Car Spotlight>> Yoshida Yuichi’s Sb Corporation S15

Out of the 3 cars I chose to spotlight at Nikko Circuit last week, this S15 was by far my favourite.  

The rear has a set of pods while the front bar sports an Integra lip. The SSR Strusse are a perfect match for this slammed S-Chassis car.

Up close it's a car that is certainly rough around the edges, sporting plenty of battle damage. 

Less is more. The interior remains largely intact, with a bucket seat, Momo steering wheel, Defi gauges and a drift button.

Owner Yoshida Yuichi mentions that the SR20DET pumps out a healthy 300ps at the rear wheels.

I'm sure the majority of you would be familiar with people dropping 3 wheeled entries at Nikko Circuit. Lap after lap Yoshida performed this manoeuvre perfectly.

Sweeping out into the back section of Nikko.

To conclude, a shot of the car fitted with all aero. Thanks to Yoshida for everything, was great to meet you and your teammates!

-Casey Dhnaram



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I know it's a functional car, but why is there a spotlight on a mostly stock, beat up s15?


because it has character!!!! ^


WOW! Truly a hot car. I love it!


That's probably one of the only s15's i can say i actually like lol, that thing is awesome!!! Loving the straightpipes =D


oh come the fuck on speedhunters...surely you can find better cars than this.



this guy is my hero!! dope car, tis is what im shooting for!

he gave me a brilliant idea

such a cool feature

thanks casey


I think the criss crossed zip ties "repaired" look can be cool, but honestly..the car just looks like total crap in the 2nd pic and 3rd pic. Are we supposed to be impressed by the car gettings it's "aero" "fitted" back on? So it was drifting with no bumper and smashed side skirts...big deal.


Great feature


Like a Supra))) Nippon forever!!!!


What awesome drift machine, with scars and all....


stock hotness. kinda.


Desktop of the 6th photo, please!!


I dont usually bag writeups, but that was pretty gay. No offence to the owner, but its not really anything special at all. Even power wise its just 'boost up' spec. Just cos the driver is cool and his driving is cool doesnt mean his car is cool :) Peace.


The green wheels look better!


Its just bad ass and don't be pissed you can't have it and can't slide.


doesnt matter i love cars like this.


^ dude, shut up, this car is awesome. very cool street machine, i really got inspired by these one.


because its sick!


I appreciate that this car has the sort of effortless, happenstance sort of cool factor, that people in the US try so hard to replicate (though only a few succeeed)


If you only want to see cars that look pretty and don't get used, go back to hella flush.This is speed hunters. Or simply don't click on the grass roots features. This car rocks.


Pic 1 wallpaper!!


its pretty stock but still nice seeing it gets driven how its supposed to.


DESKTOPS PLEASE????? 1st, 3rd or 7th pic =D


I like the rough 'used and abused' look. But that just looks garbage tbh. No hate on the owner or Speedhunter because they obviously they like this car if they run it. But that needs serious tidying up. What a waste of an S15.

People saying cars like this have 'character' may have no idea what character is. The S12 silvia featured a while ago has character. This car is just beat up.


if this "car" was your favorite....gee I can't wait to read the rest of your features.


nice! is that an itr lip??


needs video footage :D


Awsome write up casey, its good to see some of the more simple cars!


Awesome! Thanks Casey!


its pretty stock, but its still nice to see this thing actually gets driven how its supposed to


Nice feature casey- enjoyed the photos a lot.

to all that are hating the feature, speedhunters is about global car scene so we can all get a chance to see what is being done around the world. there is obviously going to be things you see that you dont appreciate, which to a large extent can be due to ignorance. Casey has his photography at a different level and can identify cars and culture that 'stand out' from the norm. Hence his selection to shoot this S15. Sure he could show you a glitzy S15 drifter with power, but thats not the point here. And most importantly, its an expression of his interest in the specific vehicle which is something that he chooses to share, so its not really our right but a privilege to be able to see through different photographers eyes.

good work Casey.


Glad he takes pride in his car...


S15s are always sick as hell






Everyone has their own taste. The owner built this car to meet his needs, not yours. So why hate?


Am I the only one who think it looks too low at the back and therefore nose up at the front? Looks wrong...

Oh and +1 on waste of an S15. It just looks like a shitter


For the love of god please please please desktop the 7th pic of him drifting shot fom behind!!!!!!


sick car, i hope theres some desktops coming =D


When did crashed up drift cars become cool?

Isn't it more impressive when someone is getting something sideways that has been modified nicely and looks awesome rather than a beat up heap. I can understand miss-matched wheels, but just because you cant afford to fix your car when you crash it doesnt make it cool.

Rat rod i can appreciate but this is just a crappy car.


The thing I like most about speedhunters is the diversity of the features! All the posers that dont like it keep it too yourself... Budget grassroots drifter cool feature.


i like how people on a car website still dont get that people like different car styles and culture?!?!?! personally i like this alot


DESKTOP versions please!

picture 1 and 3!!

but please. do 1! awesome picture!!!


every car is not a show car. cars are meant to be driven and not sitting. this is done properly.


Disgusting, a waste of an s15. d3c0y said it best ^


I'm loving this S15.

@d3c0y: A flashy drift car looks nice, but what does it have to say for itself? "I was built in a specialty shop with all brand new sponsored parts."

Now a machine such as this. "I've been to Nikko circuit. Here's the scar to prove it. Yeah, I've been to Ebisu. Had a blowout and messed my passenger side wheel up. I even had the chance to go to America (hypothetically speaking) and see how everyone else does it. Lost my rear bumper at Irwindale, but damn we had a blast."

Which one has more of an interesting story to tell?


When i saw the first pic i thought it looked good but the side shot ruined it. not my taste at all. and i have a white S15 with a modified factory wing so from the back it looks the same


one word. PIG.

Love it.


waste of a s15? are you joking me, would ya'll rather see it hardparked at some hellaflush meet. THAT would be a waste.


Looks like shit but hey I guess it gets the job done.


my s15 is nearly as busted up as this one and i would'nt have her any other way, love it, so what if it does'nt have shiny paint and straight panels, people dont build cars to please everyone!!!


Why are people talking about "the abused look", maybe the guy just can't afford new aero parts every time he smashes them... Awesome driving!


i like it. kinda nice to see an s15 without the expected vertex aero. good to see someone gettin down and dirty. not the most impressive, but you can tell that the owner has a ton of passion for what he's got.