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Sometimes when staying in random hotel rooms, I often find myself trying to imagine what sort of goings-on had previously transpired in the same space. Maybe it's like trying to see ghosts.

I'd love to know what stories that the hotel walls would tell, if they could speak. I'm sure some of the rooms I've stayed in would have some interesting tales to say!

You could likely say the same thing about old street machines too. I'm sure there are cars out there which have been witness to some amazing events and stories over the decades.

I came across one such car at Bonneville this past August; this old '57 Chevy delivery wagon.

It's a machine which is a mild street car at best… but when you look closely you can see the history of Rodding written all over it.

In particular an examination of the stickers pinpoints this car as being present during the golden era of SoCal drag racing.

Notice the Irwindale Raceway sticker… And no that's not the same as Irwindale Speedway!

Would this '57 ever really be considered for a car feature in a print magazine? Probably not… but what I like about this is that to me it looks it's been in this guise since the '60s.

The car's owner was part of a race team competing at Bonneville Speed Week 2010. A support vehicle of some kind.

In chatting with one of the guys he mentioned that they lovingly refer to the car as the "Bromad".

I found this a fitting name for the car, reminding me of the "BroStang" terminology that JTP and Vaughn Gittin JR were throwing around this year.



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I love cars like these. Cars with history. IT doesn't have to be "perfect" and that's what makes it perfect.


I couldn't agree more Ryan. This is what a car is to me. One that's been driven, taken care of, and most of all - Loved. It just feels "right" you know?


Now that's the sorta car that SHOULD be in a magazine, not the "Trailer Queen" crap that most feature.

Perfect from every angle.


Land speed racing at the El Mirage dry lake bed is quite a bit different than that of the salt flats


Amazing pictures and car! It clearly shows the spirit and atmosphere of sixties. Cars with the history are the best and I always wonder what is inside of them? Did the engine lived though numerous repairs or it was replaced by a completely new one? As mentioned a little magic and secret will never hurt.


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Very helpful post! I had never heard about the place before I read your post. Your pictures are making me itch to pack my bags and travel to this paradise right away!


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