Event>>sema 2010, Pt.2

Well, I just got back to Los Angeles after three calorie-burning days of walking the SEMA show.

There's a lot to cover, so I'm not going to waste any time. Here's another selection of photos from Vegas.

I knew this bagged Lambo looked familiar when I walked by. Turns out it was brought to the show by Liberty Walk Japan. Always cool to see JDM builders representing at SEMA, even with non-Japanese vehicles.

The "Mopar Alley" display is always the place to get your Chrysler muscle car fix. Love the lines of this fully restored Plymouth GTX.

I was pleasantly surprised to find this 240Z in the Enkei Wheels booth.

It's the perfect vehicle to model a set of the newly reintroduced Enkei 92 mesh wheels.

I'm not exactly sure how many first-gen Camaros were at the show, but there were a ton – as always. This '69 was one of my faves.

This "tuned" Camry was in Toyota's booth. Looks pretty basic right?

But how about the engine bay? That's a 680hp NASCAR V8, mated to a T56 6-speed trans. Somehow I don't think this has high chances of reaching production…

The Oakley Design 458 Italia was getting a lot of attention in the HRE Wheels booth. Oh how nice it must be to say "yeah my stock Ferrari 458 just isn't cutting it for me, can you help out?".

This crazy looking Ford certainly fits into our theme this month.

And despite the fact that it couldn't be any more different, this 5-Series Wagon also fits that theme.

Mazda's booth wasn't large, but it featured some very interesting machinery. The crazy looking Tri-Point Motorsports Mazda3 time attack car for example.

There were a few new Mazda2's as well, built for both track and street use.

The supercharged MX-5 "Super 20" had to be my pick though. I'm really feeling the beefy looks of those 16×9 Enkeis.

Basically, it's impossible for Gulf livery not to look cool.

Even on a Scion xB…

Here's another Scion wearing iconic livery – the 0-60 Magazine "Tarmac xD" in the Scion booth.

This had to be my favorite Genesis Coupe at the show. Very tasteful and to the point.

If you are going to display an off-road vehicle at SEMA, this is the way to do it.

I'll wrap this batch of SEMA photos up with this mean looking '61 Chevy Sedan.

Stay tuned for plenty more SEMA coverage coming soon.

-Mike Garrett



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Gulf livery on an xB? Sacrilege.


I LOVE that Castrol xB!


Aside from the Nascar V8 in that Camry, it's RWD and a 2-door! I wish it was in production!


Ohw my that crew cab F150!!!

Hyundai Genisis Coupe looks mint... btw.


whoa, nice , just what i needed to finish the day. thanks mike


yooosh awesome mod car everywhere


The car I love best here is oddly the most subtle.

The MX-5. Love the orange bits. Well, probably because I'm naturally biased towards the MX-5 :)


OMG that 458 is so hideous !!!!!


That Camry is a coupe!!! WTF???


...I think the Gulf livery is pretty ugly. It's too simplistic for me and I think the orange/browny colour looks awful, especially against the baby blue.

That Genesis was f'ing sweet though. I love those cars, I think the name really fits them. Hyundai are really going in a great direction right now. It's like they're a total different brand than they were from just a few years ago.


Airbagged Lambo? So wrong.


love the Scion in those colors, pity we don't get those in this country! GT40 looks awesome "Gulfed-up".. wouldn't mind some more pics of that Plymouth GTX, it looks the nuts! the Genesis Coupe is also noteworty.. another car we should have in the UK. even the Lambo on air is stance perfect! all in all a great read! thanks..


Nice to see the 6UL wheels from 949 racing on the Mazda 2 15" x 9j wheels realy Do rock


That Orange Ford 4 door truck is awesome!!




man that roadrunner is badass so is the 61 chevy


Cmary 2 door is not the same as Solara?


Other than the fact that Z needs some MAJOR stretching, wheel spacers, and flares topped off with a nice drop... I'm glad to see the 92s are coming back. More dish! :D


A bagged Lambo? You cant be serious!


castrol supra livery on scion? Sacrilege.


Other than the fact that Z needs some MAJOR stretching, wheel spacers, and flares topped off with a nice drop... I'm glad to see the 92s are coming back. More dish! :D


Other than the orange 4-door truck, I like the cars you chose pix of. The truck is freakin hideous. Someone can't make up their mind if they want a bagged VIP, a Kustom, a Donk, a Hot Rod, or a Resto. So badly done.


TRD NASCAR EDITION. That would have been cool on the camry. A solid color coupe with proper sized wheels would have made sence instead of the "CHIP FOOSE INSPIRED" paint and wheels.


That Camry is perfect, can you imagine how that thing sounds? Also, the GT-R in the first pic looks like it was just pulled out of NFS Shift....


I love how I have been seeing pictures of SEMA all week long but Speedhunters.com is ALWAYS two nothces above everyone else in photo and material quality.

BTW that white Mazda2 or Miata I WANT!! what fun that would be to toss around.




brows? on the murcielago? seriously?

that 458 on HRE wheels is stunning tho


I might be the only person who likes the Dodge Ram. Oh well.


ford pickup is dope


not sure bout that green lambo! looks a bit dodgey!

but i think that 458 looks swweeeet!

looking forward to part 3!


That nascar camry was tanner foust based..


Enkeis bringing back the 92.. **** yeah !! cant wait for some nice sizes on an amazing wheel.


Bring on the end of the year when the Gensis Coupe gets released in right hand drive for the UK! Want!!


the mazda 2 and super 20 MX-5 is sweeetttt..

the ford truck is AWESOME...


So Gulf colours always look cool? Here speaketh someone unfamiliar with the GeigerCars Hummer GT. Be warned, it's not pretty


Was SoCal speed shop a part of that Camry build? It's their colours. I like that grey Genesis as well, but could do without the Porsche GT3RS rip-off graphics. That Murcielago just doesn't look right with those wheels and the wing, and why would you 'bag it? Isn't a stock Lamborghini low enough already?


Man im so pissed i just sold my 83 celica and now enkei brings back the 92s. damn i want my car back just so i can get those wheels ahhhhh


@Rey its a GTX get it right.


I'm from Venezuela, and i know that i will never see cars like these. Awesome Pictures!

I loved that Green Lambo!


Come on no shots of the top secret supra?


Is there any more information on the reintroduction of the Enkei 92 Meshes?