Car Spotlight>>7-series On Air

At the SEMA show, you see lots of brand new customized vehicles, and lots of heavily modified classics from the '50s, '60s, and '70s.

What you don't see are a lot of cars from the 1990's and early 2000's. That's a big part of the reason I was drawn to this E38 BMW 7-Series.

Since it also fits into our Haulers and Sedans theme, I thought it was worth a quick spotlight. 

While the newer 7-Series models have a lot of swagger, there's something about simple lines of the E38 that set it apart. Just look at that rear profile, enhanced by four fat pipes coming out of the bumper.

This particular car was sporting that gangster stance thanks to an AirREX suspension kit.

A set of 20" Forgiato wheels and some stretched Falken FK452's complete the look.

Is it strange that I'd rather be driven around in something like this than a new Maybach or Rolls? This is assuming I was important enough to be driven around of course…

Anyways, this E38 not your typical SEMA car, and that's a good thing.

Long live the big body four-door.

-Mike Garrett



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I love my big four doors now but not digging this. . . . :(


yes you are strange .


that is fugly.


Hmm... Not digging the pipes. The paint and the wheels just look off put together, and the horrible "smoked" LED tail lights to "match", just an over all try hard. Could be fixed pretty easily IMO, but it's just such a hard color to look at!


Yes, yes it is your typical SEMA car, with extremely distasteful things such as those taillights and those HORRIBLE wheels being done to it.


I like the car, but the rims are horrible IMO.


CAR SPOTLIGHT>> How to ruin a nice 7 series with utterly terrible wheels


i could picture the rims on a charger or a 300. its kinda like a east meets west kinda theme. i'd rock this on the streets


That car must have been hell to try and photograph. It would look a hell of a lot better in less contrasting light, and definately remove the wheel chucks - they block the lines of the car/wheel.


Bad rim choice, Bad tail light choice, Very bad choice of "sl*tting" the car up with all the decals.

It looks more Tuner than VIP! IMO


the E38 was the last 7er that looked a bit like the smaller 5er.

It's also the last one to have a long low and wide bodyline/design as the newer E65 7er was more of a pachyderm that doesn't really belong to the BMW DNA, in term of looks.

the brand new F01 7er 's design is a little bit better but I think its front is too soft.


I like the 7 series but that's just nasty.


Pep Boys tail lights, Pep Boys window rain guards, Pep Boys 2x4 side skirts. It looks like it needs a wash.


ummm.. no.. :\


I looooooove E38's but i'm really hating this.


Awful taillights. Horrible wannabe rapstar wheels. God awful window visors. This thing is a piece of crap.


I love the E38, but this one is hideous. Poor car... it deserves a better owner.


I don't know about those wheels/tires. They just don't fit the car to me.


I really don't mind this car. It's not my ideal big body 4door, but I think the owner has done quite well with it. What 7-series was it? 735, 750 etc?


I LOVE e38s, but I feel sorry for this one.


so im not the only one who thinks this is crook


mUy bueno..ensima la version larga.

Una bestia.


Looks a little too Autozone for me. Maybe I just need to see this car up close...maybe not my eye catcher? Would like to see it in its next build though.


stop hating..this car is totally SICK


Whoever posted this needs to be fired. This car is a disgrace to this website. With all it's organ pipe piano exhaust pipes


This car has some pretty sick ideas, but thrown together make it look a bit tackie. The rear lights for example!


someone responsible for look of this BMW had few ideas but no idea how to put them all together in harmony. Mix of VIP and Tuner from which a sucker came. If I were blind that would be a great car. E38s are really great pieces of metal to drive,but this one is not to look at...


Tough critics. This car was at Stance of the Union Sacramento a week prior to SEMA. From what I remember, the owner had approx. 30 days to build this car and a lot of things had to come together for SEMA. Two of the major sponsors were for the BBKs all around and the air setup, hence the reasoning for the decals. Wheels were not made to incorporate the BBKs and spacers had to be used and the car leaned towards a "hellaflush/stance" look. Tail lights are a hit or miss type deal, but I think everything else came together well. Exhaust reminds me of ones from a VIP LS400 typically seen. Pictures presented here don't do this car justice. I agree with Mike Garrett, thanks for sharing!




Found strange, as i havn't seen ever such type of tyres..!!


Car would look amazing without the ebay taillights or gangster rapper wheels. I love the VIP style exhaust though.


Awesome car, bad execution, sorry.


I puked a little in my mouth..


Nice car with horrible wheels... this car is irrelevant to anything in the car world


Total FAIL!!!! Even here in Germany is the E38 rarely tuned but this car is an epic fail...


@ET you cannot blame the photographer for APC taillights or a all together bad wheel choice. That's the fault of the owner.


Please keep doing this to useless, horrible japanese fart barges. But for the love of all that is holy don't rape the last decent-looking 7 series! Hellaflush/VIP/Stance, whatever stupid name you want to give to this monumentally stupid craze, only belongs on crap cars.


Get rid of the hak guey wheels and pep boys taillights and the car would be golden


The main problem with this car is the wheels. Not only are they a bad choice (Forgiato seems more suited to the DUB style - maybe the owner is a gangster rapper) but the fitment is horrible. The front are sunken in yet the rear are polking way out. The rear fitment is especially bad since there looks to be no camber at all making the car sit on the tire and the car sit exceedingly high. With just an extra degree or two of negative camber the car can sit at least an inch lower when parked.

However I do like the exhaust setup, it reminds me of the VIP style in Japan


Rarely do you see a modified 7, especially on air. If this was your typical 3 or 5 series, you would know what to expect...almost cookie cutter. Props for daring to be different!


Too many haters....


If I had an E38 I think I would only give it KW susp', sport pads, a nice sounding exhaust but with a classier finish (2 pipes on a sleek limo is enough), BBS LMs or maybe color matched w. polished lips S1 Meisters.

If more cash, work on the engine.

You know, aiming for what an M7 could've been..


Oh really... everyone hating on this car, but that piece of crap 5 series stanceworks is the "standard". hahahahahahahahahahaha Ignorance is bliss!


werry bad sence of style to be honest