Behind The Scenes>> Semahunting 2010 Part Deux

Can I get your attention away from watching the F1 proceedings in Abu Dhabi to take another look at the RTR-X?… I know, I know I've overstating the point, but I just love this car so much!… can't… stop… blogging… about… it… send… help….

Most of the time at SEMA is was a little hard to get a clear shot of the car.

There were just too many people all around the RTR-X all the time!… OK moving on…

Here's a car I found to be quite intersesting. It mixes of elements of a smoothster '37 Ford look with bits of traditional custom style.

Is it a rod? A custom? Do we care? The wheels are sort of traditional, but they have dish and are slightly low profile… the paint is a nice subtle scallop job… and it all adds up to something that feels a little bit fresh and new.

Here's a beautiful machine. What is this… a 1948 Chevrolet pickup? Sure looks like it to me.

Talking about trends of the year, the whole custom pickup thread is continuing to build momentum. This Chevy is a prime example of this burgeoning scene. Love it!

Andy Blackmore already stepped through the cars from the Prime Media exhibition, but he didn't highlight this clean track style pickup roadster. It looks great in electric blue.

The Bisimoto Civic wagon was on display at the Falken booth at Formula D Irwindale. I did a double-take then, and again at SEMA had to stop to admire it.

Before you write this off as a show and no go Hella Flush, trend-mobile, a few people mentioned to me that it has over 700 bhp running to the wheels. An inspection of the engine bay confirms this. This is no ordinary build.

I'll see if I can't get a shoot organized with this car. You reading this Mister Bisi?

I don't have much to say about this Civic… I just like it, and see that it's looking all rather 2010 with it's tuning presentation. Nice build!

Also looking very 2010 is this LHD S13 Silvia which a few people identified for me as "Josh Herron's room mate's car".

Coloured engine bay: check. Exposed engine: check.

Slammed stance: check. Stretch Tires: check. Boso-mild exhaust: check. Colour matched roll cage: check…

Mega dish rims, check. Exposed overfenders check… Yes this is as good as it gets folks. All S-Chassis owners should take note of this car.

Look at that lip! I think this could be one of the top street S Chassis builds of the year. Stunning stuff.

A few years ago I was complaining to people there were no VIP builds on site to speak of. Well SEMA 2010 didn't disappoint. There were plenty of VIP machines kicking around the Las Vegas Convention Center.

I look at these Weds Kranze rims and I am immediately reminded of Mad Mike's RX8.

I've been staring at piles of these rims in our Formula D pits all year haha… fantastic design IMO.

I do wonder why this style of car hasn't picked up in other parts of the West very much. This Aristo is perfection on wheels.

I could also say the same thing about this Continental.  It's the old school equivalent to VIP style.

The whole low/clean/big formula is of course something that goes right back to early Lowriders and Customs. It's nothing new, which is why I can admire an Impala as much as an Aristo.

You know, I spent a moment looking at this Minitruck… somehow it felt cool to me.. but I it could also have been the sun.

Don't you think this is cool? A Rat-tastic dropped vintage Toyota pickup? There's something happening here isn't there?

I have a soft spot for old Evo's and quickly snapped this shot as I was rushing past this car on my way to a meeting… It was only looking at the photo just now did I notice that this is not a normal Evo of any sort. It's a coupe!… What's going on here?

Spot the billion horsepower Scion!

Here's a photo from the assembled crowd a few minutes before the Formula D press conference was about to start. Spot any one you know?

The FD crew were excited to show off their new HD 3D programming.

So a few of us media types in the front row got to check out a preview of the 3D Irwindale show which was quite impressive. That's Peter from Modified and Jonathan from Super Street in the shot.

One big factor of attending SEMA is the problem of leaving… you often have to wait over an hour in a cab line up which can tax one's patience.

The NFS Girls were starting to get restless…

While Matt Powers didn't seem to mind…

Personally, I have the attention span of a 5 year old, so we cut out of the line to catch the premiere of the new Top Gear USA series. although I'm a diehard fan of the OG UK show and remained a little critical of the final product, I felt quite proud of Tanner Foust for his achievement with this new venture.

Unfortunately even after the showing was over we still faced a massive wait for a taxi… so we decided to WALK to the next casino. Perhaps this was a bad idea, but along the way I saw this sticker attached to a random Las Vegas light pole… and that made my whole week!




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Those pickups were the best part by far.


That Evo coupe reminds me of the Norris Designs swb Evo IX..


Assbo in the press conference photo.


i think that "evo" was in import tuner recently,i recall it being a mirage with a lancer motor and awd conversion.


i think that "evo" was in import tuner recently,i recall it being a mirage with a lancer motor and awd conversion.


@ Henry- word. I'm feelin that rad older Toyota


that slammed black minitruck (not up on my trucks, don't know the model) has Range Rover headlights...that's pretty dope.


I still can't get enough of the Bisimoto Wagon build, just 'cause it means so much business.

But I would like it even if it only had 102HP, since it is out of the ordinary.


Thanks for the picture of my Civic (White EK)..


2 dr Evo = Mirage Coupe w/ conversion?


Its not an Evo Coupe. Its a Mitsubishi Mirage with a front end conversion.


The "Evo Coupe" is a Mirage that has been converted to full Evo running gear and has crazy hp.


Man what is the blonde model's name?


That S13 belongs to Ray, who is indeed Josh's roommate. It's not just a show piece though. It can be seen street driving on occassion, and sliding around at some VegasDrift events.




yeah enough of the rtr-x whatever... its ugly and overhyped. i predict it dets totaled the first time it gets drifted/driven... hopefully.


Robert R, you beat me to it - that's my guess too.


faruk in that press conference photo


I'd like to share a cab with the NFS girl.


The party at Red Bull has only begun.


that black 64 impala was built buy Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, MI. This isn't their first foray in SEMA.

Check out more of their builds here:


The RTR-X does look awesome, no matter what dill says. Friends who went to SEMA thought it looked fantastic


That Evo 5 looks like a normal Mirage coup with an evo front end conversion.... Awsome! And I actually like the black pick up... Looks rad to me.


that isnt a real evo i believe. its a converted mirage.


WOW you actually walked to the next casino? LOL, that takes like 7minutes :P Desk job much? :D

We always walk 5-10minutes down the street and just get the next cab coming down the road. Or, get on the monorail.


Yes the EVO was a coupe Mirage with a EVO engine and tons of other EVO parts it was featured last year in Banzai (UK Jap mag)


Miki Taka, I'm your no. 1 fan.


So,Mr. Foust is doing the new US Top Gear series, eh? It should be a little good, then, but I will always love the UKTop Gear more!!


the reason VIP cars havent caught on in norway is easy, a 98 lexus GS costs 38000$ and an 92 LS is still around 25-28000$


Monorail FTW next year guys.


The S-Chassis (S13 Silvia) is slammed and stance perfect, just how i like tio see them, i'm starting to like these cars as much as the AE86's - The 'mini-truck' is floored, are those Range Rover headlamps its wearing? they are very similar at least! what is it by the way? love the Lincoln, beautiful colour.. oh yes the girlies look "schweet".. hi ladies!! - keep up the quality..


Bisi's civic wagon had a full write up in superstreet. The full build was in a series of issues


More pics of the NFS girls please :D


Why do people throw F1.4 glass on their camera and shoot everything like that lately?