Car Spotlight>>mr. Block’s Grocery Getter

Here's a question for you all: Would you replace your 550 horse power Mercedes CLS for a lime green hot hatch with about 200 less horse power? 

Keep in mind that the hot hatch, a 2010 Ford Focus RS, is not available in the United States. So add the rarity factor. Also keep in mind that your day job consists of being a professional hoon in a 850 horsepower peanut. 

And being a professional hoon, you'd want a car that puts around town in a comfortable, yet fun car. A cruise liner sized CLS would not be able to zip around town like a busy bee would it? 

Replacing a Brabus Mercedes CLS K8 with a 2010 Ford Focus RS is exactly what professional hoon and internet phenomenon, Ken block did.

Knowing Mr. Block, there's no way he'd keep a car completely stock. The Focus RS' original suspension was replaced by a set of KW GFw INOX V3. The lowered stance makes the car look just a bit more mean. Though, the bright green paint job counters that quite a bit. :) 

I have to admit that the stock rear valance give the car a very beefy look. 

The OEM silver multi-spoke wheels were replaced with a set of Volk Racing G2s. The guys at Crawford Performance repainted the wheel to be the brilliant black you see now. The single matte-black spoke with the DC logo looks sweet. 

The interior has been completely untouched. Being a daily driver, all the creature comforts are still present: the satellite navigation, stereo controls on the steering column, iPod dock in the arm rest, and of course, cup holders. 

Even the stock Recaros were kept. Though, Ken's skull and crossbones logo will adorn the headrest post-SEMA. 

The Focus' 2.5L, 305 horsepower, turbocharged five cylinder engine has also been untouched. But next on the list are some light engine mods that include a new downpipe, exhaust, ECU reflash and bigger injectors which will boost up the car's power to around 390 horses. Remember, it's Ken's daily driver, so it's not going to get TOO wild. Seeing that the Focus RS isn't sold in the states, the research and modding will take a bit longer.

After finishing the shoot, the Crawford Performance owner, Quirt Crawford, opened up the taps on the car on the way back to the shop. I was expecting a smooth engine note akin to the North American Volkswagen Rabbit's 2.5L five-cylinder, but the noise that came out of this car sounded more like a beefy V8! It's a nice healthy sound and should sound even better after all the modding is done with.  

But why would Ken replace a 550 horsepower Mercedes for a Ford? I'll let him explain.

"I've had the matte-black CLS K8 for a couple years now and it was just time to get something the new. Since I first saw Ford reveal the Focus RS at Rally GB two years ago, I have wanted one. I am pretty stoked that Ford was able to make that happen, considering the RS is not for sale here in the States. It's the perfect daily driver for when I am actually home. But I am likely going to keep this one a bit closer to stock than the CLS. I have bigger plans for another project, which I'll fill you all in on soon enough."

The Focus that is currently out in the states is a good cheap-ish car. But this lightly customized RS takes it up a few humble notches. Lowering the car and adding on the set of black Volks makes a huge difference. If Ford was to bring this car over to the states, it could prove to be very popular. Who wouldn't want a hot hatch with good handling, decent power and good looks? 

For those of you that are in attendance at SEMA this week, this car will be at the Pirelli booth. So check it out!




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Lucky!!! I want black with brushed aluminium TE's...


Me too


lime green & black wheels makes perfect match =)


Common as muck in the uk lol


That makes 2 in the US now. Although I will bet Mr Blocks is riding on MFG plates. The other is not.


Er.. the engine in that thing is out of a Volvo C30 (same as S40/V50 T5's as well). There's plenty of tuning options and development already done on this side of the pond, they're hardly breaking new ground here. Still superbly cool.


'But this lightly customized RS takes it up a few humble notches.'



I'll see this thing tomorrow, and there are more than two in the U.S., that makes 4 at least. There is the gentleman in Chi with one, two ford owned ones in the Detroit area, and this one...


you do not get my CLS


Now I have a sudden craving for an RS.


Someone else beat you too it Mr. Block ;)

Jalopnik did a feature on it a while back. Not that this detracts from the awesomeness of importing one of these.


mmmmm i want a RS now with jet black n blood red rims ^^


Theres around 250 of them here in Australia FWD only and Ken (not Block) you are right the motor is out of a volvo... they would be better if they were AWD.


grocery getter???

This is not a wagon...


i would definitley recommend to ford to sell this vehicle in the states. yes it has alot of competition in the states but it would make up for the embarassment known as the focus. besides its an affordable car and with around 300hp it would be a great starting platform for any tuners looking for a quick and cheap car. plus has anyone saw gymkhana 3? the car has potential....


Ford Focur RS FTW!!! Great car, great handling, and superb engine sound ;)


Volkswagen's 2.5L 5 cylinder? It's Volvo engine! For power upgrades, ask the guys at :)


very nice. love this tuning. the 'dc' on the rims is just superb!


I would Hella do the same thing


Desktops of fifth pics!!! :D


What a nice car! I wish i could drive it


nice nice i like the colour greetz dave


'' I was expecting a smooth engine note akin to the Volkswagen's 2.5L 5 cylinder''

Is a volvo engine not a vw


Interesting how my earlier post was not added.

A very cool car indeed, but how is this car possibly street legal in the USA? NHSTA and DOT legal it is not.


wow, sweet DD fits ken perfectly!


Ken Block keep his styleee :P

that RS is sickkk!

wallpaper of 1st, 4th and 5th pic please


nice dude nice !!!!!!!!!!!!


some pics as desktops, please! nice car!


No.....Because i like Mercedes Cars a lot but..............its your choice by the way wat does the Mercedes look like?????????


Mierquina que durooo ta el ford rs, confortable sport y con to lo power


I just looked the picture up and I say DO NOT TRADE THE MERCEDES IS A NICER LOOKING CAR.


I prefer Subaru.


No R & D required as it is all available via Pumaspeed.......Graham Goode...Mountune etc


Make some wallpapers please!!!


If I was that rich, I wouldn't be driving a new car.

I'd be driving an old car reworked to the point where it's basically a new car, except better.

But that's just me.


crappy ford focus instead of a brabus cls with that sick sound and shit load of torque? how stupid is that.


ooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh i just messed myself!!!!!!!


sweet ride ken!,even here in uk would turn more heads than the CLS!.


If you can put up with the Torque Steer and Bland interior I suppose it would be good enough to get the groceries in.


So you're trying to tell me Mr. Block does his own groceries?

No way...

Btw. How will FoMoCo sell the Focus RS with a Volvo engine?

Euro trash!

As for the Hot Hatch... it ain't that affordable like a Clio RS!


never mess with sound of the volvo 5 cylinder engine =)


This guy isn't lucky he just made it happen hats down Mr BLOCK really!!


I've wanted one.... Since Top Gear showed it


If Ford sold these here (U.S.) I would so buy one!


can some explain how this thing is legally plated?


Damn that car looks so much like a Hatch STI insane car though for sure


OH CRAP, NO ONE MOVE. I think I just came.


I drove the RS500, the mean brother of this one and i can say: that thing is crazy! :D


Marketing marketing marketing.

"Mr. Block we are trying really hard to sell more Focus here in the US. More specifically sell them to those hipster-wannabe-hellaflush kids (hence the lime green). Would u help us out? Better yet, would u dump ur sweet Benz as a BOLD statement and replace it with our oh-so-fancy oh-so-rare (fwd) Focus? It really would show something to those kids, you know? Thanks for being part of Ford, have a good day."


Why the hell wouldn't Ford export these in the states? Making a huge mistake...

But, It look's awesome! Good choice of color too.


390hp FWD FTW!


i'd like to drive something nobody else has... how did he get his and I want mine in matte black please. you can have my silly cls. and i'll even keep it RHD


Loved this since they announced it.

Looks hot. Wallpapers pretty please.


Where i can find a wallpaper of the RS?

I want it on my screen :)


How could this gray market car possibly be street legal in the USA. Won't pass DOT or NHSTA safety standards. Someone definitely pulled some strings.


How are you going to register a car not sold in the States?



"The Focus that is currently out in the states is a good cheap-ish car. But this lightly customized RS takes it up a few humble notches. "

The RS is not just a Focus in a bodykit. It's a completely new platform.

Amateur feature.


Ken block's daily driver is FWD. ...what?


I was actually looking forward to buying a Fiesta until I found out America wasn't getting the 2-door. How can Ford live with themselves, doing so much advertising to the performance enthusiasts with a sexy 2-door hatch, then just giving America the ugly 4-door versions?? Give me a decent looking 2-door hatch (hell, doesn't even have to be the RS) and I'll actually reconsider buying one of these!


some wallpaper please!


he didnt really trade his cls for this, its a ford sponsorship


Really nice i think id own one over the Mazda 3 MPS


Isnt that like bringing an R34 into the states?

I guess Mr. Ken has no shortage of connections.


nicely done. the RS Ford's have a massive following in the UK.. plus the Focus in most of its 'tasty' forms is a popular car to modify.. i love the hot hatch type style driving - being able to [and wanting to] throw your car around enthusiastically. this one, even in this colour[?] is an awesome 'Grocery Getter' - love the rims!!


not an RS500 though...


Manufacture plates...'s a gift from Ford.


adam auerbach who gives a fuck dude ?? dope car loving the dc on the wheel


hmmmm..... im surprised he didnt get the rs500 considering what he is doing 4 ford with the fiesta promotion and all. cool car though.


Id never swap rwd to fwd


Nice wheels on the car


Khe.. Advertisement? Ford tries to sell more vegetable wagons for office workers with fancy stuff for silly price? Changing Benz for this is a joke. There is enough variety for this price.


very nice rimms :)


I've seen several of these Lime green RSs and an orange ST at our local Ford gatherings in Texas, all of them sporting Mexican license plates :<


i have one,im from england and i love it, done a few mods to it black wheels was a must when i got it.

do love those rims.


"Would you replace your 550 horse power Mercedes CLS for a lime green hot hatch with about 200 less horse power? "


No. That's like asking if I would rather trade my Mustang for a Civic....stupid question.


Why Ken Block's daily driver is Fail-Wheel-Drive, I'll never understand....I guess you get spoiled on speed in race cars and when you hit the streets for mundane tasks, all you want is a nice, slow ass-dragger....I guess?


"A cruise liner sized CLS would not be able to zip around town like a busy bee would it?"


Yeah, and it could drift circles around this lime green turdbox, which can't drift to begin with....massive, massive failure.


kick ass!!


Cool car...definitely, it is on loan from FORD, since it isn't sold or certified here (hence it is running Michigan MFR plates). Since Ford is paying for it, KB likely has his Brabus'd CLS parked at home, saving the wear and tear for the RS, so you fools who think he got "rid" of his Benzo need to calm down (most likely JDM fanboys who hate anything American made).

Ford will likely the car back who knows when, so while it is here, this car is just a nice beater for Ken to enjoy while he is driving for them.


if i got a £ for everytime i saw one a day i would be pretty well off


Amazing car that is, but considering that Mr. Block's hugely popular Gymkhana 3 video is filmed in a Fiesta, I'm surprised he just got a 'boggo' RS, when there are a few limited edition RS500s still available in Europe (these weren't sold out in hours as they said, months later still a few available). I guess grocery shopping in a RS500 would be a bit OTT, even for him...


I'd like to see him get some groceries & bring them home... You really think he gets groceries?


Ken really needs to show Ford just how far they have their head up their ass not offering that little gem in the US.

I love the mustang and all but can't see supporting a company that sucks enough to tease us with giveaways of a "Monster" fiesta that was probably FWD! ahahahaha

Love how this 'American' company can't offer US (the UNITED STATES) some of their coolest creations.

Thanks for the slap in the face; Ford Motor Company, Monster, World Rally, and Ken Block. It makes us oh so bitter.



the very reason i hate ford motors is because of their lack of brains to bring over their other 80% of their market. until we get a escort cosworth or a focuse RS (same thing in my opinion) im not happy with ford at all... someone please talk some sense into ford... please.


hey guys you cant go wrong with a big block v8 but i prefer the v12 motor


I'm surprised Ford didn't supply Ken with the Mountune MP350 kit. Boosts power upto 350PS (same as RS500) & retains the factory warranty. Woot!


It's technically not Block's since the MI plates signify it's on Ford MFG plates. Ford has 3 in the states on MFG plates: Block's, 1 other lime green display car and one RS500 (w/o a number plate btw). I'm surprised he didn't get one with the lime green seats too. Block should def call up the guys at Mountune for some engine upgrades, as Mountune is a division of Roush and work with Ford on upgrades that will also protect the factory warranty.



A tip for mr Ken Block is to visiting the swedish Volvo tuner AUTOTECHMOTOR.

They have many years of experience of the Volvo 5 cyl engine and they have a RS, Frosted White, with a really nice setup.

Btw... this engine in the Ford Focus RS mk II, Volvo doesnt make it anymore, so it's not possible to build more RS cars with that engine. Due to european envirment laws 2011, this engine is not ok to build next year... :(

Ford is already now switching over to Ford 4 cyl engines in their new Focus and next generation RS is going to be with a Ford 4 cyl engine and AWD but with an hybrid electric engine in the rear axle.


Let's take a break from all this SEMAness and take one last look at Halloween Bash from last weekend


Sex on wheels.


Americans are absolutely clueless. I'm from the UK and this car is a demonstration of pure engineering precision. 350HP through the front wheels... and it still gets off the start line. What a feat of engineering this car is. It's amazing and quality built. Why are Americans so obsessed with raw straight line power. Get this car out on some twisty country roads in the UK and it comes alive.


This was my first time visiting the My Car show in the Dortmund Messe, right next to the enormous Borussia


Sit back and think for a minute. Think about what you're doing this very second. I can safely say




Real Racing 3 keep up