Car Spotlight>>  Jay Duca’s Jzx100

I was initially very surprised. When I first saw Jay Duca drive up to Andy’s garages from the Higashi course in this JZX100 I thought he was crazy if he was going to use this stunning sedan at the Matsuri. Thankfully, the car was something he sourced from Yahoo Auctions to bring home to Australia with him and to use to get around while in Japan.

It didn’t take me long to ask him if it was cool to do a quick shoot on it for a spotlight, something he instantly agreed to. He told me to go and get the car anytime as it was parked at the School Course with the keys in the ignition. He also added that if I wanted to “go out for a skid,” I was more than welcome! Before he had ended his sentence I was already blasting down the steep hill to the School Course on the quad! With the Autumn Matsuri well on its way that Saturday morning, there wasn’t much choice when it came to finding a suitable shooting location, so I took my time (the things I do for you guys!) to drive the big Toyota around a little and find a nice quiet spot. I ended up at the bottom of the gravel road that connects Minami to the back of the Nishi course, the perfect place to look at the Chaser in more detail.

The front 18-inch Rays G-Games 99Bs 5-spokes are joined by Volk Racing GT-Cs at the rear sporting a rather mean looking lip, helping give it perfect top-level stance!

The car has been tuned by Rasty in Chiba, specialists in creating mean looking and performing JZXs.

Many thanks to Jay for throwing me the keys to his stunning 100. Enjoy this thing back home!

Ebisu 2010

Haulers & Sedans

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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nice 100! I definitely want to go down there and meet up with you guys one day (from Misawa)


Beautifullness!!! Pics 1-2-3 for wallpaper , a must!


Rad for sure. Feelin that.


Awesome Shots once again Dino!!

Must say this was a pretty cool Daily to cruise round in while we were in Japan!!


Awesome! Just when I think you can't find a sexier car fro me to drool over you do. Thanks Dino! Desktop or the 3rd and 2nd to last shot would be sick.


This 100 is the TITTTSSSS!!!!! So sorry they didn't sell everywhere in the world. Sigh


i love the low spoiler. wow this thing is stunning.




freaking sexy car. i would love to own this thing


This is one awesome looking JZX with power to match!


oh damn, thats gangsta


Awesome looking car. Can't wait for it to arrive on Australian roads :) Great write-up, Dino


Those are Volk GTCs in the back right?


At last, a drift car feature that looks GOOD! Crazy!


Nice and to the point. I seriously dig it!! Great job Dino!!


Dino, you're so lucky. haha. You get a chance to actually drive that beauty. Send my regards to the super cool driver for letting ya have a drive.


Dino, love your style! all i can say!


Fucking awesome!!! Nice build...


It just needs gen II taillights...


Great car but front fitment is meh


I feel like Drag month took forever and then Haulers and Sedans went by in a blink. Gonna miss it :'( love me some chasers and laurels and cimas


19's on the back, flared arches, and do-luck spoiler are full of win. Some inspiration for my 100, definitely.


This Guy is a danger on the Road, Hope the cops catch him through the book at him and crush his car


@ron LOL


Get fucked! Seriously, people can't just sir there and say crap like that. As if you've never done something g stupid like that in the road! It was just unfortunate that it got filmed! At least he has better control over the car then most people do! #isupportdrifters