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Just a quick update for all you Speedhunters ! We are in a bit of a transition period here, most parts have been mocked up and are away being machined (or moulded in the case of the FRP) so let's give you a small run through what we've done before we do a much larger update in a week or two …

As you can see from the above picture, that is a very odd place to have the steering rack in an AE86 but that's where it now calls home, right in front of the 13B motor.

Also we have cut the bulkhead or firewall on the drivers side (RHD) and that is mocked up nicely but without having our transmission back from being machined we cannot install the motor and finish the passenger side so that is cut roughly for now.

I really love this aerial shot from upstairs at MCNSPORT, you can really see how short this thing is from wheel to wheel. Oh and also our custom roof has arrived !

Here is how we attach the 13B to the hachiroku. With the motor mounted back and our front steer system it should give us the best possible weight distribution. Also notice how one tube is straight and one is at an angle. All will become clear once we update you guys …

Speaking of weight distribution, here is the intake that feeds our rear mounted radiator.

Here is the front of our roof. These intakes will also supply air to the radiator and some much needed air to myself while driving / holding on. This thing reminds me so much of an old Group B rally car, I love it!

Okay, here is the mock up of our front suspension system including the new steering bracket. Yes, the steering is now worked off the front coilover.

Like so. The slotted hole be changed once we map out everything at ride height.

Here are the coolant pipes protruding through the bulkhead …

And here they are running through the cockpit on the passenger side. Passenger might get a little warm in this car …

A big, big thank you must go out to Carbonetic who supplied us with a Carbon Twin Plate Clutch. These are just a beautiful piece of kit.

Sytec have this sweet bracket for the Bosch 044 pump. All Sytec products are available at MCNSPORT

And finally another shot from above as the fabrication process gets closer to being complete.
There is a lot of crazy things being done to this car and that's what we wanted, to build something away from the norm like those glory days of Group B rallying. It looks like Europe is the only place we could build such a project now with the new tire to weight rules being imposed by Formula D
Keep logging onto to see our next update. The next one should be a big one!!





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This work put into this car is just crazy. good luck guys!


Too bad it won't ever make it to the states.....


Love the coke-bottle look of that last shot


Good God, that's an amazing build. Can't wait for the next update already!


The car looks great Darren. What gearbox are you going to use? Also, is the suspension a 3 Link?


now this is a proper 86


Love that roof


hi will this had a custom suspension like on the speedhunters mustang ? and nothing wrong with it but why a 13b ? ( i like ls1 ) thank you


Interesting build, Love the roof, but I don't understand why the FD tire rules would change and restrict the project?


Rad. I'm feelin this.




That car will be a demon by the end of it! Some radical shit going into that thing!


The ultimate 86, impressive innovations.


oh oh me so horny!


Top camera work by Paddy again, andnice rwrite up D, can't wait for the next part.


Awesome, Awesome work lads. Gonna be the best hachi around. Will it be down the port road for "testing"? :D I know that's what I'd do


This thing is crazy. I wonder how will it do at time trials when it's done!


Those rear down-bar lands haven't been legal for FD for a couple years now. Looks like the builders jumped the gun on this build without really looking at the rulebook, or even consulting FD about planned and upcoming rule changes before starting the build (which is EXTREMELY prudent for any serious race car build of any type). Even so, a 2000lb car like this would be restricted to 215s, which is only fair if it is to line up with larger 2700lb cars on 275s. The advantage in drifting should be in the driver, not by a tiny car on giant rubber.


Great ideas in a great little car, u cant get better! love the last pic, btw.


other than the shape of the car in the last pic, did anyone notice the soda bottle lying on the interior floor?


I hope it will be legen... dary =) What about motor?


damn!!1 this is the PROJETX""!!!


Thanks for the comments guys

We are using a supra transmission in this car.

Yes the rear has 3 forward links

The 13b is the smallest, most compact and lowest cg engine around that still gives good power.

The suspension used are off the shelf MCN/AVO dampers that will fit any ae86. This car will promote our suspension system. Also the rules do not allow suspension re-positioning


LOL @ McEpic


favorite feature build ever


thats a sexy ride!!




@ dr.......

If you had half a brain would would have spotted in previous posts that this car is not and i repeat 'NOT' likely to be competing in the states.... The car is being built in Ireland for Europe.....

Fail on your part!


Any particular reason why you put the steering arm on the front struts? It is very difficult to get a correct combination of king pin inclination and toe-steer(or lack thereof) with such a setup. Are you guys doing a full kinematics analysis?


Please, do not compare this to a Group B car. I approve of it greatly, but it does not compare.


@ dr

you obviously didnt read the second last line or any of the previous updates

@ mattman

lol that is one of the fabricators water bottles. i got its hot work

@ lolwut

we have moved the steering rack for a couple of reasons. weight distribution, steering angle etc.

what elements of KI and Toe-steer are you worried about?

We do not feel we need to do a kinematic. we are very confident of how we have things set up

@ Henry

Sorry but it does reming me of a group B car. Old 80's design, all frp with no modern carbon fibre, scoops and bulges. you see where im coming from?