Event>>sema 2010, Pt.3

Another day, and another selection of photos from the 2010 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Let's jump right into it, shall we?

Honda's booth featured several different tuned CR-Z's on display, including this one from Fortune Motorsports/Tjin Edition. Definitely the most aggressively stanced CR-Z I've seen yet.

I'm not sure what it was, but this pro-touring style '56 Chevy really stood out to me. Maybe it's black on red coloring? Whatever it is, it looks pretty tough.

A little old school Euro flavor mixed in amongst all the SEMA bling.

Boss 302R race car in the Ford booth. Another cool example of throwback livery.

Here's another one to fit this month's theme – a pretty radical looking Dodge Ram drag machine. Check the size of those rear meats!

Mercedes SLS in the CEC booth. Classy.

This Club Racer Yaris in the Toyota booth looks like it would be blast on the track.

Also in the Toyota booth, this stretched out and slammed Sienna Swagger Wagon.

Quite a different vibe than the RTR-X, but that's some pretty radical ride height on this Fastback.

A little VIP flavor for you, and a prelude to the Autofashion event that we'll be checking out this weekend in San Diego.

Here's 0-60's GS450H project in the Lexus booth. Will we be seeing this thing in action at Buttonwillow next week? I sure hope so.

This crazy looking third gen Firebird was built by Polly Motorsport ouf of Norway. Looks like quite the serious machine.

Ford put on various demos the parking lot, including gymkhana and drift ride-alongs.

One of the lowest Camaros on the show floor.

Bayside Blue R34 GT-R in the Borg Warner booth. All function, no funny stuff.

Mob Steel's blacked out 2011 Mustang was looking pretty sinister.

Hemi Dart! Awesome.

This slammed second gen tC was the winner of Scion's Tuner Challenge. Rotiform wheels look spot-on.

Despite it's factory looks, this '93 Mustang Cobra is putting out 1500hp thanks to its blown NASCAR V8.

Cars like this are what make SEMA so great.

More on the way!

-Mike Garrett



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I´ve seen the Polly Trans Am on TV. Got like over 1000HP and is capable of going faster than 400KmH!

Pretty mean machinery :D


1407 I think.. It has a 6speed trans, but top speed is actually in 5th, 6th is for cruising inn 300kmh @ 2700 rpm! :D


Foxbodys are gay. even if they are fast in a straight line they will always be one of the most hideous cars ever to hit the market.


more on the 1500h mustang... gay or not it looks like a sneak attack waitin to happen.


That r34 is amazing , thats perfect stance same with the two crz's no hellaflush :) amazing


i wanted to do this at least once :P first


The red 1969 Mustang has a BOSS 494 engine, only 10 made, maybe 12.


Engine was built for Mario Andretti's Can am series.



Thanks for mentioning the Auto Fashion meet this sunday!!!

AUTO FASHION!!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!!


that orange E30 is the WORST car I've ever SEEN


Sema to me is Hits and misses.

that pro-touring Chevy is a Bull's eye hit , the E30's are wide off the mark misses.

(OT: is That R34 the Car used in Fast & Furious 4? Certanly looks like it , but if so its a GT-T GT-R replica, because GTR's were to expensive :)


Wow that '56 Chevy is mean. Any other pictures of it?


PLEASE more stangs! the last one is a pure BEAUTY.


I think the design Craft GS450H is my favorite car from this years show. Big ups to Gary and the guys at design craft Fabrication. We needs more angry luxury sedans in the US! (evos and sti's dont count)


That Firebird just won the Silverstate Classic!

You should get a hold of Paal Arvid Blytt, the owner and builder and do a spotlight, and get some cool stories from him! Like the time he broke the speed record on Mercedes' Papenburg test track... in the rain...


wuuuuu, love the slammed crz, and that TC looks nice, very hot


Yeah i knw i seen that bird somewhere the rims had other color and no wing i think it has a Blown Big Block, dont remember the number but they where comparing it to a Bugatti XD!

The Drag Ram(Or one by the same company) was on Pinks once crazy four wheel tire burning Diesel Monster SEMA is awesome 0.o


Yeah i knw i seen that bird somewhere the rims had other color and no wing i think it has a Blown Big Block, dont remember the number but they where comparing it to a Bugatti XD!

The Drag Ram(Or one by the same company) was on Pinks once crazy four wheel tire burning Diesel Monster SEMA is awesome 0.o


Its a trans am.

lots of vids on youtube.


LOVE the #99 Juan-Manuel Fangio II Toyota Eagle Mk. III livery on the yaris...still looks fresh after almost 20 years later!


That red CR-Z is the first one I've seen that really moves me...


I second that DC.

Also all mustangs past or present are all gay.


love the matte finish instead of chrome on the chevy... sick.


That Firebird is capable of doing Burnouts in 5th gear @ 320 km/h.

The once compared it to a Bugatti Veryon which actually lost against it,

Spotlight is needed.


Fox-bodies are the shit you are just gay little haters. I'm not a mustang guy by any means but I appreciate all kinds of cars. All of these cars are pretty awesome in they're own way, and 1500 hp in anything is much cooler than anything you'll ever have a chance of owning.


DC - ever heard of the Ssangyong Rodius?


yay keep em' coming!

btw them rims on the SLS looks nassty! ew!

but the camaro and the black mustang looking pretty sweeeet


Saw the R34, it's a GTR.


Great to see some coverage of the H Production Yaris. Jason Isley took it to a top ten finish at the Runoffs in Sept. Very cool little car and great results for its first year of development. Hopefully Toyota will continue supporting the project.


Polly motorsports Firebird at the Silver State Classic:



That 1968 Mr. Norm's Dodge Hemi Dart is sick! 740+ H.P. and near as much torque. As close to the real ones as you can get. SS and AFX builds a really nice car!


That 56 Bel Air looks wicked. Is it possible to get more pictures? Or possibly more info on it? :)


i think you're all alone there.




Liked one car - Toyota limovan =)


That red CR-Z is the first time I've wanted a hybrid. I'm not a big fan of pro touring, and I hate big wheels on classic cars, but that '56 just looks so mean! I could imagine it with machine guns and rocket launchers in a "Vigilante 8" video game. I don't like the new Tc, but for some reason, I can't stop looking at the Sienna limo. It's "Octomom's" minivan!

@this comment: "215 said:

I second that DC.

Also all mustangs past or present are all gay."

Really, 215? So the original BOSS 302 Trans Am racers are gay? The '71 Mach1 in the original 'Gone in 60 Seconds' is gay? Is Steve McQueen's '68 GT in 'Bullitt' gay?

I think you may need to question your own sexual orientation, rather than that of an INANIMATE OBJECT!


like the Grey Celica(?) and those CR-Z look well sorted!! i even like those bulgy arches BMW's - awesome!


Awesome coverage!! Spotlight or something for that 93 Cobra!! Need to see some more muscle in those.


The '56 Bel Air was built by Divine 1 Customs in Las Vegas NV. Check out http://www.divine1customs.com for more photos.