Event>>celebrating Vip Style @ Autofashion Usa

What better way to wind down after a crazy week at SEMA than by heading to beautiful San Diego for a gathering of some of the finest VIP Cars in America?

That's just what went down yesterday at Autofashion USA during their annual VIP Festival.

I came to this event last year and was pleasantly surprised by the turnout and the overall laid back atmosphere. This year's turnout was even better.

I arrived to the meet early, just in time to watch the cars roll in. There are really few things cooler than watching a big line of Japanese luxury sedans slowly rolling down the street in a line.

Seriously, how cool does this look?

Every year, it seems that US VIP builds get more hardcore – and move closer to the cars built in Japan. Ride heights get lower, wheels get wider, and body work gets more extensive.

This car was one of several Y33 Q45's at the meet. These models are getting old enough where you can pick them up cheap, and have plenty over for modifications.

The same goes for the first gen Lexus GS. This one looked hot bagged out on black and silver Work Equips.

Not every car there was a traditional RWD luxury sedan. This Acura TSX (or Honda Accord for those of you outside the US) was also looking fine on Equips.

European cars were welcome as well. This 5-series has the stance thing nailed.

This Infiniti M45 isn't a European car, but it's doing a mighty fine impression of one.

Check the old school gangster look on this Lexus LS. I love it.

Who says sports cars can't get in on the fun? This Z33 certainly has the stance to match all the luxo sedans.

As I mentioned earlier, the atmosphere of the meet was very laid back. Throw in some of that beautiful Southern California fall weather and you have the recipe for a perfect day.

Another one for the Euro fans. This Benz looks right at home sitting along side GS300's and Q45's.

The Scion guys also rolled out pretty deep for this one.

Nicely done second generation xB here, known as the Corolla Rumion in Japan.

Very fresh looking last gen M45. Can't wait to see what the new M looks like once people start building them. Tokyo Auto Salon maybe?

No this EK Civic can't be considered VIP, but it looks pretty cool regardless.

In Japan the van guys usually run together with the VIP guys, so it shoudln't be any different here. This Previa looks awesome!

We're just getting started with the VIP Festival coverage.

Much more on the way, as usual.

-Mike Garrett



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LOVE THE VIP! moar on that IS300 in the backdrop!


Or i could show up in a mayback , now thats vip style.


Any shots of SCs? And a desktop of that Previa please. It's awesome. Any more shots of it?


jw wondering if you happened to take a shot of an is300 driving down the street. i saw a guy snap a pic while i was driving and i was just wondering. :]



love the V.I.P style, so classy, clean and nice! overall such a sick style!!


Yisssss more VIP please! :D


i think my favourite of this set is the Y33 Q45


Bah! Why dont we have q45s over here, they look awesome,


De otro planetaa...

sensillos y a la vez lujosos..


I've always wanted to have an image of my car on Speedhunters -- looks like my dream came true today, haha. Thanks! :D


Black GS in pic 5, SEX. It's nice to see something diff in the Q45's too.


-b16a5ftw- but then you would be the less flush person there with the smallest rims....

id take a scion with some rolled guards and some flushness over a standy maybach.. i mean they dont even look expensive... never quite got the apeal?


Not feelin any of these rides. i think vip style in Japan owns anything out of the states. Especially the first gen LS. Bigger rims and lowered does not make a car VIP. Try chaning out the grill, the lights (espeically those orange indicators), throw on some nice wheels, new paintjob, tints, and some ground effects then maybe you will be closer to vip. I think most of the rides here would get laughed at in Japan.


anymore pics of that GS in the 5th pic?


Great black GS =)


Unless VIP stands for Very Idiotic Personalisation I think this is the single worst tuning craze in decades.


-t_s- couldnt agree with you more.


im speechless o.o


i love VIP!! hope to see a lot of it this month

pic 3 desktop please?


Can anyone tell what is the Civic's front bumper? Backyard Special?


the vast majority of these cars need to be crushed.


Gorgeous cars, so sexy. Killing those stupid DUB cars with some classy VIP. :D


more vip!!


retarded camber everywhere....


love the 1st generation LS, and the Z is fantastic!


Not really the look I go for. I won't bash anyone on customizing their ride. However, well done. I just love that we all love our cars. Keep on.


Sorry haters, these cars are CLEEEAAAN. So...lowering....nice rims....darkened....is the worst style in decades? @ t_s? Do you not remember the 80's? 90's? HIN? Are you really trying to say this is worse than neon and chrome everything?

3rd pic, black car.....done perfect to a T, and that 350Z is seriously hot. Hoping for more desktops from this event or another post :)


makes me want to work even harder for my future es300!!!!!!!! gorgeous cars tho as always


My dream has came true, I see myself in one of the pictures lol. SPEEDHUNTERS FTW!!!!!


this is my favorite month


!!!Die VIP Die !!!

LOL at the haters


Just pull up in a phantom on iforged or asantis. I bet none of these cars have curtans or champgne coolers , now thats real vip.


Every style has it's haters. Even when it's clean and simple like V.I.P. I guess to some people you just can't get any cooler than ford and chevy sedans covered in meaningless corporate stickers turning left for 3 hours.


In Japan its done this way, in Japan its done that way, in Japan they do it like this. One or two of those tool "VIP" cars is enough. An entire parking lot full is auto overkill.

My fave Q

ClassiczMS said:

"Gorgeous cars, so sexy. Killing those stupid DUB cars with some classy VIP. :D"

Don't fret Classssssiczzzzzzz, the Douchery is exactly the same.


@Kevin...you left out Toyota.


damm speed hunters were here nice....and i didnt even know sadly there was no pic of the jp gs300 we brought but its cool. at least my buddy with the white ek was in it


Those cars look so f**kin horrible, its not even funny.


Hey, my buddy Sergio wants to thank you for taking two pics of his car in your coverage. He owns the silver TSX on works. If you like his ride check out some more photos of it on TSXclub.com

Heres the link