (Those were fiberglass, right?). Last, and most definitely not least..... No joke..... The Priuses! I personally would like to see more of that and less of those eco nuts saying how clean it is. Not up to par with the Japanese build quality, but hey, we're getting there.

Only thing I didn't like: That hideous Continental. Seriously, it looks like a Chip Foose project gone horribly wrong. Also, a Chevy Cruze? Maybe a little more work before I can respect that. Shame on you GM. But a lot of these wheel choices bug me. Maybe it's the majority of people here in America have horrible wheel choices. Other than that. MOAR PLEASE.


Awesome stuff! Love the hybrids and especially the Scion and Subaru track cars.


im sold with that new sonata. it looks very sexy especially with that kit that has some lines kinda similar to the furai. :)


That z34 was disgusting. As were the gold rims on the Italia. As per the xB at first I though, "wow, a speedhunters writer WOULD think that's interesting, with its fender blisters," but then I saw the 2jz. And tasted my shoe.


love this show.. standouts for me are the Lincoln LS, pity we don't these in the UK, KP61 Starlet with those super sweet arches and the CR-Z in matte black looks wicked! - what a show!


That Lincoln LS is amazing! More pics please! McLaren Performance made an LS for the '02 New York International Auto Show that looked production ready, but of course that never happened.


Wow.... Phoenix and the Aquilantes are moving to the new WRX Sedan for Grand Am already? Wasn't 2010 their first year of competition with the hatchback version?

Either way, I do find the sedan more aesthetically pleasing... And I would venture a guess that it has better aero than the hatchback. It will be interesting to see if they have all the bugs ironed out come Daytona in January!


Details on the KP61 please 3X, ridiculously clean.


Love this Set. I don't even know which car I thought was best!!! o.0


can we get a spotlight on that lincoln? i'm super interested in the motor build


that's Edward the owner of that KP