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This was my first time visiting the My Car show in the Dortmund Messe, right next to the enormous Borussia Dormund football stadium. The show is organized by the same people that are responsible for the Tuning World Bodensee.

The first car I laid my eyes on was this very special Porsche 911, although I’m not sure if I can still call it a Porsche. I’ll have a full feature shortly on this very special car.

This Porsche built by 9ff is called the GTurbo 1200. It was on the Dunlop Motorsport stand which featured cars that competed in the 0-300-0 challenge from Sport Auto. I’ll save this car for a spotlight later on in the week.

The cars inside the Messe were very diverse, from this pristine BMW 2002 …

… to this fully tricked out Volkswagen Polo.

One of the aspects about the show I really liked was the European Tuning Showdown. They pitted two cars against each other and then the judges would pick the one that would go through to the next round.

Which one would you pick ? The Opel Commodore or the Seat Leon ?

One of my favorite cars was this R35 GT-R from Importracing.de. It had a lot of trick parts including Alcon brakes and an Akrapovich exhaust. Anybody interested in a full feature?

Because of the Haulers and Sedans month I went looking for some nice examples. One of them was this four door Mercedes Benz on period correct BBS wheels.

This Ford Focus RS has been tuned by Loder1899 from Germany. Besides the obvious exterior changes they also added a bit more horsepower. It went from the stock 305bhp and 440Nm to 370bhp and 520Nm. Maybe Ken Block should pick up the phone and place an order to enhance his own daily driver.

Beige colors will never go out of style, especially not on this very good looking Golf MKII.

This MB looked very familiar and indeed I had shot it earlier this year at the Tuning World Bodensee. It hadn’t changed since but then again I wouldn’t change anything either.

This is how VIP looked in the eighties.

This Volkswagen Touran had a Las Vegas theme going and is very typical for the majority of German built cars.

I lost count of how many TV screens the car had.

Another familiar car was this Audi A6 with a new set of Bentley wheels. Stay tuned for part two of the My Car show coverage.

-Jeroen Willemsen

My Car Dortmund



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Solid feature Jeroen !

Keep blogging.


any photo's/info on the E Kadett next to the tricked out polo perhaps


9FF GT9?!

I'd take the Comodore, just because it's a car you'd actually enjoy driving, where the Leon is just a rebadged golf a.k.a europe's most common FF compact car. Even the new mk6 GTI is more synonym of Mrs's Car to go shopping rather than B-road hungry Hot Hatch.

More W123 goodness plz, is so rare today to see pristine ones, as most of them are tired 240D...

Is it my or the military A6 variant has new Bentley Speed wheels?


gotta love the benz, especially the first one. <3


Opel Commodore any day of the freakin' week.


i want a full feature of the GT-R :D


I'd like to see more of that GT-R.


Full feature on the R35 GT-R please :)


pls feature on this black seat Leon,it loooks damn aggressive.


yes please full feature on the Importracing.de. R35 GT-R



Wow that A6 is Sweet!


I am completely in love with old Mercedes sedans. So classy, so much soul. You very well may have inspired a new project.


"Beige colors will never go out of style (...)"

Sorry Jeroen, but have you lost any sense of good taste? Beige is the worst colour possible for just about anything apart from furniture! Thank God no one makes beige cars these days. Leave that colour for Morris Marinas and Toyota Tercels.


The Audi and the 9ff are sweet, while the Polo is....not my thing at all. Would love to see a full feature on the Audi.


more of the r35..nice color


Seat Leon easily.

I hate the wheels on that Focus RS.

And finally, I much preferred the old Bentley wheels on the a6.


Black pearl!!!!!!!Only!!


Need a spotlight on the black Seat! That thing is wicked cool.


Full covorage of the GT-R with niiiice desktop pictures plz!

Nice work


The Polo seems to provide the answer to the what's-the-next-door-trend question: Pop-off doors.

When I was a kid, suicide doors were trick. Then, inspired by M-B, gull-wing doors were the rage. Then inspired by Lamborghini, it was scissor doors. Now I guess the scene is going to follow old Jeeps and have quick-release doors.

Okay, I'm sorta kidding. But it wouldn't surprise me either.

Love the W123 Benzos. Especially without the rust they usually have in the real world.


A Porsche can pull off any color/graphic scheme. I WANT!


Spotlight on the grey benz pleeeease! ive been trying to lower my w123, but no one seems to make anything for them. Specs!!


I want a feature on the A6 avant, the GT-R and the Merc with the BBS wheels!


There are only two cars that need a feature. Both of the 911's at the top. Get on it SH!


this is the first time ive ever seen a show car take off it;s doors. sorta bonkers.


thats not just ANY BMW 2002.

thats the 2002 Turbo, a rare limited production run of one of the sickest cars of its time.

nearly 200hp in a car that weighed nearly half what most sports cars weighed and had more power.

if thats real, that is one of THE rarest cars youve probably ever seen. be proud.


Great Mercedeses =)


cant wait for the feature on the 9ff GT9.

Was just reading about the other 9ff Porsche in EVO magazine, they did over 370kph on a runway with it. Crazy car.


VETTEL WON!!!!!!!!!

knew it....! i hope that next season, speedhunters will be on the F1 case!!!!!



Who cares about GTR? I don't see whats so special about it...Looks stock... brakes and catback...big deal... color is interesting

now the BMW 2002 is more interesting


Please do a full feature of the gt-r!


Does anyone know what the gold wheels on the first one are? maybe Oz SuperLeggeras, but unsure?


Ken Block has one in the US alredy is the only RS in th US jejeje


Awesome coverage! Features of the GT-R and Seat if you could.. That Seat looks mean as hell..



OZ Ultraleggera


I really hope that "very special" 911 isnt that peasant, pedal powered, cardboard one


i think that's not a polo... coz if i remember quite good.. polo isn't a hacthback? , maybe its a jetta or something? and this is to Tony240Z. tercel don't have beige as a colour , that's custom u idiot. peace out


the R35 GT-R from Importracing.de needs a feature - Yes - and even the 9ff Porsche too! love the 'doors-off' Polo, not a bad colour choice, not liking the choice of rims though.. "Mercedes Benz on period correct BBS wheels??" i don't think that wheel is period correct sir! - great blog!!


2002 turbo o_0 love it and want one


The Polo is available as a hatchback and sedan in Europe. This is the (more rare) sedan version.

I like the A6


Any more on the Opel Commodore?


what s the name and size of the black pearl rim? i want to use them on mine