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When I was walking around the California Hot Rod Reunion last month, I came across another car that would make a perfect spotlight for Haulers and Sedans month. It seems the back in the '60s just about any body style could be built into a drag machine, and it wasn't all that unusual to station wagons out there on the strip. This '56 Chevy two-door wagon is a fine example of that.

Now I can't tell for sure if this is an original race car from the '60s or recreation, but I'm leaning towards original.

There's either a lot of history here, or some did a hell of a job making it look like there was.

The interior is just as period correct as the outside. Check the hand-labeled "Fuel" and "Mag" switches.

Only 292 cubic inches? Not a whole lot displacement for a drag car. I wasn't able to get a look under the hood to see what was actually under there.

American mags, drag slicks, faded lettering, and side pipes. Everything about this is cool.

From this angle you get a good look at the extreme straight axle setup.

Just another cool long roof to enjoy before the month is through!

-Mike Garrett



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for sale? looks like a bargain


Very interesting looking car, it would be nice to know the history.


This is bitchin' !!!


I would say that '292 CI' text is bullshit because it looks like there's a 4-into-1 collector further up the sidepipe. Car looks great but really needs a lot more info