Car Spotlight>>the Taxi Rod

My next Car Spotlight comes from the Long Beach Motorama back in September. At first glance this car looks like your typical "rat rod" or "suicide rod", but this wasn't built out of a common Ford or Chevy. No, this thing started life as a 1956 Austin Taxi.

I've seen all sorts of crazy hot rods, but this thing is off the wall. It looks like the boot is still there.

There's been so much custom fabrication here, that's hard to tell everything that's been done to do this car.

Here's a look in the cockpit, complete with a shifter that pops through the heavily chopped roof. Of course when the interior is this extreme, the fact that the steering wheel is on the "wrong" side isn't much of an issue.

No V8 power here. Something tells me this is isn't one of the fastest hot rods ever built, but who cares?

Next time I need to flag down a cab, I'll have to keep an eye out for this.

Crazy rod builds aren't too uncommon these days, and it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. This car does that, and more.

I'd also say it fits right into this month's theme as it doesn't get much more hauler or sedan than a taxi cab.

-Mike Garrett



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Background the last please?


the car is ugly


Very cool! Very different! Any more on the truck next to it? It also looks awesome!


I loke the Air bags on the front almost not noticeable. It is very different not a big fan of the shifter I do like tall long handles in trucks.


More on the Blue pickup rod with the V-6 in it please.


Woow, what a hotrod! although the "blue" rat rod beside it isn't ugly as well


what's really incredible is looking at a pic of a 56 Austin Taxi!


the car is ugly


yeah LP we get you don't like it.. move on.. ANYWAYS! that car is killer you'd never be able to tell it's a Austin! sooo killer!


This kustom was built completely out of the box, much respect more people should let there creative side go wild and sick car like this are built..


This car is what its all about CUT < CHOPPED > CHANNELED > AIR BAGGED


the shifter is EPIC !!!