Desktops>> Team Nfs @ Super Lap Battle

It's been a while since we've last seen or heard anything about Chris Rado's Team Need for Speed AWD Scion TC. 

The car campaigned on the East Coast during the late summer and early fall. 

And this past Wednesday, the car was once again out on track shaking down during this year's Super Lap Battle at Buttonwillow.

But we'll let Chris Rado himself get us up to date with AWD monster with his first driver blog about the car and the team's time attack campaign. But while we wait for that, Larry Chen and I present to you guys a set of desktops of this car out on track at Buttonwillow! Grab them here




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OMG ! i love this car ! is about time you got some pictures of the car in the car speedhunters. I would love if you guys make a "car feature" for this scion and include the build sheet of it.

Plz speedhunters do that, i wanna know everything about this car !


I would like to know if that wing in the front actually works? Any wind testing? or are they going of theories?


I still don't understand the Scion's aero concept on the rear.

Why keep a big bumper instead of channeling the air through scoops and canards, giving smoother air travel and downforce. I aslo think the car could have a bigger air diffuser.

Take for example DTM, Super GT.. which don't have mega horsepower and still go that way.


You don't see the Sierra Sierra Evo, HKS Altezza, Cyber Evo with large ass wings in front putting down record lap times with less horsepower than Rado's TC.


I heard a rumor this car crashed at super lap and was damaged, can anyone confirm or deny?


The "anti-wing/rice-hater" fad is just a childish reaction to the over-zealous misuse of aero on street cars. Wings at the track are "ok" kiddies. Don't hurt your tiny emo brains, thinking how "uncool" it is.

From top fuel dragsters, hillclimb cars, Formula racing, Group B rally, etc. ad infinitum - the fastest racing cars all have ridiculous wings. Get over it.

Rado is breaking records- you're not. Now go do your homework, or no dinner for you!


@Dan Hey Dan tell me from this events which records Rado had broken, because I'm getting tired of hearing the same thing about "Rado" that he is breaking records, but what I have found it's that he is breaking the TC everytime he go's out to the track

August 7-8th @ Road Atlanta - Braselton, GA (NASA Event) - DEBUT

August -14th-15th @ Sebring International Raceway - Sebring, Florida (Redline Time Attack)

September 15th-19th @Miller Motorsports Park - Toole, Utah (NASA Event)

October 23rd-24th @ Infineon Raceway - Sonoma, CA (Redline Time Attack)

November 9th-10th @ Buttonwillow Raceway - Buttonwillow, CA

November 12th-14th @ Auto Club Speedway - Fontana, CA (Redline Time Attack)


As with all new builds, it can take an entire year to dial in a new race car. Just set the whole aero discussion aside for a minute, and consider the fact that the car is AWD, and has a custom transmission completely built from a fresh sheet of paper. The car is capable of huge HP numbers exceeding 1,500 hp. Chris is a drag racer, and this is what he is bringing to the table. The aero works, don't kid yourself for one second that it doesn't work. Sierra is working with an OEM AWD platform. Rado made his from scratch. And that needs to be respected. If you did not have enough patience to wait for this car to hit its momentum, you would never pass muster to even be on the World Racing team.


Rado is a joke so is Scion World Racing Team.. all that money spent on a shitty ass driver and platform..


After missing Tuesday’s practice session due to the team battling ignition issues I was happy that