Car Spotlight>> Rb20 Hakosuka Sedan

At Auto Fashion's VIP Festival, it's a given that you're going to see a whole lot of full sized sedans with giant chromed out wheels. Then there's this four door Hakosuka Skyline GT which has none of the glitz of chrome, but rather, the glamour of a classic japanese sedan. 

When you see one of these in person, it is hard not to stop, gawk and feel slightly jealous or envious of the car's owner….

The original inline-six was replaced by a much more modern RB20. 

Even for an engine bay as roomy as the Hakosuka's is, the RB20 looks like a very snug fit. 

The interior looks immaculate and yup, it's still right hand drive. 

The wooden Nardi wheel is tasteful replacement to the stock wheel.

You can't go wrong with a classic set of Watanabe R-Types –especially in bronze. 

The car isn't so low that you can't drive it, but just low enough to look good and fit those wonderful Watanabes. The overall package looks fantastic.

I wouldn't complain if I owned one –not one bit. 




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the car sits perfectly, the stance, the body, even the interior is done sooo RIGHT!

... then under the hood, wtf is up with that intercooler.. directly over the exhaust? geez

intake temps must be 300+ degrees, i would just omit the cooler and install a meth kit for cooling.

Whatever.. car is friggin amazing.


Exactly what I was thinking, It's more of a heatsink for the exhaust manifold than an intercooler!!

Beautiful car though, pretty much perfect (minus a few of the larger stickers for my taste).


i have to agree...

the placement of the intercooler right above the exhaust doesn't make any sense. lol


Is it possible that it is the kind of intercooler thats filled with water?


owesome & clean hakosuka...!!!!!


For those wondering about the intercooler, air flows from the bonnet down so it takes the hot air down past the exhaust. Also, red top RB20's came with a top-mount intercooler anyway. Still works, it's just not as cool as a front mount.


I can't speak for the owner, but it's not really possible to fit a front mount in a Hako without cutting up a lot of sheetmetal, so it's possible that the owner is sacrificing some efficiency in the name of keeping the bodyshell as original and the engine conversion as reversible as possible.


How come the intercooler is on top of the header with no scoop? Seems like it would be heating the air up rather than cooling it down.


Wow, impeccable ! Thanks for posting. :)


that shit is fresh!!! hakosuka FTMFW


did he put the intercooler directly above the entire exhaust manifold? with no hood vent or scoop? interesting.


Yeah, I'm not getting how that intercooler is supposed to do anything.


Rad. I'm feelin that.


The rear of the hood is gapped in the rear. We made a heat shield that covers and separates the exhaust manifold and the intercooler. The air flows in and up. Intercooler stayes pretty cool as long as the car is moving.


ID lose some of thse stickers, but that is pretty gangster otherwise.


The looks are fantastic save for that rear vinyl that reads OSR-S. Should read PMC S.

And lets be honest here, that motor has no place in this car. At least keep in NA instead of ramming all the turbo ancillaries together.


loving this linhbergh


yea you should keep a slow n/a l series in there that gets terrible gas mileage and carbs go out of sync all the time oh and the oil leaks..oh and valve train noise...


Nice!! One of the best 4 door Hakosukas around for sure. And props for going with a little less efficient IC setup and sparing this beautiful chassis from being chopped to bits with a big nasty front mount, or worse, a hood scoop. I'm sure the the RB20 is still plenty quick in there :)

And FEAST JAPAN, 0SR-S is homage to his shop, and pretty common to see variations on the original logo like this in Japan.


LOL @ intercooler placement.


I have to giggle when I see everyone going weak at the knees for Watanabes. Oooooh, Watanabes! They're Minilite knockoffs FFS!

Other than that, fantastic car.


Nope, it is a air to air intercooler. Great looking car, i dont know if i like the swap much (i have had a couple RB20 cars and didnt love the motor), id just go rb25 or 26 if i was going through the hassle, but its not my car and he has done a great job. Id do a side mount smaller intercooler if you really dont want a FMIC. Love the car, looks amazing. Nice to see Hakos in good hands.


Its not a water filled intercooler., just where it looks best.. Its not about MAX boost but what the owner wants the car to look like. This is not an extreme car its a balancing act


OOOH l think I'll build one in 1/24 scale... OOOOH, look at the widebody NSX peeking around the rear of the car in the second photo, more on that please!


really spend that much money on the hakosuka, rb20 and the watanabes yet you put kumho ast tires on it ? like onethe cheapest tires in 195/50/15 brandnew like 50$ each on tirerack......


fucking awesome!!!!!


Im srry but putting that intercooler there is just strait up retarded! dose the owner know what an intercooler is for? would be better off with no cooler at all or at least the RB20s factory setup.

Apart from that this car is jus goodness!


lol were else would he be able to put the intercooler in that engine bay without ruining the car.


where else you put the intercooler??


@Aces high, yes it possible, filled with lots of lovely hot water from that hot exhaust :P

seriously though that is a beautiful car, height and everything just perfect.

FIrst pic with the sunshine hitting the bronze in the wheel is cool. Need more things in that colour!!


i remember seeing this outside of JCCS.

awesome hako!


i think th car is awesome and who cares what tires are on it...who cares if he drinks redbull or monster damn the car looks good. shut the f^&* up you are all jus jealous ..i am sorry you all drive focuses or neons dont take it out on this guy...and i agree gettin rid of that l-series was the best thing he coulda of done ..i got a 26 in mine...


there is no hole in the hood for the Intercooler. LOLZ

but other than that small glaring fault . . .

This car is the awesomeness!!!!!!


I think it's great, real useable classic. Bet it sounds cool and goes like stink with the RB20 in it.


"Dan said:

For those wondering about the intercooler, air flows from the bonnet down so it takes the hot air down past the exhaust. Also, red top RB20's came with a top-mount intercooler anyway. Still works, it's just not as cool as a front mount."

I think you are getting confused with the red top SR20's that came in gtir pulsars mate. Air will flow from the bonnet down past the exhaust? How the hell would it do that? The intercooler is in a shit place, no ifs, buts or maybes. V mount would have been way more efficient, or at least have a scoop above it to force cold air through it.

Either way, nice looking car.


Did anyone notice the polished spring behind the shifter? Is that a tasteful way to design a cup holder or does it serve some other purpose?


Get rid of those looks like a Trapper Keeper


i love it.....and the intercooler is sick


the smart thing to do would be to cut it up and make a big front mount fit...bunch of fast and the furious watching idiots...


yeah i think i would have cut it up like a honda or 240sx and put some fists on it...


Rb26 on it please :D


Look guys, I have driven it with the old L motor which had tripple carbs and cam. It was ok and ate a bunch of gas. Now with the new motor its fast for stock rb20det w/boost up, starts with ease , dependable , good MPG . People in San Diego will tell you he drives this almost car every day. If it was a real GTR with S20 motor than yeah dont mess with it. Other than that its game on.


You guys need to read the first couple comments. These guys make valid points for the placement of the intercooler.. jus sayin


i would put the intercooler in front hanging off bumper and repait it orange oh and some iron fist graphics on the side..i think this guy owes me a 10 second


ok yes the intercooler isnt it the best place but i wasnt ready to chop up the front end and do major me the car runs fine, its not as hot as you all may think, the hood is vented and actually stays cold when running, yes it gets hot when its sitting but i assure you when its moving its works fine, as for a hood scoop not gonna chop a hole in that fiberglass hood its hard enough to find parts for this car, i built this car not to be a super race car but something to have fun with and drive around, i drive this car 4 days of the week i dont have it as a garage queen yes it has cheap tires but im not gonna fork over money on race tires that will last me a couple months im a paycheck to paycheck guy not rich just got lucky owning this car and remember i owned this 4 years already and the value wasnt the same years back as they are me if i wanted to build a race car my buddy who built this car is no joke we know what the intercooler is for we can build fast cars, we have video of our 510 running 5.8s on the 1/8 for the OSR-S sticker thats just paying respect to our shop who built the car i know it suppose to be PMCS, the L motors are cool but ive been building and driving L's since 1996 i had a fully built 2.9L nismo stroker bal n blue printed heat treat block sleeved hks valvetrain hks flywheel, nismo tranny the works but this rb20det gets me around 23-24 mpg depending how i drive and its bone stock and is faster than my L motor, smoother and less gotta drive these cars everyday to understand why we swapped the motor. thanks for the good vibes the intercooler is the least of my worries ask my buddies with 240zs with 3.1 strokers they will tell you the intercooler isnt hurting the power at all...


Mike's car is amazing! The best part is when we drove through a Dinosaur push rod motor old man Hot Rod fest! We received more looks than any car on that whole strip! I love what he has done with this car, it's pretty fantastic!

-72510sss; you made me giggle!


I know the sticker scheme is a hate it or love it thing but you gotta know the skyline history to understand why I did it, I'm paying my respects to the old jaf grand prix 4 door gtrs and making a replica but with my own personality in it, the sticker scheme is exactly the same as the gtrs that raced in the 70s, plus they are just stickers they can be removed,,,I wish all y'all can really check out the car in person and take joy rides I assure you won't be disappointed


Does that Knot thing hanging from your mirror make it faster or more Jdm?


The pictures don't do this car justice. It looks a whole lot nicer in person and sounds pretty badass. The owner and builder already chimed in but some of you all just don't like to take the time and read comments. There's a heat shield in between the manifold and intercooler and the hood is gapped to vent air. If this was your classic car, would you want to hack it up to install an fmic or v-mount? Where's the room when you have an RB20? The only other place I can see for it to be is being mounted is in front of the front bumper. But that's just asking for vandalism. No one mentioned this but this setup also makes the intercooler piping really short. I'm sure I don't have to go over the advantages of that.


They make valid comments but have you physically seen the car and really check the temp of the I/c I have and it's not burning hot as you all think, I've driven the car and got sideways easily there is a heat shield between the turbo and I/c and does help, if your talkin trash go buy a Hakosuka and out due him since your a better fabricator until you own one and see what your dealing with space wise and keeping the car as cut free as possible I'd be quiet,,,his car is clean, runs, and looks dope that's all that matters


Trav it was a VIP show had to put something VIP right??!! Lol as for jdm can't get more jdm than car coming directly from Okinawa hehehe


beautiful art ...

more of these classics


I don't suppose anyone knows the wheel specs?


I would put a big 454 V8 and bondo the rear doors to make it a 2 door and put a r34 front end LOL!!! "F" The haters , you guys have no creativity. go back to your forums.


seen it in person and this thing is sick! all everyone does here is talk shit


15x9.5 -19 rear 15x8.5 -6 fronts


I'm rather excited at the moment as tomorrow I'll be heading over to Laguna Seca for a couple days of shooting at the Rolex Historic Races. Before I get transported to that wonderful world of vintage racing, here's one more look at last weekend's