Car Spotlight>> Stagea At Nikko Circuit

Whilst staying in Nihonmatsu for the week leading into G1GP and Autumn Matsuri, I headed down to Nikko Circuit where a private drift day was behind held.

With this month's theme being Haulers & Sedans, this Nissan Stagea seemed to be an exceptional choice to do a spotlight on.

I was quite surprised as to how well this car slid on the track, with very consistent runs lap after lap.

The owner didn't speak a great deal of English but I managed to get some information out of him about the car. The motor is virtually a stock RB25 Neo…

…With only an aftermarket pod filter, adjustable coilovers and an OEM strut brace.

The same goes for the interior, with only a few minor upgrades such as a Momo steering wheel, aftermarket gear shifter and a head unit. This car more or less is just something to have fun in without blowing the budget!

The Brabus 3-piece wheels were a bit of a surprise to see on a Nissan.

When it comes to Japanese wagon drifters, the Stagea is the perfect candidate!

-Casey Dhnaram.



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Benz is 5 x 112, Nissan is 5 x 114,3

Some offset bolts could do the magic here.


Sick Stagea! Thanks Casey, Love it!


Damn shame the US never got these. Would be a great daily driver.


so, it's NA?


I'm a fan of a nicely modded Stagea. This is nice, and makes me consider selling my Skyline for one.



Any more on the other Stagea, the silver one with the Y33 front on it?


mm looks like mine, still got hicas and 4wd? its turbo


Wow a manual Stagia thats a rarity most seem to be auto unless your looking for a 260


I would love to drift hard to get parts


It's a manual, that makes it quite rare.


Ah not really that rare, Series 2 stageas could be had in RWD, AWD, variety of engines and trim levels with a manual transmission. Its the S1 Stageas (with the R33-type RB25DET, orange tails and one piece headlights) which were automatic only.


Good evening,

I know the post and the picture is old.

But I think the spoiler lip in the picture from the front so great where do you get this or from which car is this?

I drive in Germany my Nissan Stagea and here you get as good as garkeine parts for this beautiful car.

Would be glad about a reply.

Best regards