Car Spotlight>> A Presidential Q45

When I think of VIP style, my mind conjures up thoughts of important political dignitaries being escorted around in full sized JDM sedans dropped to the ground with two flags waving up front representing their respective countries. If my fantasies somehow played out in the real world, those sedans would look somewhat similar to this second generation Infiniti Q45 from this year's VIP Festival.

In this fantasy world, important political dignitaries shouldn't be in cars that are modified too much. Just clean mods which only speak of cool and clean classiness.

The Infiniti front grill has been replaced by its JDM Nissan counterpart. The added hood ornament is a nice touch as well. 

The simple all around lip kit is a nice subtle addition to the car. Very clean. 

Wheel choice and wheel fitment are two important elements that make or break a car a car of this quality. The Work Euroline SLs definitely make this car. I'm sure any political dignitary would approve of this wheel choice…

…as well as be escorted around this Q45. If I sat in the back seat of this car, I'm sure I'd feel like a crowned prince knowing that I'm rolling in around in a car this cool.




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almost got one of these but i decided not too cuz i thought there wasn't enough aftermarket parts for it.....stupid me.


Correction - it's not a lip kit but a full version select kit

And yea, Tyler your bad cause there's a ton of aftermarket support, even more so now that we are figuring out all the swaps you can do w/ the S13/14 suspension to get these as close to the ground as possible!


"In this fantasy world, important political dignitaries shouldn't be in cars that are modified too much. Just clean mods which only speak of cool and clean classiness"

This is exactly what VIP is all about to me. Class. When it gets over the top and too showy it just becomes crass.


They need to not make it hellaflush , to make it clean and classy. Hellaflush dosnt make it look clean at all.


sexy on wheels :D


You forgot one of the most important parts of vip, where are interior pics?


Rad! Next time photoshop the bird poo off the front bumper.


damn thats basically how i would do my q45 if i had one.

except black, with curtains.


yeah jeremiah will be happy his ride got some coverage


I love these Cima's sublte style from the factory, and with basic body re-styling and wheel choice, they make a stunning saloon on the road.


wallapper for pic 1, please


perfect ride height and stance. im looking to get into this VIP scene with a Y33. Anyone know his suspension setup or an ideal one.


i'm starting to like this style so much

beats dumped supras with chromies and a massive cannon exhaust



no not hella flush but heela i am gonna destroy my suspension and ruin a car so it cant be sold again or mybe call it hella triple a cause thats who they will be calling when they get a flat tire from all the negative camber and cheap tires they stretch...or hella stupid...or hella i am stranded ....hella flush what a joke..i cant beleive there is a business even associated with making money off of people who jack there cars up...


Pretty nice, though I'm not that big a fan of VIP in general. I'd rather have a clean looking executive sedan, slightly lowered, with a subtle paint job, classy rims (please don't try to say those are classy) and somewhat tinted windows. And none of those silly window liners, those just looks stupid.


What do you clowns that dont approve of agressive wheel "fitment" talk sh*t on a feature?

YOU ARE NOT going to change anyones mind STFU and GTFO

@Henry hery henry -sigh-, what would be classy wheels to you?

Some Lexanis or some BS like that?

Do you know how much those Work wheels cost? well regardless of price, they have a simple yet elegant design....thats classy.

Subtle paint job? I dnt think you can get more subtle than a simple color like Silver...

"somewhat tinted windows?) lol

Obviously VIP is not for you...


Pancakes? I KNEW this ride looked familiar. Hawt stuff man!


All you guys talking about hellaflush must either be confused or looking to different photos than me.

This car is not "hellaflush", or even flush. It's got some negative camber in the rear, to allow all that beautiful low with those big wheels.

If you don't like VIP or stanced cars that's cool, but if you're gonna hate, at least understand what you're hatin' on. This car is an excellent example of a mild VIP build.



everyone is entitled to an opinion, and not everyones style of modding is the same, but dont bash VIP out of ignorance. oh no! we lowered our car, hurting the resale value of an already relatively inexpensive car that we dont play on reselling! ...and no RARELY is tripple A called cus of a flat tire caused specifically by camber.. we replace our tires before they get to that for spending a lot of money on tires, thats our choice to make, not yours.


Of all the extreme kinds of modding there is on cars, VIP i think is one of the better looking ones. It's not about over-the-top, its not batman style bodykits and too much chrome.....but WOW some of you haters get offended. I mean, god only knows how good the suspension is in say... a lifted truck, on the freeway but still rocking a skidplate and sand paddle tires...or a '67 Chevelle with 12" meats on back, Pizza cutters on front, and a MASSIVE blown 454 sticking out the hood? Because we all know how..AWESOME...that ride is too.

Just sayin'. And this car is the bizness.


our Q is kept very simple and clean. a lot of the VIP crowd now is going a lot more aggressive, we prefer to keep it classic. i dont claim this car to be hella flush. we ride low daily so its easier for us to tuck wheels. the suspension is of course AIRRUNNER. this car will remain the way it is for a while unless jeremiah picks up a different car to daily.

he said hes just happy to get noticed. its not very often the simple clean VIP look gets exposure anymore

oh and its not bird poop, its a crack we got on our caravan down to the festival


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Thanks you for the exposure. It was my pleasure to meet you guys at the festival. I hope everyone has a safe holiday, and enjoy the company with your family and loved ones.