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Even If you don't know the name Drew Strunk, then you'll surely know the KDF Mangler Volksrod that he brought to Bonneville this year.

Drew has been hard at work on another project, and he just sent us a few photos of his progress.

The car started off as a four-door sedan, but Drew has turned the old Ford into a classic five-window coupe…

…with a very aggressive chop. 6.5 inches to be exact!

At this point Drew is getting ready to hang the rear quarter panels.

As with the Mangler, almost everything on the car is being handcrafted – like the 1/4 elliptical rear suspension.

Drew wants to do something crazy with the front grille insert.

In fact, he's considering a rear radiator setup so he can leave the insert in all the time.

Power is going to come from a 401 cubic inch Buick Nailhead.

There's no doubt this car will be just as insane as his other projects.

Can't wait to see the finished product. Thanks for the update Drew!

-Mike Garrett



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Spotlight on the TypeIII in the background?


Mr Strunk, if youre really insane, youll leave the front grille off altogether. FEELIN THAT!!!


I have a friend that shoot's VW's that I am sure can hook up a spotlight in Cincinnati of the TypeIII or even this when it is finished!!

Here's his flicker,


This is pure oldskoll! buildin procedure!~ Yafoo!


Grill insert?


needs moar low


There's something different about this that I really really like, but I can't put my finger on it!


to mirror the above, quite pics on the notchback in the back ground would be good!


absolutely awesome build, i say keep the grille off haha, it looks fantastic as is, and Matt S: those are some fantastic pictures that your buddy has taken!


Yea, leave the grille off! just be sure not to hit any pedestrians or you'll turn them into minced meat...


Drew - your in Cincy right? I'd like to come check your shop! I'm up north in Dayton... LMK


thanx for all the comments. yes thats is a type 3 notch. i need to do some work to it . convert it to 12v. little things really. i like tomany different types of cars . hot rods, vee dubs, mini trucks. just not enough time