Car Spotlight>> Fluid Motorunion M3

Some would consider the BMW E90 M3 as the ultimate four door grocery getter. BMW got a lot of complaints after they dropped the sedan version in the previous E46 M3 line up but with the E90 series they reintroduced the sedan version once again. The guys at Fluid MotorUnion needed a car to deliver parts and for the occasional run around, so this M3 sedan was the perfect choice.

I have been in contact with Fluid Motorunion for a while and I know they don't like stock. So it didn't take them long to remove and add some parts after they bought it in 2009.

Exterior wise it has been left mostly stock; all of their attention went to the wheels, suspension and engine. The Dymag carbon wheels are a perfect match for this powerhouse; they come in 19" and are wrapped with Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires.

The car has been dropped with a set of H&R springs and dampers. They are fully adjustable for the perfect ride height and handling. To go fast around the bends you also need some serious brakes. So Fluid MotorUnion contacted Rotora and ordered their big brake set with 8 piston calipers in the front and 4 piston calipers in the rear with 380mm rotors.

The frontbumper gained a Vorsteiner lip that has been molded into it.

One of the first things FMU removed was the cat but earlier this year they removed the entire system and replaced it with a 3" exhaust with custom cans. Another addition to aid performance are the custom velocity stacks.

-Jeroen Willemsen

 Fluid MotorUnion

I need to thank Mike Burroughs for the photo's



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What is it with the constant use of the phrase "Grocery Getter" So cliché.


let's trash ride quality, handling and grip by giving up sidewall for over the top donk style...boooo. With wheels like that I'd go to 17's and not pee my drawls every time I pull up to a curb


Those wheels are terrible looking; the only thing keeping this from being worse than stock is the nice fitment.


isn't it a re-post?


done with style!


Joe Smooch has no clue what he's doing.

Those Dymag wheels cost a cold $2500 per wheel. Then Mr. Smooch goes and install some shotty Chinese knock off brakes. Way to go !


something not right. ride height too low, perhaps - wheels and car just don't look to be playing nice. i find it hard to imagine that such dramatic changes would result in a dramatic improvement over M-Tech engineering efforts.....


Really that low on springs and shocks? REALLY?!?


we don't sell many of these at 'my spot'.. but this one looks cool -- seems specc'd up right. don't like those wheels. top notch photo's Mr. B.


Wasn't this posted here a long time ago?

I've seen it somewhere... I'm sure it was here..


this car is fucking awesome and i love Fluid Motor Union builds, but there's no way that wheel and suspension set up improves on the original BMW kit. you better believe that geo and roll centres are perfect from the factory on this thing.

it looks badass and i'd have it exactly the same, just saying that that's not exactly a handling upgrade.


i don't know what they're talking about, i want a wallpaper of the second to last shot!


why is so many persons bashing the rims? how much different is the rim from any other rim that the spoke goes up to the edge of the rim? its not!! the fact that the tires has no rim protection would affect ANY rim. Maybe what is affecting your judgement is the fact that the rim is black and the spoke is shiny so it stand out so much. Nice car though and i would love to know as well, what is considered a grocery getter as that term is used loosely as far as I see.


I wonder what the M engineers think of when they see things like this?


I wonder what the M engineers think of when they see things like this?


Since when did Dymags become the subject of horrible looking wheels? Or perhaps, everyone loves to see the same kind of crap that people constantly put on the same cars, and then call that "creative", and "good looking". Give me a break. Apparently, those people have never seen Dymags in person, what a shame. The carbon fiber barrels are absolutely gorgeous.

Trash handling? Yeah, I'm sure a [Performance] specialty shop would go so far as to insanely "decrease" handling to make it worse than stock. How are companies making money then on aftermarket suspension parts if they decrease the handling of the vehicle? Ever seen race spec suspensions? Apparently the consensus today is any car that has been lowered is automatically a poor handling car. That argument is ridiculous. You go with your 17s. Might as well throw a driving course in with that as well if curbs are still making you nervous.

Saw this car at M-Fest in Vegas. Without a doubt the best sounding E9X M3 on the road today. The velocity stacks looked absolutely gorgeous, the intake sound was amazing, and the car was absolutely beautiful. "Donk style". Lmfao. Dymag wheels are now considered "donk style". That's news to me.



Who is Joe Smooch and when did the US based company since 1999 become Chinese?

Silly girl...


love them rims


A picture of the stacks would've been good. They're RIDICULOUS, just sayin.


Rims could be better, but I wouldn't complain to be honest! A very sexy looking and performing car!



go read up on just what happens when you lower a car THAT much. unless they've done a hell of a lot of work chopping up the knuckles and realigning the arms to correct the roll centre they've just massively fucked, that car will never handle as well as a factory car.

again, i've got respect for the Fluid Motor Union guys but they're nothing on BMW's engineers.


I believe you guys misunderstood springs and dampeners..... dampeners meaning H&R Coilover setup....


1st and 4th wallpaper please?


@ Mr. Tank:

Joe Smooch is the owner of this

Apparently he has good taste in cars BUT fails to understand that the "based in US company" mentioned above does not produce its parts in the US. In fact, they're made in China. Like I said, shotty brakes.


There's a good reason people don't use carbon wheels on road cars. That's because they don't work, shatter at the slightest impact and get corroded into oblivion by the mere sight of brake dusk and road salt.

Stick it on some CSL Forced Alus and be done with it, much prettier than the Dymags.


Nice body kit but i think the rims doesnt match in this car


Cars built by Fluid Motor Union have graced these pages before, including this BMW E90 M3 that I featured


That piece of junk broke down on it's first road trip LOL.


It's a shame the velocity stacks were designed by someone that doesn't even work at FMU. I ran into the guy who actually came up with the design and talked about how much hush money he got to stay in the shadows lol. This place is a fantasy shop.